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									EPA RRP Training - Lead Paint Certification

EPA RRP Training - By April 22, 2010, any person who performs renovations, repairs, or painting
(RRP) in child-occupied facilities or pre-1978 houses must get EPA certified. In combination with lead
paint certification, addititionally there is the requirement of obtaining your business authorized with
EPA in order to guarantee that you're not at stake for up to $37,500 in fines a day!

EPA RRP Training or Lead Paint Certification requirements would pertain to you if your project affects
6 sq ft of indoor lead paint surface AND/OR 20 sq ft of outside lead paint surface area.

What exactly are the upcoming actions?
ABLE Safety Consulting made easier this complex procedure into easy ways to make certain you’re
covered: First, submit an application to Environmental Protection Agency to get your business
registered. Second, get registered with our easy online registration for an approved EPA RRP

Third, make it through the 8 hours lead paint certification training and pass the exam. Last, receive
approval from federal agency and you are therefore a-ok!
Does EPA RRP Training apply to you?
If it doesn't, remember that there’s a terrific possibility you might see a project like this appear in the
near future, don’t reject work in these difficult financial times!

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