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					                                                                                    Rev. 6/29/12

426 Bemidji Avenue
Bemidji, MN 56601
(218) 751-5447
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                                   Arts and Cultural Heritage
                                                          Grant Program

                                                    FY13 Application Deadlines:
                                                                August 16, 2012
                                                               January 17, 2013

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota, through grants from the Region 2 Arts
Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
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                                             Table of Contents

Vision and Mission ...................................................................................................... 3

Guidelines ..................................................................................................................... 3

Eligibility ....................................................................................................................... 4

What is a Fiscal Sponsor ............................................................................................. 5

Grant Review Process And Criteria .......................................................................... 6

How Are Grant Applications Reviewed?................................................................. 7

How Will I Know If My Grant Request Was Funded? ........................................... 7

Appeals Process ........................................................................................................... 7

If I Receive An Award, What Are My Responsibilities? ........................................ 7

Public Art Policy .......................................................................................................... 8

Application Instructions ............................................................................................. 8

Grant Application ...................................................................................................... 10

Application Checklist ................................................................................................ 11

Proposal....................................................................................................................... 12

Areas of Priority Designation .................................................................................. 12

Outcome Evaluation Plan ......................................................................................... 13

Investment Evaluation .............................................................................................. 14

Proposal Budget ......................................................................................................... 15

Comparable Bid Form ............................................................................................... 16

Needs Assessment Questions .................................................................................. 17

Arts & Cultural Heritage Services Registration .................................................... 17
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RAC Data Form .......................................................................................................... 18
                                                   R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 4

This application’s expiration date is June 30, 2013. If this date has passed, please download a
current application from our website, r2arts.org. Our applications change periodically as new
policies are enacted. You are responsible for obtaining a current application and reading the
instructions thoroughly.

The Region 2 Arts Council (R2AC) staff review applications for accuracy, completeness, and
eligibility. Only complete applications will be forwarded to the grant review panel. Grant
applicants may not discuss their application with R2AC panelists or board members, following
the grant deadline, until after the board has acted on the application, unless an R2AC staff,
board member, or panelist solicits input. Communication regarding an application with R2AC
board members or panelists during this time will result in the application being ineligible for
funding consideration.

Grant applications and final report results will be listed on the Legislative Coordinating
Commission’s website, http://www.legacy.leg.mn/, to inform legislators and the general
public on projects funded by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment.

Vision: Creating a thriving arts culture that enhances the quality of life in our communities.
Mission: The Region 2 Arts Council strengthens the presence of the arts by supporting
opportunities for arts creation, promotion, and education for the people of Beltrami, Clearwater,
Hubbard, Lake of the Woods, and Mahnomen counties.

R2AC will provide grants of up to $6,000.00 in the Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant category.
Please read and complete all elements of the application. More information on R2AC programs,
services, policies and review criteria is available on our website r2arts.org and by request at 218-
751-5447 or 1-800-275-5447.

1. The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund will support activities in three key areas. Definitions of
   Arts and Cultural Heritage key areas:

   Arts & Arts Access: Up to 78% of the fund will support Minnesota artists and arts organizations
   in creating, producing, and presenting high-quality arts activities, to overcome barriers to
   accessing high-quality arts activities, and to instill the arts into the community and public life in
   this state. Such activities may be, but are not limited to:
    Investing in activities that make the arts available to persons who might not otherwise have
       access due to economic, geographic, or physical barriers;
    Ensuring that Minnesota’s artists and arts organizations have sufficient financial support to
       create art;
    Investing in the long-term health and vitality of Minnesota’s arts sector by supporting
       capacity-building and professional development;
    Investing in efforts that enable Minnesotans to more easily connect with arts and arts
    Investing in efforts to fully integrate the arts into local community development efforts ;
                                                  R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 5

     Investing in efforts to fully integrate the arts into local and state economic development
   Investing in public art that is available throughout the state;
   Recognizing and rewarding artists/arts organizations/arts providers for exceptional artistic
      quality and service to their audiences and/or the state.
 Arts Education: Investing in lifelong learning in the arts: Up to 15% of the fund will support
  high-quality, age-appropriate arts education for Minnesotans of all ages to develop knowledge,
  skills, and understanding of the arts. Such activities may be, but are not limited to:
   Investing in efforts that enable Minnesotans to more easily connect with arts learning
   Ensuring that artists/arts organizations/arts providers are able to provide high-quality
      experiences for Minnesotans of all ages by investing in professional development;
   Ensuring that arts learning opportunities are achieving intended outcomes through on-
      going assessment and evaluation.
 Arts & Cultural Heritage: Building bridges between Minnesotans through arts and culture:
  Up to 5% of the fund may be used for events and activities that represent the diverse ethnic
  and cultural arts traditions, including folk and traditional artists and art organizations,
  represented in this state. Such activities may be, but are not limited to:
   Providing Minnesotans with opportunities to celebrate our cultural heritage through
      events and activities that represent the range of Minnesota’s ethnic and cultural arts
   Ensuring that Minnesotans are able to experience folk/traditional arts of diverse
      cultures by supporting the work of folk and traditional artists/arts organizations.

2. Overall Eligibility Criteria:
     The Region 2 Arts Council serves the Minnesota counties of Beltrami, Clearwater,
       Hubbard, Lake of the Woods and Mahnomen. Eligible applicants must be located
       within this 5 county service area, and the activity to be funded must occur within the
       state of Minnesota and primarily in the R2AC service area.
3. Who can apply and grant funding limits:
    Individual Artists who seek help with creating, producing or presenting high quality art
      can apply for up to $3,000.
    Arts Organizations with a non-profit 501(c)3 status who have the arts as a primary focus
      can apply for up to $6,000 per proposal. Art groups without 501(c)3 status must apply
      through a fiscal sponsor.
    Non Profit 501(c)3 organizations who do not have arts as a primary focus (such as
      schools, youth clubs, senior and health care facilities, etc) can apply for up to $6,000 per
      proposal for arts focused activities.
    Cultural Heritage groups may apply for up to $6,000 per proposal for arts/cultural
      activities. Established groups without 501(c)3 status must apply through a fiscal
    Local governments, cities, townships and counties can apply for up to $6,000 per
      proposal for arts focused activities.
                                                   R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 6

4. Who is NOT eligible:
    For profit businesses.
    Individuals whose primary focus is not the creation of art.
    Religious organizations and parochial schools or any organizations requesting funds to
      support activities that are essentially for the religious socialization of the participants.
    Organizations intending to influence public policy.

4. Who is NOT eligible (continued):

      NEW – Organizations having a current member of the R2AC Staff, Board, or AAI
       council in a position of authority (defined as Board Officer, Artistic Director, or
       Executive Director).
      NEW – Current members of the R2AC Staff, Board, AAI Council, and their immediate
       family members. Immediate family members may be engaged with an organization,
       school, or local government office that applies for a grant, but they may not write the
       grant or be the project director of an ACH grant project.
5. Types of EXPENSES that are INELIGIBLE for grant funds include:
      Purchase of food and drink for events.
      Fundraising: funds requested to support a project that is intended to be a fundraiser.
6. Proposals that are NOT eligible:
     The project has already received a Region 2 Arts Council, Minnesota State Arts Board,
       Library Legacy or Historical Legacy grant award. A project cannot receive more than
       one grant award from the funding sources listed.
     Two or more organizations applying for the same project.
     Activities that do not have arts/culture as their primary focus.
     To compensate school personnel to complete work in the school of their employment.
     To pay an artist or arts organization to provide essentially the same services that a
       school art teacher or arts specialist would be expected to provide.
     Activity only serves the school students and teachers.
     For tuition for teachers to earn degrees, meet licensure requirements, or meet continuing
       education requirements to retain a teaching license.
     To supplant discontinued or nonexistent arts programs in schools.
     Purchase equipment for or improve facilities within K-12 public schools. The exception
       will be, if a nonprofit arts group uses the school facility for rehearsal, classes,
       performances, or exhibitions, and it needs equipment or facilities improvements for its
       own work. The arts organization could apply for and receive a grant and could develop
       a cooperative agreement with the school that spells out how the school could also
       benefit from the purchase items or improvements.
     Payment for new building projects
7. Types of proposals that are eligible include but are not limited to:
     Projects for the production of Public Art (adhere to the Public Art policy on page 8)
     School artist residencies
     Artistic performances and exhibits
                                                  R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 7

      Art and cultural festivals
      Arts educational experiences, including workshops, classes and school field trips.

A Fiscal Sponsor is any non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization or any school or unit of
government that agrees to handle and account for funds granted to another group or
organization. The Fiscal Sponsor will receive and distribute the grant award. The Fiscal Sponsor
is legally responsible for the completion of the project and for the proper management of the
grant funds. The Fiscal Sponsor is responsible for verifying that the Final Report is accurate.
The applicant organization must have a written contract with the Fiscal Sponsor that specifies
the responsibilities of each party. This contract must be submitted as part of the grant
application package. R2AC has samples of Fiscal Sponsor contracts that we will provide to you
upon request. The Fiscal Sponsor must sign the grant application form and, if a grant is
received, sign the grant contract.
If you are already a 501(c)3 organization, a public library or public school, or unit of
government such as a city or a department or an agency of the state, you do not need a
Fiscal Sponsor.

The Region 2 Arts Council makes an effort to distribute available funds fairly and equitably
among the different art forms and across the different geographic and cultural areas of the
region. Projects supported by the R2AC are expected to encourage and reflect the highest
possible standards of artistic excellence. The board observes strict procedures to prevent any
conflict of interest. Review meetings are open to the public, however no oral presentation,
discussion, or statements will be allowed from the public during the meeting.

The R2AC uses the following review criteria for all applications:
Artistic Merit of the Project
 How does this proposal help instill the Arts into your community and public life?
 How does this proposal help provide a high quality arts experience?
 How does this proposal help Minnesotans access high quality arts experiences?
 How does this proposal help to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of the arts?
 What is the quality of the artistic content of the project?
 The degree that your project advances the artistic goals of your organization or the individual
Need for the project
Demonstrated need by artists, arts organizations, art resources, or the public.
• The degree of community support for the project in terms of direct involvement and/or
  financial or donated contributions.
                                                   R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 8

• The way in which this project is different from other similar projects currently available. Does
  the project meet the artistic needs of the community?
• To work toward equitable distribution of the funds for underserved counties in the R2AC
  service area (Clearwater, Mahnomen, Lake of the Woods).
The Ability of the Applicant to Accomplish the Project
 • The scope and quality of the planning and evaluation process.
 • The qualifications of the project director or artist.
 • The feasibility of the project's budget.
 • The scope and quality of publicity efforts.
 • The quality of past projects.
 • Past compliance with R2AC policies and Grant Contract terms.

Discussion is based on the three review criteria of artistic merit, need for the project, and
ability to accomplish the project. A motion is made concerning the level of funding for each
application immediately after it is discussed: Full, partial, or no funding. If a motion is made for
partial funding, the amount must be specified. Motions for partial funding are rare. However,
when they occur they are usually based on things such as budget errors, perceived
unreasonable amounts for budget items, ineligible budget items, etc.
Each application is rated on a 60-point scale, with 30 points for artistic merit, 20 points for
demonstrated need, and 10 points for ability to accomplish the project. The ratings are averaged
and the grant applications are ranked from the highest to the lowest based on the averaged
rating. Grant money is awarded, in order of highest to lowest grant ranking, until the money is

The project director (as listed on your grant application form) will be notified, in writing, of the
results of the grants review within 45 days of the application deadline date. Applicants that are
awarded full funding for their project will receive a Request for Payment form and a Grant
Contract. Both forms must be returned to the R2AC office within 30 days of receipt.
Applicants awarded partial funding will receive a Revised Budget form, which must be
completed and returned before the Request for Payment form and Grant Contract, are sent. The
Revised Budget form must be completed and returned within 30 days of receipt.
Full payment of the award will be made to the applicant (or to the Fiscal Agent) 30 days prior to
the beginning date of the project.

Any applicant who can show cause that established grant review procedures were not followed
on their grant request may file an appeal. Appeals must be based on alleged procedural errors.
                                                    R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 9

Appeals based on judgments of artistic merit, demonstrated need, or ability to accomplish the
project will not be heard. Applicants can only appeal their own grant for procedural errors.
Appellants must submit a formal letter of appeal to the Executive Director of the Region 2 Arts
Council stating the reason(s) for the appeal. Letters of appeal must be received within 10 days
of written notification of the Region 2 Arts Council Board’s decision on the original application.

The grantee will sign a Grant Contract with R2AC, which holds the grantee to the following
1. The project must be carried out in compliance with the project description, budget, and date,
   as entered on the grant application form. The grantee must notify R2AC immediately if the
   project is changed from the description, date, and/or the budget.
2. The Legacy logo and credit line below must appear on all printed material and publicity
   related to the project:

             "This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the
            Region 2 Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and
            Cultural Heritage Fund."

3.           Within 45 days after completion of the project, a Final Report, consisting of a
     narrative and budget report must be submitted to R2AC on forms which R2AC will provide.
     The Final Report must include at least one piece of publicity or promotional material that
     exhibits the credit line from Item #2. Grantees with long-term projects will provide in-
     progress information as requested by R2AC.
4. The R2AC may conduct random spot audits of grant recipients. The purpose of these audits
   is to establish accountability for public funds received by the grantee. In the case of an audit
   or a project evaluation, the R2AC shall have access to all books, documents, papers, and
   records related to the granted project. The grantee must retain such records for a period of
   three years following submission of the Final Report.
5. Access to participate in the project shall not be limited on the basis of national origin, race,
   religion, age, or sex.
6. The grantee will accommodate requests from persons with disabilities who wish to access the
   funded project. Requests may involve an individual's access to a facility or to the content of
   the project.
7. Other contractual terms may be added by R2AC on a case-by-case basis.
Non-compliance with terms of the Grant Contract will be just cause that the grantee return
the entire grant award back to R2AC; and/or receive lower ratings on future grant
applications to the R2AC.
A grant project may be terminated at any time upon request of the grantee, but such
termination does not necessarily relieve the grantee of its responsibilities as set forth in the
Grant Contract. R2AC may terminate a Grant Contract at any time upon failure of the grantee to
                                                          R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 10

        comply with one or more conditions of the Grant Contract. The Grant Contract may be
        terminated by mutual written agreement of the R2AC and the grantee.

        The community (city) in which the public art is placed will own the art. The city and the artist
        will sign a written agreement outlining all terms of the project. This contract must clearly state
        that the city owns the public art and the artist owns the copyright. A signed contract must be
        submitted to the Region 2 Arts Council before the project begins.

        A. Before filling out this form, please read the Region 2 Arts Council's Program Guidelines to
           determine your organization's eligibility, any restrictions, compliance requirements, the
           Council's review criteria and other important information.
        B. The information requested in this form is needed for the Arts Council to adequately review
           your request for grant funds. Please answer, as completely as possible, all questions, which
           apply to the project. The applicant is responsible for the quality and scope of responses.
        C. If space on the application form is inadequate, attach additional sheet(s).
     D. Equipment, materials, music production (CD) and self-publishing require two bids. Please
        use the comparable bid form provided in the application to list the items and bids from
        each business provider. Note: Due to the large quantity of materials required for most
        theater productions, the R2AC Board has determined to exempt theater companies from
        submitting a comparable bid form (with the exception of equipment purchases).

        E. Project start date must be at least eight weeks after the grant deadline date. You have one
           year from your proposed start date to complete your project. Rehearsals can start prior to
           this date, but all printed materials and news releases must include the R2AC credit line.

        F. Concisely state the purpose of your grant in the one-sentence description on the
           Application page. Examples: “Funds will assist the City of Bagley with the purchase of a
           metal sculpture, created by a local artist, depicting historical themes that relate to the city."
           OR "Funds will assist Lake of the Woods High School to hire Artist in Residence Marsha
           Wolff to teach the art of designing and creating mosaics, culminating in a public exhibition."

        G. Budget: 1.) The applicant is required to contribute a "Cash Match" of 20% for the project. 2.)
           Equipment (non-expendable items) purchases require a "Cash Match" of 25%.

     H. Net-Profit: If you have received a letter from the R2AC Board approving a net profit from
NEW!    a prior Arts & Cultural Heritage grant, list it in D., the Project Income section of your budget

     I. Indirect or overhead costs that are necessary to support the project may be included in
        your budget if itemized. Accounting, clerical support, supervisory personnel, telephone
NEW!    services, office supplies, utilities, technology services, insurance, legal services, rent/lease,
        and security are examples of indirect or overhead costs. These costs must be itemized and
        should be a fraction of your overall budget based on actual expenses incurred for this
                                                        R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 11

       J. Fees for a project coordinator or consultant who works specifically on a grant project
          should be listed as a separate line item in the budget.

       K. Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date to be eligible or delivered to the
          Region 2 Arts Council office before 5:00 p.m. on or before the deadline date. There are no

       L. The information that you enter on the RAC Data Collection Form is used to collect and
          compile statistics on grant activity from the eleven regional arts councils (RACs) around the
          state. If you have any questions regarding this form, please call the R2AC Office for

       M. Public Art Project Proposals: If you are submitting a project proposal for Public Art, you
NEW!      must submit these additional items:
            A photograph of the site where the project will be located
            A letter from the site owner or city official in charge of overseeing the site stating their
             approval of the project, including information on whether the project is temporary or
          Once the project is approved, the site owner and the artist will sign a written agreement,
          and submit it to Region 2 Arts Council, as outlined in the Public Art Policy on page 8 of this
          document. For more information on public art permissions and procedures, please go to the
          Public Art Toolkit at http://forecastpublicart.org/toolkit/index.html
          For more information on Region 2 Public Art Resources, go to

       N. R2AC recommends that R2AC grant recipients work with persons with disabilities to
          facilitate their access to projects that receive funding through an R2AC grant award in
          compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. For more information, contact: VSA
          Minnesota, 528 Hennepin Avenue - Suite 305; Minneapolis MN 55403; 1-800-801-3883;
          info@vsamn.org; http://www.vsamn.org/.
                                                                    R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 12

                                                           Arts and Cultural Heritage
                                                                 Grant Program
 426 Bemidji Avenue, Bemidji, MN 56601 phone: (218) 751-5447 or toll free: 1-800-275-5447 email: staff@r2arts.org website: r2arts.org

          Application Form - Application Deadlines: August 16, 2012 & January 17, 2013
  Last Name:                                                  First Name:                                      Middle Initial:
  Organization Name (if applicable):
  Alias/Former Name:                                                                          Use alias in publicity? ☐ Yes ☐ No

  City:                                                        State: MN Zip:                        County:
  Email:                                                       Website:
  Phone:                                Ext.#:                 2nd Phone:                                      Ext. #:

  Project Name:                                                    Start/End Dates: _____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/ ____
                                                                                     month / day / year         month/ day / year
  One-sentence description of proposed project:
  Funds will assist (Name)                                    to (activity)

  For Organizations Only:
  Project Director’s Name:                                                                           Title:
  Email:                                                                 Phone:                               Ext. #:

  Total Annual Organizational Expenses (Last completed year): $

  Fiscal Sponsor: (501(c)3 non-profit responsible for proper use of grant funds) Note: Fiscal Sponsor Agreement must be enclosed.
  City:                                                        State: MN Zip:                     Phone:
Certification: I/We certify the information in this application is true and correct to the best of our knowledge.

  "My signature below certifies that I meet all of the eligibility requirements listed on the checklist, in the guidelines
  and application instructions, that all of the information contained in this application and its attachments is true and
  correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I have submitted a complete and eligible application. I understand that if
  my application is incomplete it will be marked ineligible and it will not be reviewed."

Individual Artist
      OR                         Typed Name                     Title                    Signature                        Date

Authorizing Official
(For Organizations Only)         Typed Name                      Title                   Signature                        Date

Fiscal Sponsor Official
(For Organizations Only)         Typed Name                     Title                    Signature                        Date
                                                  R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 13

Project Director
(For Organizations Only)   Typed Name          Title               Signature                 Date

 For Office Use Only:

 Date Received                 Application #                      Amount Requested $
                                                      R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 14

                                   APPLICATION CHECKLIST
                                    (Required with Application)

Check off enclosed items before delivering or mailing your application to assure that you are in
compliance with all requirements. (DO NOT staple documents.)

                                           All Applicants

____   Completed Application
____   Resumes (2 page maximum each) of key project personnel and artist(s)
____   Work samples and a description page. Briefly list what you submitted (i.e., CD, photos)
____   If proposal is for Public Art, refer to the information under the heading Public Art in the
       Application Instructions for submission requirements.
____   Completed comparable bid form and documentation of two bids for equipment and materials
       as indicated in the application instructions.
____   Needs Assessment Questions
____   RAC Data Collection Form

In addition to the above provide the following for your category below:

                                       Nonprofits and Groups

____   Copy of applicant's 501(c)3 non-profit IRS letter (not required for Schools and Government)
____   If using a Fiscal Sponsor, enclose a signed contract between the applicant and the Fiscal Agent
       and include the Fiscal Sponsor's non-profit IRS letter.
____   List of board members for your organization.

                                         Individual Artists

____   I am an artist, applying as an individual, not for a group or organization.
____   I am a U.S. citizen, or have attained permanent resident alien status and have included a copy
       of my resident alien card.
____   I will be at least eighteen years of age on or before the deadline date for this application.
____   I am currently and have been a Region 2 resident for a minimum of six months prior to the
       deadline for this application.

My grant plan does not propose or include any of the following activities or uses of funds:
____   Activities involving an organization at which I am employed.
____   Tuition or workshop fees for academic credit.
____   Translating another person's literary work; or literary work that relays information
       (biography, history, journalism, etc.)
____   Developing curriculum plans, teaching materials, or teaching programs that are intended to
       be used in the regular course of my employment.
____   Relocating my legal residence outside the state of Minnesota.
                                                 R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 15

PROPOSAL (1-2 pages maximum)
Submit a sheet titled Proposal on which you have described your project in detail.
A proposal for an Arts and Cultural Heritage (ACH) Grant must be comprised of an activity or
activities that fall under one, two, or possibly all three ACH Areas of Priority Designation: Arts
and Arts Access, Arts Education, and Arts and Cultural Heritage. (Refer to definitions in the
A well-written proposal is the cornerstone of a successful grant application. R2AC will expect
to see a clear link between your proposed project and the actual project as presented in your
final report.
An ACH grant proposal must present an overview of the applicant’s plan for the intended
activity or activities, give a description of the target audience, and name the benefits this
project will have for the communities served and your organization if applicable.
In addition, an ACH grant proposal must provide information regarding specific details, such
as times, dates, locations, artists participating, and fees, when applicable. Remember: All
items appearing in your budget must appear in your proposal as well.

      Arts and Arts Access Activities
      Arts Education Activities
      Art and Cultural Heritage Activities

On a separate piece of paper titled Areas of Priority Designation, list only the Areas of Priority
Designation addressed in your proposal. Follow each area you list with a one-sentence
description of the proposed activity specifically related to that area of priority designation.
This concise list of activities guides R2AC panelists in identifying which Priority Areas a grant
proposal addresses. Your BUDGET proposal must be a direct reflection of your Areas of
Priority Designation.
                                                R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 16

An outcome evaluation plan shows that your project will make a difference or have an impact
on participants and the communities served, and lays the groundwork for measuring that
difference or impact. Please review the Definition of Terms, Examples of Data Collection
Opportunities and Examples of Evaluation Methods before developing your Outcome
Evaluation Plan.
Definition of Terms:
Familiarize yourself with the following terms associated with Outcome Based Evaluations:
    Outputs: Numbers. (ex. 200 people will attend)
    Outcomes: measurable impact on the target audience (ex. 200 people will attend and
       they will learn…)
    Impact: positive change or improvement in target audience’s knowledge, skill, attitude,
       awareness, or behavior.
    Measurable: able to be evaluated (see Examples of Evaluation Methods)
    Target Audience: main groups or audiences your project is intended for. Additional
       target audiences could include artists, performers, participants (theatrical crews, for
       example) who will be changed or impacted by the project.
    Evaluation Methods: ways of gathering information that will best measure the results of
       the impact on your target audience.

Examples of Data Collection Opportunities
Consider the following list as a range of opportunities for gathering information relevant to the
evaluation of your project. To ensure the most accurate representation of participant response,
request evaluation from all participants, not just a select few.
    Intake: As participants arrive, incorporate questions and observations into the sign in
    Event: Embed an evaluation process within the actual event
    Post Activity: Gather information immediately after the event that can include the
       overall reaction to, comments regarding, and suggestions for the event by participants.
    Follow-up: Gather information after a fixed duration of time has passed. Participants are
       asked to submit their feedback either with follow-up calls, online surveys, or
       reflections/reactions on Facebook group page you’ve created for this event

Examples of Evaluation Methods
Consider these evaluation methods when deciding how best to measure your project’s impact.
Remember to devise your evaluations so that they will provide clear feedback on your
proposed outcomes.
    Surveys: on-site or online
    Observation: volunteers present at event to observe participants/audience reaction and
      record observations
    Texting: gathering reactions in photos, through votes, responses to a single questions
      (use text message polling software such as polleverywhere.com)
    Interviews
    Focus Groups: face-to-face or through social media sites such as Facebook.
                                                R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 17

      Talk Back Sessions: Artists, Performers, or Presenters answer questions and interact
       with audience typically following a performance.
      Talking Circles: face-to-face systematic process for offering each participant a chance to
       provide authentic feedback.

Submit a sheet titled OUTCOME EVALUATION PLAN on which you have responded to the
two prompts below. Rewrite each of the prompts and follow with a detailed response.
  1. Measurable Outcomes:
     Write a paragraph describing the OUTCOMES you aim to achieve through this project.
     Your outcomes must show a measurable impact on or change in your target audiences
     in terms of knowledge, skill, attitude, awareness or behavior. Be sure to name your
     target audience(s). Artists, performers, and participants (i.e. theatrical crews) in the
     project can also be evaluated as additional target audiences.
  2. Evaluation Methods:
      Write a paragraph describing the EVALUATION METHODS you will use to effectively
      measure your intended OUTCOMES for your target audience(s). For each method you
      use, include a sample of the questions you will ask, the observations you will seek (i.e.
      desired change in ability or skill), and the outcomes you will measure.

INVESTMENT EVALUATION (1-2 pages maximum)
Your answers to the following questions will be used to evaluate the impact of your proposal.
Please attach a separate piece of paper titled Investment Evaluation and answer the questions
below using the underlined text as your subheadings.
1. How does this proposal help instill the Arts into your community and public life?
2. How does this proposal help provide a high quality arts experience?

3. How does this proposal help Minnesotans access high quality art experiences?
4. How does this proposal help develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of the arts?
5. How does this proposal represent diverse ethnic and cultural art traditions? (Optional,
   answer NA if not a part of your proposal.)
                                                                R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 18

PROPOSAL BUDGET (Round to the nearest dollar)
      Spread your expenses into the Areas of Priority Designation that you chose. Include all expenses for the
      project such as: Artist Fees, Travel Expenses, Publicity, Rental Fees, Expendable Supplies & Materials,
      Equipment, Printing, Etc. Please Note: Food and Drink for events are NOT allowable expenses.
    1)     Arts and Arts Access Activities:                                                        Totals
           A.                                                                      $
           B.                                                                      $
           C.                                                                      $
           D.                                                                      $
    2)     Arts Education Activities:
           A.                                                                      $
           B.                                                                      $
           C.                                                                      $
           D.                                                                      $
    3)     Arts & Cultural Heritage Activity:
           A.                                                                      $
           B.                                                                      $
           C.                                                                      $
           D.                                                                      $

           TOTAL ESTIMATED PROJECT COST:                                                           $

   Total of all equipment expenses                          $              x .25 = $
   Total Est. Project Cost minus equipment expenses $                      x .20 = $
           TOTAL CASH MATCH:                                                       $

   Project Income must be equal to or greater than the Total Cash Match.
   A. Applicant's funds budgeted for this project                                  $
   B. Other grants (i.e. NEA), contributions or donations to this project          $
   C. Earned Income
      (i.e. Ticket Sales, Fundraisers, Registration Fees, Goodwill Donations, etc.) $
   D. Other Income Sources or Net Profit from prior ACH grant                      $
           TOTAL ESTIMATED PROJECT INCOME:                                                         $

   GRANT AMOUNT REQUESTED:                                                                         $
   (Total Estimated Project Cost minus Estimated Project Income = Grant Amount Requested)

   These show community or organizational support for your project. Please include a list of
                                                     R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 19

items and the total estimated dollar amount below or on separate piece of paper if necessary.
(ie. volunteer hours, donated supplies, etc.)
Description of In-Kind Contributions:

       TOTAL IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS:                                    $
                                                      R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 20


Use the form below to list chosen and secondary bids and the business provider for each item or service
you wish to purchase. Duplicate this form as necessary to accommodate the number of bids. In addition,
please include official documentation for each bid from the provider such as a copy of the quote, invoice,
catalog page, price list, or itemized print out from the web site's shopping cart.


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $


      Chosen Provider                                                              Bid $
      Secondary Provider                                                           Bid $
     R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 21

TOTAL of Chosen Providers             $
                                                    R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 22

                              R2AC Needs Assessment Questions
                                   (Required with application)
    Please help us evaluate what the needs are in our Region and what services we can offer to
    artists and organizations by briefly answering the three questions below. These answers will not
    impact your application's review. You can type or print your answers legibly below. Thank you.

    The Arts & Cultural Legacy Heritage Funds are providing significant state funding for the arts.

    • How do you think those funds should be used to provide the greatest services and benefits
      for Minnesotans and our region?


    •   What do you think is needed other than funding, in this region or your community, to better
        serve artists and arts organizations of all disciplines.

    •   What new programs or services would you like R2AC to offer?

    Arts & Cultural Heritage Services Registration
    As part of the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund support to applicants, R2AC will be providing the
    following services. We encourage you to take advantage of these services as part of your
    proposal. Please indicate which services you would like to use:
                                               R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 23

___ Publicity/Public Awareness. Includes listing your activities on our website, in our
    newsletter, help with disseminating information, personal stories and photos. (Required for
    Arts and Cultural Heritage Grants.)
____ Region 2 Arts Council sponsored workshops. (Contact the R2AC office for workshops or to
     suggest workshop topics.)
____ Individualized Support, one on one meetings with Region 2 Arts Council staff to explore
     how to use Arts & Cultural Heritage funds to your best advantage for this and future
                                                                                              R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 24

                                                       RAC GRANT DATA COLLECTION FORM

TO THE APPLICANT: This form is used to gather information about grant applicants to the Minnesota Regional Arts Councils (RACs). The data
is maintained by the Minnesota State Arts Board in cooperation with the RACs, and may be distributed to others in accordance with the Minnesota
Data Practices Act. Complete information is necessary to ensure the reliability of our data. Note: If you are using a fiscal agent, please fill out this
first page as it pertains to the arts organization conducting the activity, not the fiscal agent.

Legal name of organization or individual
                  Professional or other name
                                            City                                                  State                                      Zipcode
                                      Day phone
                                E-mail address
              Contact person name and title
                                        County                                    MN House district                  U.S. Congressional district
          Fiscal agent name (if applicable)

For individuals applying (optional)                    American Indian/Alaska Native (N)                     For individuals, mark these items if they apply
Select any combination that applies describing         Asian (A)                                             (optional)
your racial/ ethnic characteristics. This              Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (P)
information is not made public.                        Black/African American (B)                                Disability (I)
                                                       Hispanic/Latino (H)                                       Older Adult - 60+ (S)
For organizations applying                             White (W)                                                 Veteran (V)
Select the one code that best represents 50% or        Other
more of your staff or board or membership

   Select the one code which best         01 Individual                            04    Government-Federal                   07    Government-County
   describe the applicant’s legal         02 Organization-Nonprofit                05    Government-State (includes public    08    Government-Municipal
   status                                 03 Organization-Profit                         schools)                             09    Government-Tribal
                                                                                   06    Government-Regional                  99    None of the Above

     Select the one code which best       01     Individual artist                 18    Union/Professional Association        36 Seniors Center
     describe the applicant               02     Individual non-artist             19    School-District                       37 Parks & Recreation
                                          03     Performing Group                  20    School-Parent/Teacher Assn            38 Government-Executive
                                          04     Performing Group-                 21    School-Elementary                     39 Government-Judicial
                                                 College/University                22    School-Middle                         40 Government-Legis (House)
                                          05     Performing Group-Community        23    School-Secondary                      41 Government-Legis (Senate)
                                          06     Performing Group-Youth            24    School-Vocational or Technical        42 Media-Periodical
                                          07     Performance Facility              25    School-Other (incl Community Ed)      43 Media-Daily Newspaper
                                          08     Museum (Art)                      26    College/University                    44 Media-Weekly Newspaper
                                          09     Museum (Other)                    27    Library                               45 Media-Radio
                                          10     Gallery/Exhibition space          28    Historical Society/ Commission        46 Media-Television
                                          11     Cinema                            29    Humanities Council/Agency             47 Cultural Series Organization
                                          12     Independent Press                 30    Foundation                            48 School of the Arts
                                          13     Literary Magazine                 31    Corporation/ Business                 49 Arts Camp/ Institute
                                          14     Fair/Festival                     32    Community Service Organization        50 Social Service Organization
                                          15     Arts Center                       33    Correctional Facility                 51 Child Care Provider
                                          16     Arts Council/Agency               34    Health Care Facility                  99 None of the Above
                                          17     Arts Service Organization         35    Religious Organization

2011 DataCollection Form.Doc 4/2009
                                                                                          R2AC Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant FY13 – Page 25

Legal name of organization or individual

   Select one code which           01 Dance—general                              05 Visual Arts —general                    09 Media Arts —general
   best describes the                    01A      ballet                                05A experimental                          09A          film
   applicant’s primary area              01B      ethnic/jazz/                          05B graphics (include                     09B          audio
                                                  folk-inspired                                 drawing, cartooning,              09C          video
   of interest in the art
                                         01C      modern                                        printmaking, book arts)           09D          technology/
  (e.g. ballet 01A)                02 Music—general                                     05D painting                                           experimental
                                         02A      band                                  05F sculpture                             09E          screenwriting
                                         02B      chamber                        06 Design Arts —general                    10 Literature—general
                                         02C      choral                                06A architecture                          10A          fiction
                                         02D      new-experimental,                     06B fashion                               10B          non-fiction
                                                  electronic                            06D industrial                            10C playwriting/ scriptwriting
                                         02E      ethnic/folk-inspired                  06E interior                              10D          poetry
                                         02F      jazz                                  06F landscape architecture          11 Interdisciplinary (include
                                         02G      popular                               06G urban/ metropolitan                   collaborations & performance art)
                                         02H      solo/recital                   07 Crafts—general                          12 Folklife/Traditional Arts, in general
                                         02I      orchestral                            07A clay (includes ceramics)              12A          Dance
                                   03 Opera/Musical Theater—general                     07B fiber (includes basketry)             12B          Music
                                         03A      opera                                 07C glass                                 12C          Crafts and
                                         03B      musical theater                       07D leather                                            visual arts
                                   04 Theater—general                                   07E metal                                 12D          Oral traditions
                                         04A      theater, in general                   07F paper                           13 Humanities
                                         04B      mime                                  07G plastic                         14 Multi-disciplinary
                                         04C      puppetry                              07H wood                            15 Non-arts/non-humanities
                                         04D      theater for young people              07I     mixed media
                                         04E      storytelling                   08 Photography (include holography)
                                         10C      playwriting/


6.               Adult Artists Participating Record the number of adult artists expected to be directly involved in providing art or artistic services for
                 these grant activities.

7.               Adult Audience Benefiting Record the number of adult audience expected to benefit directly from these grant activities (excluding
                 employees, paid performers, artists participating, children/youth, and broadcast figures). Do not double-count repeat attendees.

8.               Children/Youth Benefiting Record the number of children and youth under the age of 18 expected to participate in and/or benefit
                 directly from these grant activities, or were included in the audience (excluding broadcast figures). Do not double-count repeat

9. Project Discipline Using the same discipline coding listed above, select one category which best describes the grant activity.

10. For organizations applying, total organization expenses for most recently completed fiscal year:             $_                      FY _

                                      TO BE COMPLETED BY REGIONAL ARTS COUNCIL STAFF ONLY
Total Project Revenue (cash only-include grant request)               Total Project Cost (cash only)                    In-Kind Contributions

$                                                                     $                                                 $

FISCAL YEAR                             GRANT REQUEST $                      SOURCE OF FUDS

RAC                                     RECOMMENDED $                        State General Fund   $               ACHF Arts & Arts Access        $

APPLICATION #                           AWARDED             $                Federal              $               ACHF Arts Education            $
                                                                             Other                $               ACHF Arts & Cultural Herit $
GRANT PROGRAM                                      Individual Artist                                  Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Individual Artist
      Arts Project                                 Community Arts Support                             Arts Legacy Designation
      Arts & Cultural Heritage                     Artist Mentor                                      Career Development Fellowship
Reason for ineligibility or withdrawn application


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