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									                                                               Decision Letter (60+)


Local Government Pension Scheme

On (date) you will cease employment during which you have been a member of the
Local Government Pension Scheme.

As you are aged 60+ you have the option to take immediate payment of your
benefits, although they may be reduced to reflect the fact you are accessing them
early. As an alternative to the immediate payment of your benefits, you can defer
their payment (even beyond age 65) at which point it may be possible for them to be
paid without a reduction.

I have therefore requested an estimate from Kent County Council’s Pensions
Section which will show the benefits due under both options. Once they have
returned the estimated figures to me I will forward them to you so that you can
decide what you want to do.

You will then need to let me know which option you wish to take.

Yours sincerely

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                                                                            January 2011

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