Customer Funded Master Charter 2007 by cYevV8B


									                                              Project Requirements Checklist (PRC)
Date                                                         Project Name:
Project Lead:                                                  Project No.
Project Objective and Justification:

Enter Project Priority (1, 2, 3) 1 - high; 3 - low:       Cost                 Schedule                       Performance/Scope

CUSTOMER               Yes                       No
                       Schedule                                              Comprehensive O&M Manual - special equipment
                       Budget                                                Construction Sequencing/Operational Restrictions
                       Rooms/Building Access                                 Turn Around Space Required
                       Special Training                                      Sandia Furnished Equipment (SFE)
                       Change Control                                        Special Accept Testing/Calibration/Program
Safety/IH              Yes                       No
                       Safety Precautions - Chemical, Biological, Radiological
                       Environmental Concerns
                       Other ES&H Hazards in PHS
                       Modifications to Lab Exhaust or Drains
                       Potential Impact to Asbestos Materials (e.g. floor or ceiling tile, wall penetrations, insulating material)
Space Management              Yes                No
                       Issues Pertaining to Space Ownership
                       Impacts to Building/Space Design Basis
                       Impacts to SMU Plans, other Projects, or Building Occupants
                       Change in Space Chargeback
Architecture           Yes                       No
                       Modifications to Space/Building Envelope              Space/Office Layout                       Signage
                       Exit Corridor/Area Separations                        Accessibility                             Restrooms
                       Change to Occupancy Classification                    LEED Certification                        Conference Rooms/AV
                       Systems Furniture/Furnishings                         Paint/Finishes                            Roofing/Penetrations
                       Doors/Door Hardware (see Security section for Locks/Keys)                                       Flooring
Sites Planning/Infrastructure                    Yes                         No
               * If Yes, complete the Site Modification Review Request
               Sites Planning
                       Site Development-Building/Site Placement; Emergency Access, Building Exits, Gathering Areas,
                       Service Areas, Storage Areas, etc.                    Pedestrian Paths/Accessibility
                       Landscaping/Irrigation                                Hazards Mapping
                       Land Use Permit                                       Environmental Management Review
                       EISA 2007 Section 438 Required (Site development > 5,000 SF)
                       Sanitary Sewer                          Water: Chilled, Fire, Domestic                          Natural Gas
                       Roads/Parking                           Site Power/Electric                                     Storm Water Drainage
                       Communications                          Traffic Lights/Signs                                    Site Lighting
Mechanical             Yes                       No
                       Comfort Conditioning - HVAC                           Process Cooling
                       Compressed Air                                        Cryogenics/Gasses/DI/Acid Drain/Vacuum
                       Fume Hoods                                            Exhaust Systems
                       Air Filtration - HEPA                                 System/Equipment Redundancy/Reliability - HVAC
                       Commissioning - T&B                                   Natural gas use-conformance w/ '05 DOE Energy Act
               Controls - POC Mike Rocco 844-4132
                       Customer Monitor Station                              Space/System Control - temp, humidity, pressure
                       Customer Notification                                 Central Reporting and Control - FCS
Structural             Yes                       No
                       New/Modification to Building/Structure                Installation/Move of Heavy Equipment
                       Vibration Sensitive Equipment                         Rad Shielding/ALARA
Fire Protection        Yes                       No
               Life Safety
                       Occupancy Change                         Hazardous Material                                  Hot Work Permit
                       Closed Areas-Egress                      Fire/Smoke Barriers-Penetrations                    In-Rack Storage
                       Impact to Means of Egress                Separation Distance
                       Code Analysis/Code Footprint             Fire Extinguishers - occupancy, use, spacing
                       Automatic Sprinkler System               Hydrants                  Fire/Smoke Barriers-Fire Dampers
               Fire Alarm
                       Fire Detection/Notification              Fire Safety Functions (AHU shutdown, stairwell, pressure, etc.)
                       Under-floor detection - High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD)
Electrical             Yes                       No
                       Building/Space/Equipment service/capacity                          Power Receptacles
                       System/Equipment Redundancy/Reliability                            Space Lighting
                       Emergency Lighting/Inverters                                       Equipment Disconnects
                       EMI/EMP Shielding                                                  Lightning Protection
                       Code - clearance requirements                                      Back-up Power - UPS, Generator
                       Conformance w/ '05 DOE Energy Act                                  High Voltage Power
Communications                 Yes               No
               Infrastructure/Network            New/Modify Red or GPON                               Phone Lines                 TS
                                                 Phone and Data Line Activation Computer Networks                   Wireless LAN
                                                 Project crosses limited area boundary and/or                       OUO Classification for all
                                                 impacts security fences or barriers                                RED Drawings
                                                 NOTE: DOE Approval required for TS and Wireless LAN
Video Conferencing             Yes               No
                       Video Conferencing        Audio/Visual - Auditoriums, Conference Rooms
Security               Yes*                      No
               Physical Security
                       Impacts to Security Fences or Barriers                Project work within 20 feet of a limited area boundary
                       Project Crosses limited area boundary                 Impact to Response Paths
                       Access - Uncleared, Foreign Nationals                 Closed Areas or High Security Building
                       SCI Information                                       High Value Equipment, Storage of Precious Metals/Materials
                       Pro Force Support                                     SNM stored, processed, or handled
                       Install/Removal of Security Locks/Keys                Use of Classified Documents, Materials, Mtgs/Discussions
               Technical Security
                       Access Control System (ACS)                           Intrusion Alarm
                       Classified Computing                                  OUO Classification
               *if Yes, submit Security Systems Request:        Security Systems Request Link
                       Increase/change to air emissions, waste volumes, liquid effluents, radiological areas
                       New building, major renovation, new infrastructure or new PHS
                       New equipment not previously installed or to extend the facility life
                       Modification to historic building        SNL/NM Historic Buildings             TRR Historic Buildings
                       Adversely impacts environmentally sensitive resources or cultural resources
                       Create ground disturbance (Note: if disturbance >3/4 acre, a permit may also be required)
                       If any checked, enter NEPA Module:
                       If none checked, Contact Chris Catechis at 844-7118 or to see if project is covered
                       under existing NEPA documentation:
                       SNA11-0348 Routine Maintenance Activities
                       Note: For all activities that include exterior work, notify the Sandia Biologist
Project Management
                       Number of design QA reviews:_________                 Type (OTS, Formal):__________________
                       Number of drawing review sets: ___________            Sizes:____________      Estimate type:_____________
                       A/E schedule mtgs separately with customers?              Schedule discussion             QA Review forms
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