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									Barnwell School
Job Description

Job Title:          School Business Manager
Grade:              M3/M4 (52 weeks, 37 hours)
Reporting to:       Headteacher

Job Purpose
The role exists to optimise the use of budgets and resources within the ethos of the
school to ensure the delivery of an outstanding education to the young people who
receive their education at Barnwell. The post is responsible for identifying new
sources of funding and sound long-term financial planning to enable the school to
remain on a firm footing as it moves towards ‘future Barnwell’. As part of the schools
senior leadership team, the role provides strategic leadership and management of
estate and premises, human resources, administration, and health and safety to
secure and maintain an appropriate environment for learning and working.

    Strategic leadership and management of the business dimension;
    Oversight of finance, resources, human resources, estate management and
     whole school administration;
    Other joint responsibilities as a member of the senior leadership team.

The Role Provides Line Management and performance management to:
    Finance Manager
    Human Resources Manager
    Site Manager
    Admin Manager


       Strategic Leadership and Management

   - Contribute to strategic planning across the school ensuring that all planned
      activities link to the school’s financial plan
   - Maximise the school’s use of resources, including leading on the review of
      non-teaching staffing structure
   - Oversee the school’s inventory and asset management plan

  - Provide advice, guidance and support to the Headteacher and Governing
     Body on all aspects of school business management
  - Lead and manage staff with responsibility for premises, finance, human
     resources, marketing and administration
  - Act as the senior team link to the Governors’ Community Sub-Committee
     (finance) on all aspects of resourcing
  - Ensure effective liaison with the Extended Schools Co-ordinator to ensure the
     school meets its goals and targets in relation to the community dimension,
     overseeing the involvement of agencies, organisations and businesses
  - Create, implement and monitor the school’s strategies for ensuring staff well-
     being in collaboration with staff and school trade union representatives
  - Lead in the training and development of support staff

Barnwell School
Job Description

Risk Management
    - Ensure effective risk management including in health and safety and in the
       management of third-party service contracts
    - Develop a Business Continuity Plan with the Headteacher and Governors

       Finance

Resource Management
   - Manage the school’s Finance Manager in the preparation of the annual
      estimates of income and expenditure for approval by the Governors and the
      implementation of financial decisions of the Headteacher and Governing
   - Oversee the monitoring of the budget including the preparation of regular
      reports on the budget to the Governors
   - Develop a long-term business plan for the future development of the school
      to increase annual revenue within the ethos of the school
   - Ensure compliance with financial management best practice, including the
      Schools Financial Value Standard
   - Work alongside the Finance Manager to identify opportunities for greater
   - Monitor the school’s accounting functions in line with financial procedures
   - Oversee the provision of appropriate financial accounting and budgeting
      packages to support effective financial management
   - Monitor and review all accounting procedures in place in the school
   - Support the Finance Manager to ensure that all financial returns to the DFE,
      LA and other agencies are complied with, and to deadline
   - Advise the Headteacher on investment and financial policy, preparing
      appraisals for future projects and the development of long term financial
   - Act as the senior team link for the preparation of bids for money or other
      resources to external agencies

Bids and Contracts
   - Take the lead role on the negotiation, management, monitoring and review
       of contracts, tenders and agreements ensuring ‘best value’ principles
   - Arrange school facilities including catering, sport and leisure and minibuses
   - Advise Governors on the appropriate insurances for the school

       Human Resource Management

   - Oversee the school’s Human Resources Manager, ensuring systems are fully in
      place to comply with safer recruitment practice (including employment
      clearance for new staff)
   - Oversee the implementation of performance management arrangements for
      all school staff
   - Monitor the issuing of contracts of employment
   - Oversee all staff contracts and the recruitment of staff
   - Advise Governors on the assessment of salaries, expenses, sickness,
      maternity/paternity procedures and the Pay Policy for teachers in line with
      the statutory provisions

Barnwell School
Job Description

    -   Oversee the payroll service
    -   Establish and maintain policies and procedures to cover human resources
        issues such as employment law and employee relations

       Estate Management

Premises and Health and Safety Management
   - Act as the school’s Health and Safety Co-ordinator and Fire Officer
   - Lead on the planning and implementation of new capital and refurbishment
   - Oversee the management of the maintenance of the school site and
      buildings and the efficient operation of all facilities
   - Oversee the maintenance of records of regular fire practices and alarm tests
   - Ensure emergency evacuation procedures are current and timely
   - Oversee the management of the school’s Security Policy
   - Oversee maintenance schedules
   - Oversee the purchase, repair and maintenance of all furniture and fittings
   - Ensure that the Health and Safety policy is effectively communicated to all
      staff and implemented consistently
   - Act as the senior team link for Health and Safety to the Governing Body,
      regularly reporting on the effectiveness of the school’s suite of Health and
      Safety Policies
   - Maximise the use of accommodation by the school, community and outside
      agencies in order to generate income

Letting and Risk Assessment
    - Work with the outline specifications for capital projects, obtaining tenders and
       liaising with building contractors and project staff
    - Know about risk assessment tools and how to use them to establish hazards
       within school and the associated risk
    - Prepare a disaster recovery plan

       Whole School Administration

ICT and Administration
    - Oversee the effective management of the administrative function across the
    - Provide for the preparation and production of all school records and
    - Create, implement and monitor administrative systems to ensure that they
      support the delivery of the School Improvement Plan

       Joint Responsibilities with the Senior Leadership Team

    -   Establish and maintain an appropriate climate for learning at all times,
        including by undertaking break and lunch duties
    -   Respond effectively and promptly to parental concerns
    -   Attend school events as appropriate
    -   Support Governor activities as appropriate in consultation with the
    -   Engage in whole school self-evaluation

Barnwell School
Job Description

    -   Promote the school to different audiences, and raise its profile within the local

Barnwell School operates a recruitment process that is designed to safeguard our students.
This means that all applicants must complete, in full, a Hertfordshire County Council Job
Application form and a Person Specification form and they must be submitted by the closing
date. Electronic applications must be signed when an applicant attends for interview. CVs
will not be considered. We will short-list candidates following the closing date and call for all


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