BCRP Curriculum in Medical Ethics by zq1h2e69


									                      BCRP Curriculum in Medical Ethics

I.     Objectives
       a. To familiarize pediatric residents with the principles, definitions, theories
          and concepts in medical ethics that are relevant to the care of children
       b. To help residents develop a sound and systematic approach to confronting
          ethical dilemmas intrinsic to pediatric clinical practice
       c. To expose residents to the wide array of ethics expertise and support
          available from Children’s Hospital clinicians, Harvard-based bioethicists,
          and the medical literature

II.    Curriculum Development
       a. Establishing partnership with Office of Ethics
       b. Discussions with residency program leadership
       c. Consultation with Residency Program Training Committee (RPTC)
       d. Needs assessment survey
       e. Strategizing with Office of Ethics

III.   Curriculum Format
       a. Sessions embedded in noon-conference schedule
               i. Twelve sessions over two years
              ii. Utilize grand rounds slots in August
       b. Session topics revolve around a particular patient population or clinical
          service salient to the resident experience
       c. Multidisciplinary teams teach during each session
       d. Often includes at least one case vignette to begin and focus discussion
       e. Mix of discussion and didactic components

IV.    Curriculum Content (sessions already completed since curriculum
       a. Physician and Social Responsibility
       b. Fetal Interventions
       c. Organ Transplantation
       d. Decision-making for minors
       e. Patients with Chronic Illness
       f. Medical Futility
       g. Primary Care
       h. Emergency Department
       i. Pediatric Clinical Research Ethics
       j. Adolescent Medicine
       k. Neonatal ICU
       l. Critical Care
       m. Ethics and the Law
       n. Ethical issues in genetic testing
       o. Conflicts of Interest
       p. Ethics of Medical Errors

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