THE PASSAGE

Job Description

Post:               Resettlement Worker – (Private Rented Sector)
                    (1 year contract funded in partnership with Dolphin
                    Square Foundation)

Work Base:          Passage House / Montfort House

Salary:             £25,515 pa inc London Weighting + pension +
                    other benefits (NJC scale range 26-30)

Hours:              35 hours per week (Some weekend and evening
                    work will be required as per client need).

Annual Leave:       280 hours per year (including Bank Holidays)

Probation Period: 6 months

Responsible to:     Team Leader Second Stage

Notice Period:      One month

 An enhanced CRB check is required for this post as the post
     holder will directly working with vulnerable adults.

About Passage House
Passage House is part of the Passage, which is a Christian
organisation whose mission is to seek to encourage, inspire and
challenge single homeless people to change their lives.

Passage House is a 48-bedded unit providing hostel accommodation,
in both shared and single room provisions. Priority is given to the most
vulnerable rough sleepers or those at risk of sleeping rough with
complex needs. Our aim is to enable residents to move on to the most
appropriate available accommodation, towards resettlement and
independence. We have a flexible and professional approach to the
work, which enables sufficient breadth to meet the needs of the
Job Purpose

    To work in conjunction with the Employment, Training and
     Education Project Worker (ETE) and other project staff to

         deliver a resettlement service into the Private Rented Sector
         (PRS) for residents of the Foyer at Passage House.

       To work in conjunction with project staff to coordinate the
        delivery of a resettlement service into the PRS for suitable
        residents of the Assessment Centre at Passage House and
        Montfort House

       To work in conjunction with the ETE worker to deliver a
        structured programme of life skills, education, employment and
        training support and advice to enable resident find employment
        and move in to PRS accommodation

       To develop and maintain positive working partnerships with
        specialist agencies providing life skills and specialist move on
        support to the PRS

       To develop and maintain positive working partnerships with
        private rented landlords and work to increase opportunities for
        securing appropriate private rented accommodation.

       To facilitate client move on from the project and provide
        appropriate on going support to clients who have moved into
        their new tenancies.

       To motivate and develop clients to move away from the cycle of
        homelessness towards independent living with securer
        employment or education employment and

       To help develop and manage volunteer resources to provide a
        holistic support package for clients moving on

       To ensure that Passage House staff are delivering the highest
        standard of services to clients and potential clients of the
        project, to inspire and challenge residents to positively change
        their lives.

1)       Main Tasks
1.1       To coordinate all aspects of referrals assessment into the
          Foyer at Passage House, including joint working with internal
          and external partners to ensure appropriate referrals are

1.2       To coordinate all aspects of resident move on from the Foyer
          at Passage House and support residents settle into their new

1.3       To work closely with Passage House Team within the
          Assessment Centre and Montfort House to identify and provide
          assessments to clients suitable for PRS accommodation

1.4       To work closely with Passage House staff team within the
          assessment centre to increase confidence and awareness of
      the PRS and ensure it is promoted as a viable and relevant
      move on option

1.5   To develop and maintain positive working relationships with
      key internal and external partners and promote opportunities
      for joint working and develop Service Level Agreements (SLA)
      where appropriate

1.6   To attend team meetings and sharing all data on clients and
      ensure that resettlement issues are dealt with effectively in key
      working sessions.

1.7   To lead on the development of a volunteer scheme supporting
      resettled clients.

1.8   To work in conjunction with the Employment, Training and
      Education team in order to promote the acquisition of life skills
      and other relevant knowledge within the client group.

1.9   To facilitate the move of clients from Passage House and
      Montfort House to their new tenancies including arranging
      transport when required.

2)    Administration
2.1   Abiding by all Passage House administration policies and
      procedures, to maintain clear, accurate and up-to-date
      reports/records, both manual and computerised, relating to
      resettlement activities.

2.2   To understand the need for being and to be self-servicing
      administratively, in all aspects of the delivery of services to
      Passage House clients.

2.3   To maintain clear records of all financial transactions relating
      to resettlement

3)    Team Work
3.1   To work effectively and co-operatively with paid and volunteer
      staff at the project, to maintain good working relations with the
      Passage Day Centre, Montfort House and Passage Central
      Office colleagues and all external agencies.

3.2   To attend and participate actively in supervision meetings,
      team meetings, training and other internal/external events that
      inform the work of the Passage and Passage House as
      required. To present to the team papers, statistics and other
      information as and when appropriate.

3.3   To maintain knowledge and understanding of the Passage’s
      work, for example by regularly visiting other projects.

3.4    To assist in developing, implementing, monitoring and
       reviewing appropriate procedures and practice for working with
       Passage and Passage House clients.

4)     Volunteer Staff
4.1    To participate in the recruitment, induction, training and
       supervision of volunteers, attending volunteer events as

4.2    In conjunction with the Project Management to examine
       opportunities for volunteer involvement in resettlement
5)     General Responsibilities

5.1    To ensure that statutory regulations, Passage and Passage
       House policies relating to working with the organisation and
       colleagues are implemented, including;

               Passage Code of Conduct and observing professional
                practice and boundaries.
               Project-specific policies and procedures.
               Current Passage strategic plans.

5.2   To work with colleagues in the preparation of reports, statistics
      and papers, and be involved in the cyclical planning of the
      service delivery and performance monitoring of activity.

5.4   To ensure that the Passage is represented in an appropriate
      and professional manner at all times.

5.3   To ensure that all Passage policies and procedures are being
      adhered to, particularly those relating to Health and Safety,
      Code of Practice and Confidentiality.

5.4   To work closely with other day centre and residential teams, to
      ensure a consistent and effective service across the

5.5   To contribute to the effective implementation of the Passage’s
      Equality and Diversity Policy as it affects both the Passage and
      its work.

5.6   To at all times undertake the role in a professional manner
      maintaining a high quality standard of work, and to always work
      in accordance with the aims, values and ethos of The Passage 1.

5.7   To work in a professional manner maintaining a flexible attitude
      towards short notice rota changes to facilitate primary service
      cover, e.g. during training and staff illness.

5.8   Any other tasks commensurate with this post.


The Passage aims to promote equality of opportunity for all with the right
mix of talent, skills and potential. The Passage welcomes applications
from diverse candidates. Criminal records will be taken into account for
requirement purposes only when the conviction is relevant.

As The Passage meets the requirements in respect of exempted
questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, all applicants
who are offered employment will be subject to a criminal record check
from the Criminal Records Bureau before the appointment is confirmed.
This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings, as well
as convictions.

Passage Policies:

The post holder must work within The Passage policies and procedures.

Equal Opportunities:

The Passage is committed to working towards an equal opportunities policy.
We therefore, aim to treat all who come to the Passage with respect,
regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, social
status or disability. Thus, employees must at all times carry out his/her
responsibilities with due regard to the Passage’s Equality and Diversity

The post holder must maintain confidentiality in accordance with the policy as
set out in the confidentiality policy, which protects the clients at The Passage
and those who use other Passage services.

April 2010

    The Christian Ethos
The Passage is a Christian based charity; therefore all staff are requested to uphold
this ethos in their work. This means a willingness to uphold Christian Values in a
positive manner and to be well disposed towards them.

                               THE PASSAGE

Person Specification

The person specification sets out the essential criteria that will be used in the
selection criteria for this post. When completing your application form,
please demonstrate your understanding and experience of all the main
sections (1-4), addressing each point in the order below; and give evidence of
your experience and abilities.

Resettlement Worker (PRS)

1.      Experience
1.1     Proven experience of providing a frontline service to vulnerable adults
1.2     In depth experience of the PRS market and in negotiation and
        managing relationships with landlords
1.3     Experience of the resettlement process and an understanding of the
        factors that inform the resettlement process.
1.4     Experience of welfare benefits and supporting residents maximise
        benefits and achieve successful financial management
1.5     Experience of developing Service Level Agreements with specialist
        support and educational services
1.6     Proven experience of advocating on behalf of vulnerable people to
        achieve successful outcomes.

2.      Knowledge and Understanding
2.1     Knowledge and understanding of the issues involved when resettling
        single homeless people.
2.2     Awareness of the need to keep up-to-date with developments in the
        fields of housing, benefits, central and local government initiatives
        with particular reference to homeless people.
2.3     Knowledge of Health and Safety and anti discriminatory working
        practices, and the implications of both within the working environment.

3.      Skills and Abilities
3.1     Ability to be a flexible and co-operative member of a team.
3.2     Ability to work effectively with clients in order to assess their
        resettlement needs and promote the acquisition of tenancy
        sustainment skills amongst the client group.
3.3     Ability to maintain clear professional boundaries while working with a
        vulnerable, disadvantaged or excluded client group.
3.4     Ability to work on own initiative and deal appropriately and effectively
        with difficult/crisis situations, ensuring that a professional approach is
3.5     Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing using
        appropriate IT packages.
3.6     An ability to prepare and present detailed reports on resettlement
        issues to a variety of different audiences.
3.7     Ability to manage own workload independently and prioritise work
        appropriately applying sound decision making skills.
3.8.  The ability to maintain a petty cash system relating to the resettlement
      budget in accordance with policy and procedure.
3.9   A clean driver’s licence is required for this post.
3.10. Ability to liaise with other professionals internally and externally.
3.11 Ability to direct and support locum, temporary and volunteer staff.

4.     Contractual
4.1    Ability to attend evening meetings,         conferences,   events   as
       appropriate to the needs of the job.

5.     Other
5.1    To be able to carry out the post with or without adaptations.
5.2    Demonstrate a commitment to communicate the Passage’s mission
       which is to encourage, inspire and challenge homeless people to
       transform their lives.
5.3    Demonstrate a commitment to the Passage’s values, aims and ethos.

April 2010


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