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					ANNUAL NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT (O.C.G.A48-5-306) -Effective for the 2011 Digest year

Each county's board of tax assessors shall now give annual written notice to every taxpayer within their county
concerning the taxpayer's individual real property tax return. The NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT contains previous year
and current year valuations, reasons for any change in value and contact information. Appeal rights and procedures
shall also be printed on the notice, should the taxpayer disagree with the Current Year Value (not the estimated tax bill).

In addition to general property information and values, the NOTICEOFASSESSMENT shall include an estimated ad
valorem tax bill. The estimate is based on the previous year's millage rate and Current Year Value contained in the
notice. The estimate is not a bill, and shown for informational purposes only. The ad valorem tax bills will not be
mailed earlier than September 1.

Additional information and/or forms are available at the Brantley Co. Assessor's office, and online at

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