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					                                      Fee Assessment Questionnaire

UK government legislation allows publicly funded educational institutions to charge ‘overseas’ student fees to
international students unless they fulfil certain residence and immigration status requirements. If you meet the
residence and immigration status requirements you will be charged a lower ‘home’ student rate of fee and may be
able to obtain an award to help pay all or part of the fee. You must be charged the ‘home’ rate if you meet certain
requirements that apply to groups such as EU nationals or refugees. Details of these requirements are given in the
enclosed UKCISA Guidance Note: Fees and Student Support. Your Fee Status Questionnaire will be strictly
assessed using the UK Government’s UKCISA guidelines.

Please complete the following form to help us assess your fee status. It should be returned to the Undergraduate
Admissions Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD.

Family Name:                                 Forename(s):

Course applied for:                          Start Date:

Personal ID Number:

Date of Birth:

Nationality (Citizenship): _________________________________________________________________________
                           (if you have citizenship of two or more countries, please list them both/all)
Nationality of Mother:     __________________________ Nationality of Father:                _______________________

Nationality of Spouse:     __________________________(if applicable)

Immigration Status                                                          Please provide:

Please tick the appropriate box below
and give dates as requested

                                                                            Copy of the photo page of your passport
         British Citizen or Commonwealth national with                      and any relevant Visa
         Right of Abode

                                                                            Letter from the Home Office confirming
         Indefinite Leave to Enter/Remain in the UK                         status AND copy of relevant page(s) of
                                                                            passport (including page(s) confirming
                                                                            name, nationality and status stamp)

         Refugee Status                                                     Home Office letter or refugee status travel
         OR child or spouse of someone granted refugee status               document and passport when possible

         Refused refugee status but granted one of the following:           Home Office letter and passport when
          Exceptional leave to enter/remain                                possible
          Humanitarian protection
          Discretionary leave
         OR child or spouse of someone refused refugee status but
         granted one of the above

         Time limit on stay                                                 Copy of relevant page(s) of passport
         Date last passport stamp/visa was issued:                          (including page(s) confirming name,
         Date of expiry of most recent permission to stay:                  nationality and visa stamps)

         EEA national other than UK. (The EEA comprises Austria,            Copy of the page(s) of            passport
         Belgium, Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic,             confirming name and nationality
         Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,
         Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein,
         Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
         Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK)
         OR a Swiss national

         If none of the above categories covers you, or your status is likely to change before the start of the course,
please   give details and provide supporting evidence:
Current and Previous Residence

Please give details of the country or countries in which you have been resident since birth:

Country               Date Residence        Date Residence         Main Reason for Residence e.g.
                      Began                 Ended                         living with Parents/close Family/friends,
                                                                          work
                                                                          study
                                                                   If reasons for residency is study please specify where
                                                                   your parents were living during this time.


Temporary Absence

If you would have been ordinarily resident (see attached guidance notes for definition) in the UK and Islands or EEA
during the last three years except for the fact that you, your spouse or your parent was temporarily working abroad,
please give details (including length of time spent abroad and the nature of the work). Please also include a copy of
the relevant employment contract:




Do you or your immediate family own a residential property in the UK/EEA?                 Yes/No

If yes, please give address, length of possession and send proof of ownership.

Give details of how often you have visited the property in the last three years (dates and length of stay):




Please also include the exact dates of any other visits to the UK/EEA during your absence. Please include reasons for
stay and locations:



Nationals of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey

If you are a national of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland or Turkey who has worked in the UK or the spouse
or child of such a person and are currently living in the UK, please complete the following:

If you, your spouse or your parent have worked in the UK, please supply details (eg dates and nature of work and
copy of employment contract):




If you are a Swiss or Turkish National, please confirm your intended date of entry to the UK:


Further Information

Use this box to add any other information relating to the questions above (continue on a separate sheet if necessary):

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