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									                                               Duke City Soccer League
                                                May 19, 2004 Minutes

Ron Espinosa called the meeting to order at 7:30 at the Duke City Soccer League Office. 16 total votes 10
voters present for a quorum.
    Attendees: Mike Stone (AUFC), Woody Woodhouse (RVFC), Pat Ortiz (RVFC), Bryan Huskisson (Admiral Elite), David Seidel
    (Rush), Dulcie Schalk (Rush), Jorge Beraun (Classic), Carol Nelson (Treas.), Anna Trujillo (Ref Admin) Bill Nordin (Exe. Dir.),
    Kathi Tero (Ops), Ron Espinosa (Pres)
    Guests: Martin Gabldon (AYSO), Steve Garcia (Admiral Elite), Jim Tilley (NWRG), Tom Spencer (NWRG)

Approval of Minutes: Review of minutes from April, motion to accept (by Mike Stone) was seconded
(by Jorge Beraun) and voted on. Motion passed.

Introductions/Guests/Special Reports

President: Ron Espinosa
     Working on putting the Newsletter onto the Web
     Need names from all of the clubs (by the end of the month) for a By-Law committee that will
       meet this summer to complete the rewriting of the By-Laws, Rules and Procedures prior to July
       18th. In addition Ron, Bob, Bill and Kathi will be on this committee.
Vice President: Bob Edwards
     Report was made for Bob that a Risk Management question was received and forward to the
     Reminder that all the clubs need to get to Bob by the end of the week and name of their
       representitive to serve on the Personal Committee.
Management: Bill Nordin (see attached)
     Jorge requested the board allow his team extra time to play the U-15 Girls Clash team. The
       Board approved the game to be played and counted, if it was played between now and the
       ranking meeting.
Registrar Report-

Treasures Report –Carol Nelson
    Financial Report – Balance Sheet and P & L attached
    Motion was made by Carol Nelson to have staff apply for a DCSL credit card with a
      maximum limit of $2,000. Both Kathi and Bill will be able to sign and use this card.
      David Seidel seconded motion. Motion was Approved.
Coach Administrator –

Referee Administrator –

District Commissioner –
     The proposed NMYSA rule changes were discussed and DCSL does not support the request to



Old Business
    BOD meeting dates for 2004 – 2005 were presented. As Follows:
                Executive Committee meeting July 2004
                Full Board – August 18th
                Full Board – October 20th
                Full Board – November 17th
                Full Board – February 16th
                Full Board – April 20th
                Full Board / Annual Meeting – May 18th
       Motion was made by Mike Stone to approve these dates, seconded by Dave Seidel.
       Motion was Accepted

      Clubs will work on getting together this summer to discuss the small-sided changes presented
       last month.

New Business

      Elections of officers for 2004-2005 was held and the following were elected:

           o   President - Ron Espinosa
           o   Vice-President – Bob Edwards
           o   Secretary – Anna Trujillo
           o   Treasurer – Carol Nelson
           o   David Seidel – Coach Administrator
           o   Gary Bauerschmidt for Referee Administrator

           Dulcie Schalk was nominated to be our new District Commissioner

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:25 p.m. was seconded. Motion passed.

Next Meeting to be August 18, 2004
Management Report – May 19, 2004

        Schedule, Scores & Ranking
             Deadline for turning in scores has now passed – missing 3 scores
             Ranking meeting set for May 26 at 7:00 pm
                    o Will include some discussion on forfeiting pertaining to bracket play

        Discipline Points
              Season is over – points will start at zero in the fall
              The following persons still need to set out their next DCSL league game
                     o Matthew S Perez – Rio Vista Crusade
                     o Annette Dominguez – FC West Clash 89
                     o Nicole Ackerman – Alameda Avalanche 89
                     o Antoinette M Osborne – Admiral Elite Stealth
                     o Jeffrey Rasmussen Jr. – Alameda Atletica
                     o Cody Simpson – Alameda Atletica
                     o Jesus Tagle Cardona – Alameda Atletica
                     o Alejandro Gandarilla Tapia – Alameda Atletica
                            Coach Rino Green of the Alameda Atletica for points

        Web Site
            Continuing to make changes and will be making more once the season is

        Blue Ribbon
              Looking at pulling the goals at ADO for the summer

        Balloon Fiesta
             The complex is open for DCSL use, through June 18th
             Please last one out – please shut and lock the gate. Also pick up your trash
             We are sending in names for card keys to the complex – hope to have some
               out by tryouts
             The ESPN Long Drive Competition – went past the time requested and
               moved more into our practice area. Winning drive was over 530 yards.
               Looks like they will be coming back next year, but will be hitting from farther
             The City is talking to the FMC about coming back in 2007

           Will be announcing a new name next week at the Sandia Cup Press
              Conference “Farmers Insurance Soccer Complex”
           Look for Sports Illustrated at the complex this weekend. They are doing a
              story on girls soccer in New Mexico for their 50th Anniversary

        Tryouts and Tryout Newsletter
             No player may be contacted by anyone other than his own team until 6:00
                PM Monday the 24th of May
             Newsletter to be mailed tomorrow and hopefully placed on the web at the
                same time

        Request to be reviewed for next year
            State Cup games for Bracket play – either yes or no – not left up to the
            Red cards from Bracket Play to carry over into State Cup

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