Writing Across the Curriculum by zq1h2e69


									      Mott Community College General Education Assessment Rubric

      MultiCultural Ethnic Studies Across the Curriculum

Rubric for scoring MES assignments:

MES Goal: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history,
politics, economy, values, religion, art, social issues or related topics and
other aspects of the culture of the people of one or more non-Western
groups, such as African, Middle Eastern, or Asian, or of persons in the West
of non-European descent, such as Latin American, African American or
American Indian.

Outcomes for Multicultural/Ethnic Studies Course: A student must attain at
least one of the following:

    1.        An awareness of the diversity and commonality of cultures and
              ethnic heritages;
    2.        An awareness of the history and evolution of a country into an
              ethnically diverse nation;
    3.        Knowledge about the interdependency of nations and global issues;
    4.        An awareness of perspectives, traditions and contributions of
              various cultures and ethnic groups.

Rating                       Standard for measurement
3                            One or more outcome statements are demonstrated fully and
2                            One or more outcome statements are incompletely/partially
1                            One or more outcome statements are demonstrated in a very limited
0                            No outcome statements are demonstrated successfully

Rev. 9/14/12

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