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					       Mount St.

                                       Whole School Evaluation/
        March 2012                     Management, leadership and
                                    The Inspectors from the Dept. of Education and Skills, who spent
                                    4 days in the school in January, gave informal feedback to the
                                    school at the end of their visit. Key findings included-
                                        Senior management provides high quality leadership.
                                        Staff and management are committed to high standards
                                           and strive to enable all students to reach their full
       Battery Recycling                   potential.
                                        Teaching staff are committed and professional.
                                        Teaching and learning is of a high quality in most lessons
    Inside                                 and a very high quality in many lessons.
                                        Teachers facilitate a range of co-curricular and extra-
    Cecile Shallow retires after
                                           curricular activities.
     33.5 years of service
                                        Students with additional needs are very well supported
    WSE Feedback
                                        ICT facilities are greatly extended and the use of ICT is very
    Junior Cycle Reform                   well advanced.
    Attendance matters                The full report will be available online in due course.
    Battery Recycling
    Math’s Challenge
    Seachtain na Gaeilge
                                       High Speed Broadband
    Transition Year news
                                       The Department of Education and Skills have announced
    Operation Transformation          an investment in high speed broadband
    Trip to Strasbourg                and our school is one of those prioritised for the first
                                      roll out. It is expected to be installed by the end of the
                                      year.
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    On February 12th 2012, the staff and students
    celebrated with Cecile Shallow to mark the last day of
    many years of loyal service. Cecile has been a member
    of the teaching staff since 1978 giving 33.5 years of
    service to the school. Ms. Shallow taught English and
    Drama to thousands of students during that time. We
    wish her well in her retirement. We also bid farewell
    to Mary Kelly who retired on December 19th after 28

    Cadette Volleyball teams competed in Div. A, B and C
    Inter-schools competition and played matches against
    Loughrea, Louisburg, Carlow, Balla and Kiltimagh. First
    and Second Years were involved in Spikeball
    competitions and enjoyed a series of matches in                         byline
    Charlestown and Loughrea.                                               [Name]

    Gaelic Football
    Congratulations to our Senior A Football Team
    who reached the Post Primary Connacht Senior
    A final. They were narrowly defeated by

    Seachtain na Gaeilge 2012

    Branar Drámaíochta
    Ghlac daltaí na hIdirbhliana páirt i gceardlann dhrámíochta Ghaeilge an tseachtain seo caite sa
    scoil. Bhain said an-taitneamh as. Is imeacht bhliantúil i seo anois.

    Damhsa ar an Sean-Nós
    Bhí ranganna damhsa ar an sean-nós ag daltaí na céad bliana mar chuid de Sheachtain na
    Gaeilge. Chomh maith le damhsaí nua a fhoghlaim, bhain na daltaí go léir an-spraoi as an lá.

    Green Schools
    Congratulations to Second Year 2 who, once again, came out tops with their collection
    of old batteries for recycling. They collected a total of 524 batteries over a two-month
    period. The grand total of batteries collected is now 720. Representatives from WEE
    IRELAND collect these batteries at intervals and then recycle them into new batteries.
    We ask our students to continue their great work collecting old batteries and thus
    making our environment a safer place

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                                  Maths Challenge
                                  The Math’s Department are currently running a weekly
                                  maths challenge, the aim being to promote math’s and
                                  encourage students to partake in problem solving. Well
                                  done to all those who have participated and in particular
                                  to the winners!
                                  Challenge 1 - Eilish Browne (4th Yr.), Laura Beston (3rd
                                  Yr.), Ciara Hughes (3rd Yr.)
                                  Challenge 2 – Laura Beston (3rd Yr.), Cathy Costello(3rd
                                  Yr.), Dearbhaile Roe (1st Yr.)
                                  Challenge 3 – Aisling Monaghan (4th Yr.), Lisa Sheridan
                                  (4thYr.),Cathy Costello (3rd Yr.),Olivia Dixon (4th
                                  Yr.),Maude Cosgrave (4th Yr.), Sally Griffith(4th Yr.),
                                  Niamh McWalter (4th Yr.), Louise Campbell (4th Yr.),
                                  Laura Beston (3rd Yr.).
                                  Challenge 4 New challenge is now available from school
      Attendance                  notice boards.

       Matters                    Mount Saint Michaels’ Young mathematicians
Data being kept at the school
shows improvement in              81 first year students took part in the first round of
attendance across all year        the Irish Junior Mathematics competition. The top 10
groups compared to last           students hope to work on their mathematics skills
year. However, particularly in    during lunchtime in preparation for the Junior Maths
senior cycle, the number of       final, which will take place April/May. The Irish
absences is still very            Maths Association runs this competition on an
significant.                      annual basis. Questions are similar to the new
Did you know……….                  project maths course. Congratulations to all students
                                  who took part in the event.
Students with better
                                  Top 10 results –(in alphabetical order)
attendance records are more
                                  Bisoye Armide
likely to say that “school life
is a happy one for me”.
                                  Kate Brady
                                  Aoife Clarke
Poor attendance has               Laura Crean
implications for poor             Shauna Dixon
examination performance
                                  Niamh Huane
                                  Grace McNamara
                                  Kaytln Reaney
                                  Dearbhaile Roe
                                  Sarah Shaughnessy
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            Junior Cycle Reform
            A new Junior Cycle is currently being developed to
            replace the current Junior Cert. The first years of
            2014 will experience some changes in the Junior
            Cycle programme but it will take several years
            before full changes are implemented.

            Career Guidance
            On Thursday March 8th, a group of Leaving Cert. and Fourth Year students attended a Taster Day at
            the Hotel School in G.M.I.T Galway. Students were given a tour of the live kitchen classes, followed
            by a tour of the campus and a cocktail demonstration. Afterwards, the students enjoyed a
            complimentary lunch, prepared, cooked and served by the Hotel School students. The Taster Day
            provided a valuable opportunity for the girls to experience student life both in the Hotel School and
            in the G.M.I.T. They were given the opportunity to ask questions about the courses on offer and
            about the hospitality industry in general. A wonderful day was had by all!

    /        Transition Year
          TYs participated in a First Aid course which is fully certified with European recognition
          TY students attended the “Get up and go” mini company regional trade exhibition in
           Athlone on Thursday March 8th. Second and third prizes were awarded to “Lollipop
           Ladies” and “Count on Us” for their overall business presentation. All the mini companies
           are to be commended on their performance and their hard work. Well-done girls!
         As part of the Religious Education TY Programme, students have been involved in a
           number of initiatives to support the local community and other charitable organisations.
            Every Wednesday Fr. Mike Murphy brings students to the Claremount and Dalton
            Nursing Homes. Students look forward each week to spending time with the residents
            sharing stories, songs and musical talent. This Year TY students have worked closely
            with the Family Resource Centre in the town, helping out at their “Friday Friends”
            Elderly group as well as helping to raise funds at Flag Days.
            TY2 are involved in the” Trocaire Pamoja” project. Pamoja Kwa Haki means “Together
            For Rights” in Swahili. This years focus country is Uganda and students are currently
            putting together an African Cultural Workshop that aims to create awareness around
            Trocaires Lenten Campaign.
           TY1 are actively fundraising for the Serve Philippines Project with events like Schools
           Got Talent” competition, “Take Me Out” with first years from St. Colman’s and the up
           and coming “Shave or Dye”.
        . The Computer teachers Ms. Warde and Ms. Grogan would like to thank the TY students
            and the Senior Members of the local community who participated in the Computer
            classes after Christmas. Apologies to the people we had to turn down due to lack of
         . Coláiste Chamuis –Chuaigh daltai na hIdirbhliana go dtí Coláiste Chamuis ar thuras
           scoile an seachtain seo caite. Chaith said trí lá ag deanamh eachtraí éagsúla tri Gaeilge sa
           choláiste agus d’fhan siad le teaghlaigh áitiúla. Chomh maith le Gaeilge a fhoghlaim, bhain
           na daltaí an-taitneamh as an tréimhse.

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 Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation have launched a new initiative as part of this years programme.
The objective is to get young people more active and Prof. Niall Moyna has identified the
required level that all students should be able to reach during a bleep test (of 77 runs for
boys and 66 for girls). A pilot programme is being run by the Operation Transformation team
with Athlone Community College. The Mayo Sports Partnership and Mayo County Council
recognises the need for increased involvement in sport and physical activity by young people
who are not involved in mainstream sport or do not participate in any exercise or physical
activity. As a pilot initiative Mount St. Michael, along with two other Mayo schools, have
been offered the Bleep test and will redo the test 6 weeks later. The aim of the exercise will
be to see if students have improved their fitness levels and have reached the recommended
level or bettered it.

If students "Pass the Test" then Mayo Sports Partnership will give €300 towards a fun activity
of the classes choice. All students must reach the recommended levels. It is hoped that as a
result of participating in this project all students will continue to lead a healthy and more
active lifestyle and understand the benefits of being physically active. The School Project
Co-ordinator is Ms. Trish Tuohy.

 Trip to Strasbourg
Congratulations to Aoifanna Coleman, Anna Ivanova and Sally Griffiths who have just returned
from Strasbourg after having won a free four day trip on the Graduate online civic awareness
competition. 25 students from other schools accompanied them. They spent one full day at the
European Parliament where they took part in Euroscola, which is a youth parliament and involved
them taking part in discussions on a number of pre selected topics about the E.U with students
from other member states. They were also taken to other places of educational interest while on
the tour.

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