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					                                                                                       Primary         Primary
                                                   Department/      Collaborating
    Source           Course/Program Name                                             Contact Last    Contact First       Primary
                                                    Program          Institution
                                                                                        Name            Name           Contact Title

School of Nursing Peace Corps Fellows                              Peace Corps      Wilson          Lynda            Prof Nursing

                                                   Department of
                  NUR 380 - Spanish for Health     Foreign                                                           Instructor of
School of Nursing                                                                   Centeno         Maria J.
                  Professionals                    Languages and                                                     Spanish

                                                   Department of
                  NUR 481 - Advanced Spanish for   Foreign                                                           Instructor of
School of Nursing                                                                   Centeno         Maria J.
                  Health Professionals             Languages and                                                     Spanish
                  NUR 752 - Responsible Conduct
School of Nursing of Research: A Cross-Cultural     Heaton    Karen     Asst Prof Nursing

                  NUR 442/642 - Health, Education
                                                                        Assoc Prof/Asst
School of Nursing and Social Welfare in a Global    Holcomb   Lygia O
                  NUR 419/619. Health Issues in
School of Nursing Culturally Diverse Populations in   Vincent   Janice L.   Asst Prof Nursing
                  the United States

                  NUR 740 - Health Policy and
School of Nursing Politics: Implications in Health    Ivey      Jean B.     Asst Prof Nursing
                                      Course Name
                  Secondary      Secondary
   Primary       Contact Last   Contact First    Secondary        Secondary    Contact Information          Website
Contact Degree      Name           Name         Contact Title   Contact Degree

PhD                                                                            lyndawilson@uab.edu   affairs/global-

M.A.                                                                           centeno@uab.edu

M.A.                                                                           centeno@uab.edu
PhD                                                          kharnp@uab.edu

                                          Ph.D.; M.P.H.;     ksaenz@uab.edu;
DSN   Saenz   Karen   Asst Prof Nursing                                          affairs/global-
                                          M.S.N.; C.P.N.P.   lholcomb@uab.edu;
DSN   Smith   Glenda L.   Asst Prof Nursing DSN

DSN                                               iveyj@uab.edu
Course Description                                                 Key Words            Country/ Location

In 2008, the School of Nursing was approved by the
Peace Corps as a Peace Corps Fellows program. This
program is available to returned Peace Corps
Volunteers (RPCVs) who pursue graduate studies in a
variety of subject areas. Through this program, RPCVs
will be able to apply either to the BSN program as a
second degree student, or to the Accelerated Master's
in Nursing Pathway (AMNP) Clinical Nurse Leader
program. A key component of the Fellows program                                         Worldwide
involves partnering with community organizations to
provide opportunities for students to address selected
community or health problems through their clinical
practicum experiences. Fellows will address two major
health issues during these community experiences:
reduction of health disparities, and addressing the
nursing shortage.

Intensive conversation to acquaint health professionals
with intermediate structure of Spanish. The course
focuses on practical vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, Spanish, health professionals   NA
medical terminology and cultural patterns of Spanish-
speaking patients.
This advanced course emphasizes and expands
intensive conversation, technical readings and
vocabulary pertinent to the
medical field. The course focuses on practical         Spanish; health professionals    NA
vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, medical terminology
and cultural patterns of
Spanish-speaking patients.
This course will examine a wide range of historical and
modern treatises that have shaped ethical practice in
the dominant western culture as well as medical ethical
theories in other cultures. The course will emphasize
comparing and contrasting various world views of
ethical research practice from a cultural and global        medical ethical theories;
perspective. The content will focus on the pillars of       international ethical research   NA
liberal political theory which include respect for persons, practice
autonomy, justice and rights-based codes. In addition,
the expectations and regulations of Institutional Review
Boards will be examined with an emphasis on
developing effective strategies to anticipate procedural
problems and expedite approval of student research
applications. This course will also include integration of
Each July, two School of Nursing faculty members lead
a 10-14 day Study Away course to Honduras. The 3-
credit course (NUR 442/642) is entitled “Health,
Education & Social Welfare in a Global Community” and
is open to undergraduate and graduate students, with
priority given to students enrolled in the UAB School of
Nursing. The purpose of this course is to provide
students with a cross-cultural experience in which they
will spend time in a selected global community while
                                                         Honduras; study away; cultural
learning about health, educational, and social welfare
                                                         awareness; health education;        Honduras
issues. Students will participate in pre-trip study
modules online prior to travel. The module(s) will focus
on an overview of the course, a model for assessing
culture, and an overview of selected global community’s
culture. Students will also participate in modules and
seminars on a variety of health, education, and social
welfare topics provided by the course instructor or by
resource persons from the selected global community.
In addition, students will also observe a variety of
health, social welfare, and educational programs.
This course provides students with an overview of
health issues and health disparities confronting
culturally diverse
populations in the United States. The course also
                                                         health disparities; cultural factors;
addresses genetic, cultural, historical and demographic                                          NA
                                                         health policy
factors that influence
these health issues and disparities, implications for
culturally effective health care, and for development of
health policy.
This required core course in the Doctor of Nursing
Practice program focuses on the basic principles of
health policy and the influence of the political process
as a systematic approach to health care in the United
States and internationally. The course prepares
students to assume complex leadership roles in order to
advance specialty practice and health. This course
focuses on the unique challenges of engaging and
influencing health care policy in the U.S. and           International health care policy        NA
internationally. It is designed to develop skills,
techniques, and approaches to the critical analysis of
health policy proposals, health policies, and related
issues from the perspective of consumers, nursing,
other health professions, and other stakeholders in
policy and public forums. The health policy framework is
analyzed from a governmental, institutional, and
organizational perspective.
                                                                                          UAB Center or
    Source              Title of Project                Sponsor              Source                              Primary Contact
                                                                                                                    Last Name

                    Distance-Based Education      U.S. National Institutes
                                                                             School of   Collaborating Center
School of Nursing     for International Study       of Health Fogarty                                           Wilson
                                                                              Nursing      on International
                           Coordinators            International Center

                    Professional Global Health
                      Fellowship to Promote                                                  PAHO/WHO
                                                  Department of State -
                    Collaboration in Education                               School of   Collaborating Center
School of Nursing                                 Bureau of Educational                                         Wilson
                    for Health Professionals in                               Nursing      on International
                                                   and Cultural Affairs
                    Zambia, Malawi, Alabama,                                                   Nursing
                          and California
                                                                              Collaborating Center
                    The Zambian HIV Nurse
                                                                  School of     on International
School of Nursing    Practitioner Diploma   Johnson and Johnson                                      Wilson
                                                                   Nursing    Nursing; Sparkman
                                                                               Center for Global
                                                                       Research Activities
 Primary Contact    Primary Contact    Primary Contact   Secondary Contact Secondary Contact Secondary Contact
    First Name           Title             Degree           Last Name         First Name           Title

Lynda              Prof Nursing       PhD                      Rice              Marti      Prof Nursing

Lynda              Prof Nursing       PhD
Lynda   Prof Nursing   PhD
                                                        Project      Collaborating
    Secondary Contact Contact Information    Website
                                                       Timeline       Institution

                         schauf@uab.edu;               9/1/2011 -
                       lyndawilson@uab.edu             5/31/2012

                                                       9/17/2010 -
lyndawilson@uab.edu   2009 - 2011
                         Project Description                                 Key Words

      The aim of this study is to have culturally adaptive, long-distance
        communication and learning applications for clinical research
 coordinators that can enhance the productivity and quality of active U.S.-    distance
international research and research-training collaborations. For this grant,  education;
 four courses will be developed and offered during a 30-week period each global health;
    year for two years to a total 150 study coordinators from international    research
   sites. A fifth, optional course also will be developed and offered for in-  capacity
     depth study or development of special projects with mentoring from
                                 course faculty.

    Twelve professional fellows from Zambia and Malawi traveled to
   Birmingham in 2011 to participate in activities which will provide the     International
opportunity to network with other professionals in their field of work, share  exchange;
     their fellowship experiences, discuss their role as leaders in the         Zambia;
community, and explore ways in which they might apply their learning and Malawi; global
expertise to concrete and innovative activities upon their return to Zambia      health
                               and Malawi.
Dr. Lynda Wilson also has partnered with the Sparkman Center for Global
            Health and other Zambian partners to receive funding
commitments from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
                office in Zambia and the Johnson & Johnson
 Foundation for SON faculty to help create what is the very first HIV nurse
  practitioner program in Zambia. Through this program, Zambian nurses
                                                                               HIV; nurse
      take training leading to a certification, enabling them to provide
   comprehensive care for patients with HIV, including the prescribing of
    antiretroviral drugs to combat HIV. Through a collaboration with the
Zambian Nursing Council, the Ministry of Health, CIDRZ, the University of
 Maryland School of Nursing, the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka,
  and many other Zambian partners, this new program was established in
  2009- 10. Thirty Zambian nurses, representing nine provinces, became
 that program’s first graduating class in June 2010. Another class of thirty
                   nurses began the program in July 2010.
               Title of Project/
                                             Sponsor            Primary Contact     Primary Contact     Primary Contact
                                                                   Last Name           First Name            Title
School of Child Health Nursing Network
                                       Collaborating Center on Wilson             Lynda               Prof Nursing
 Nursing          (Red ENSI)
                                        International Nursing

                                       Collaborating Center on
School of     International Nursing
                                        International Nursing; Wilson             Lynda               Prof Nursing
 Nursing      Leadership Program
                                        Sparkman Center for
                                            Global Health

             Nursing Education and          PAHO/WHO
              Capacity-Building in     Collaborating Center on
School of
          Zambia/Center for Infectious International Nursing, Wilson              Lynda               Prof Nursing
          Disease Research in Zambia Sparkman Center for
                    (CIDRZ)                 Global Health
                                       Collaborating Center on
School of eGranary Digital Database of
                                        International Nursing; Wilson    Lynda   Prof Nursing
 Nursing      Health Resources
                                        Sparkman Center for
                                            Global Health

School of
             Partnership with Brazil    Collaborating Center on Wilson   Lynda   Prof Nursing
                                         International Nursing

School of
            Partnership with Honduras                          Wilson    Lynda   Prof Nursing
                                                     Service Activities
 Primary Contact   Secondary Contact   Secondary Contact   Secondary Contact   Secondary Contact Contact Information
     Degree           Last Name           First Name             Title              Degree

PhD                                                                                               lyndawilson@uab.edu

PhD                                                                                               lyndawilson@uab.edu

PhD                                                                                               lyndawilson@uab.edu
PhD   Lee   Heather   Program Coordinator II MPH

PhD                                                lyndawilson@uab.edu

PhD                                                lyndawilson@uab.edu
Website                 Country/          Description of Project                                                           Key Words

http://www.enfermeriain Every country in The members of the network meet “virtually” through the use of Internet chat      child health
fantil.org/R-ENSI/      Latin America    technology. The focus of the network is to promote optimal child health           nursing
                        and Spain.       nursing by providing a forum for sharing ideas and information about best
                                         practice in child health nursing.
                        Worldwide        During the one-month leadership program, participants develop an idea for a       Nursing;
                                         project that would improve child and family health in their countries, in         leadership
                                         collaboration with a mentor at UAB. In addition, participants study English at    training; family
                                         the English Language and Culture Institute (ELCI) and participate in seminars     health
                                         and clinical site visits. During the year after completing the program,
                                         participants would continue to work with their mentors (using Internet or email
                                         technology for communication), and would implement and evaluate the
                                         projects that they developed during the program.

                        Zambia            This project involves working with the General Nursing Council of Zambia, the    Zambia;
                                          Zambia Union of Nursing Organizations, the University of Zambia, the Lusaka      capacity
                                          School of Nursing, CIDRZ, AIDS Relief, the Zambia Ministry of Health, and        building; HIV;
                                          other partners to develop a distance-based certificate program to prepare        training
                                          nurses for advanced roles in care, treatment and support of patients with HIV
                                          and AIDS.
Zambia     The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Sparkman Center for Global            Zambia; health
           Health, the UAB School of Nursing, and the University of Iowa Widernet              resources;
           Project are working with the University of Zambia to improve access to health       digital library
           information resources for nursing students, faculty, and practitioners. Nurses
           in higher resource countries are fortunate to have access to many health
           training resources in libraries and over fast Internet connections. Many
           institutions in Zambia and other lower resource countries do not have this
           luxury. In response, we will provide Zambian institutions with webpages, PDF
           files, videos, e-books, curricula through an offline solution from the University
           of Iowa called the eGranary Digital Library to offer an alternative to access
           health information rather than Internet, which may be slow or expensive.
           These resources will also then be available to other settings via the eGranary
           Digital Library. The eGranary Project is supported by many global
           collaborators including the World Health Organization. The Alabama/Iowa
           project will be providing "eGranaries", a LAN/Intranet based off-line repository
           of digital information to nurse training institutions in Zambia. It will target
Brazil     Dr. Lynda Wilson collaborated with the Schools of Nursing University of Sao         Brazil; nursing
           Paulo in Ribeirao Preto and the University of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo to
           conduct a survey of nursing schools in Latin America, the United States,
           Canada, and the Caribbean in order to identify global health competencies for
Honduras   Current work in Honduras includes partnerships with the School of Nursing at        Honduras;
           the National University of Honduras (NUAH), and with the Central America            education
           Medical Outreach (CAMO) organization. UABSON faculty are partnering with
           faculty at the NUAH to implement and evaluate an educational intervention
           (Familias Fuertes) for parents and adolescents in a low income neighborhood
           in Tegucigalpa.

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