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Save On Foods sponsorship letter by zq1h2e69


									July 12, 2004

Alan Bordeleau,
Campbell River, BC

Dear Alan,

Greenways Land Trust monitors several ecologically sensitive properties in Campbell River, including the
Beaver Lodge Lands, Baikie Island Reserve, and several salmon-bearing waterways.

Over the summer, we are organizing several days for volunteers to remove excessive brush from trails, clean
illegally dumped garbage, rehabilitate damaged trails, and remove invasive plants such as scotch broom.
Greenways Land Trust provides our volunteer coordinator, equipment, safety gear, in some cases a “johnny-
on-the-spot” portable toilet, and snacks. Our volunteers work hard, and we wish to provide them with light
snacks and water/juice not only to keep them going, but also as small compensation for their time.

Our first event took place this week, on July 7th, with 10 volunteers in attendance along with 3 Greenways
staff members. Greenways Land Trust is planning 7 more volunteer days this summer, the schedule of which
is attached. If you have some signage you would like us to display, we would be happy to do so. We will also
take photos and submit these with news releases to local newspapers including recognition of our sponsors.
(Our photo with a supporter from Dundee Securities Corporation was in the Courier-Islander on June 20,

As per my discussion with Craig Serguson, we hope that Save-on-Foods can sponsor this work with a
donation of food for the days in question. This typically consists of roughly $25 worth of granola bars,
organic fruit and bottles of water/juice. If you would like to sponsor all the costs for these events, total costs
average $70 per day.

I appreciate your interest in helping us keep our trails and waterways clean, and I look forward to speaking
with you soon.

Yours Truly,

Andy Telfer,
Executive Director

cc:     Craig Serguson

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