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                                      Financial Aid Estimated Cost of Attendance 2011-2012
                                         COP Pharm.D. Class of 2015 (First Year)

Dear Student:
Applying for financial aid, which you must do annually, is a simple process if you follow these steps. This letter
provides you the information necessary to apply for and receive financial aid for the 2011-2012 aid year at Touro
University. The priority filing date is April 29th, 2011. Please note that you must be registered in at least six
credits per semester to be eligible for federal aid.

1. Apply for a Personal identification Number (PIN) at

2. Complete your 2011-2012 FAFSA at
 (Please do not complete your FAFSA with “Will File”, please complete your 2010 taxes before completing your FAFSA)
                                               Our school code is 041426.

3. Please complete a 2011-2012 Financial Aid Application/Student Loan Request Statement available at Current Student/ Financial Aid/ 2011-2012 Forms.

4. Complete an Entrance Test at (For first time borrowers at Touro University).

Please find below the COP Class of 2015 Cost of Attendance for the 2011-2012 academic year. This is a typical
nine month budget for August 2011 – May 2012.

                                   Tuition / Fees                                 38,450
                                   Books / Supplies / Laptop                       4,677
                                   Health Insurance                                2,601
                                   Room / Board                                   18,379
                                   Loan Fees                                       1,002
                                   Transportation                                  2,484
                                   Personal                                        2,625
                                   Professional Development Conference               600
                                   Total                                         $70,818

You may be eligible for:

                                  Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan *                8,500
                                  Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan               24,500
                                  Federal Grad Plus or Private Alt. Loan           37,818
                                  Total                                           $70,818

* Your subsidized loan eligibility might be adjusted based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) located on your SAR,
which is determined by the Department of Education.

Thank you.

                                                                                                                   11/4/10 VJ

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