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					                                   Fundraising Policy
East End Community Services Corporation (EECSC) is committed to raising funds to enhance
its ability to fulfill its mission. Fundraising is conducted in a manner consistent with the highest
ethical standards and the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice,
adopted by the National Association of Fundraising Executives.

                                        Ethical Standards

EECSC embraces the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice
endorsed by the National Association of Fundraising Executives. Key precepts adopted by the
Board of Directors of EECSC include the following:

    EECSC fundraising activities reflect a commitment to ethical activities and embrace
     these concepts as an overriding principle of fundraising activities.
    EECSC respects the privacy and freedom of choice of interest of all affected through
     fundraising activities and will keep donor information confidential. Donors will be asked
     if they want their gifts acknowledged in a newsletter or other literature or on the web site.
     Major donors will have gifts listed in 990 which is filed with IRS and is available on
    EECSC will disclose all relationships, which might constitute or appear to constitute a
     conflict of interest.
    EECSC will not disclose privileged information to any unauthorized party and will keep
     all information confidential.
    EECSC will ensure all solicitation materials accurately and correctly reflect its mission
     and its intended use of solicited funds.
    EECSC shall, to the best of its ability, ensure all contributions are used in accordance
     with the donors’ intentions.
    EECSC will accurately report the use and management of funds, as well as information
     regarding agency revenues and sources. EEC will receive explicit consent by donors or
     their representatives before altering the conditions of their gifts.
    EECSC will comply with all applicable local, state, federal, civil and criminal regulations
     and statutes in its fundraising activities.
    EECSC will make available to a donor requesting both program and financial information
     with regard to fundraising activity, information including, but not limited to, fee-for-
     service programs and related and unrelated business ventures.
    EECSC will maintain segregated accounts for restricted funds.

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