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									2012 ACS Publications:
Mission Driven Publishing,
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                                 John Linton
                Senior Channel Marketing Manager

                            Marcello Bomfim
   Account Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean
 ACS Membership
• Membership is the heart of the ACS, offering:
   •   Access to C&EN              •       ACS Salary Comparator
   •   Career Services             •       SciFinder discounts

• Technical Divisions are resources for:

   •   Technical programming           •    Social events
   •   Relevant publications           •    Prestigious awards

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ACS National Meetings e

                                  • The ACS holds two        annual meetings
                                    every year

                                  • Chemists from around       the world attend
                                    these meetings to:

                                    •   Network                  •   Attend presentations
                                    •   Interview for Jobs       •   Present research

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ACS Careers

• ACS volunteer counselors help recently
  graduated or displaced chemists with:
  •   Interviewing techniques          •       Résumé preparation
  •   Job search strategies            •       Salary negotiations

• The ACS sponsors career fairs at its
  National Meetings and online

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ACS on Campus
ACS on Campus is a campus outreach program run in
association with the campus library & chemistry
department to educate the students in scholarly publishing,
ethics, and ACS web tools.

    •    Alternative Careers
    •    Training on ACS Web Tools
    •    Basics of Scholarly Publishing
    •    Resume Reviews
    •    Journal of the Future

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ACS Publications –
ACS Publications –
An International Publisher
An International Publisher

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Most Trusted…
                                 The critical, fair and constructive
                                 feedback of the peer review process
                                 is the foundation of ACS

                                 • Over 60,000 chemists from around
                                   the world publish research each year

                                 • Over 36,000 articles published in

                                 • Over 5,000 subscribing research
                                   institutions world wide

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 Most Cited…

ACS Publications are the most cited
journals in chemistry:

•1.8 million total cites in 2010
•8% increase in cites from 2009-2010
•1.4 million cites in the 7 chemistry

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Most Cited…
Most Read…

Articles from ACS Journals were
accessed over 78 million times in a
total of 244 countries in 2011

•4-6 Week publication time for many
•#1 in Impact Factor and/or Citations
in 14 ISI Categories
•28 journals with an Impact Factor
over 3.0

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ACS Growth
Articles and Citations

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Most Value…

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2012 New Products

                            3 Things to remember
                            •   Complements Macromolecules
                            •   Focus on polymer chemistry
                            •   Short articles published quickly!

                            3 Things to remember
                            •   Focuses on function of cells, tissues, and
                                organisms in systems
                            •   Genetics, genetics, genetics!
                            •   Demonstrates ACS commitment to new &
                                growing fields
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