Bro Mike April10 Letter by Ns92M02


									Wow, Praise God for the opportunity to serve Him in a small way. The above picture was taken last month at the Awana
Games in Williamston, SC, by a parent who was attending the games. This dad mentioned he had a good picture of me praying
with a little girl who had responded to the invitation to trust Christ at the half-time message. Thanks to all of you who pray and
support financially our ministry to children here in SC and in Mexico. Picture on left is Joseph & kids putting down the outside
game square in Mexico. Picture on right is me & kids we ministered to in Mexico. Girl on my left is my granddaughter Grace.

Here are some high-lights of the last couple of months :

We had 2 wonderful Bible Quiz Meets and were amazed at how much of His Word our kids can retain.
We had 4 Awana Games Meets across the State and had children and or adults trust Christ at each one.
We have had more new churches call about starting clubs, Amen! More children will hear the Gospel.
We have done more basic trainings, presentations, pastor visits and club visits.

We made another trip to Mexico to assist with a new church/club and took one of ministry team couples with us. We took
Joseph & Christine Eunice and they had a wonderful time and are already planning to go back with all their leaders to assist
another church in getting started. Maybe your church would like to try a mission trip to Mexico sometime.

We had our Heart 4 Missions Month in March and saw God raise some funds for Mexico. God is doing some great things
there. Maybe we could come to your church and share about the blessings we have seen in Mexico and the needs so your
people can have the opportunity to help. On the trip earlier this month we saw 60 children and 3 mothers accept the Lord as
Savior. The pastor of that church has already written us and thanked us for the 4 new families and many kids who showed up at
his church the following week.

Thought: If the Gospel is not True, nothing matters! If the Gospel is True, NOTHING ELSE matters!

Well, for Kay & I nothing else matters! We are serious about challenging and winning the next generation to Know God, Love
God, and Serve God. We are looking for and asking God to show us more people with the same heart beat to support us
prayerfully and financially so we have HIS Power and the funds to accomplish the ministry He has entrusted to us.

If you are supporting our work with your finances, the amount should be recorded at the bottom of this page. If it is wrong
please notify us, as things get in the wrong account sometime.

If you are praying for a ministry to invest in and see God change many souls for eternity, contact us. God is blessing us and we
are Loving It! With the economy so bad, Satan is trying discourage us with a drop in support, but our God is faithful and is
sending in new support from people & churches we would not expect.

Thank You for loving us, praying for us, and supporting us. God bless you!

Mike & Kay Hawkins :

RU afraid to talk to a big adult about the Lord, well go talk to a little child, Jesus wants them too.

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