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Questionnaire revised by cYevV8B


									      Harpole Neighbourhood Plan - questionnaire responses - Dec 2011
This document contains the data from the questionnaire distributed to Harpole resodents in Nov 2011, and analysis of that data.

All comments have also been recored on separate tabs linked to the question
ourhood Plan - questionnaire responses - Dec 2011
 from the questionnaire distributed to Harpole resodents in Nov 2011, and analysis of that data.

cored on separate tabs linked to the question
Section Question                                                         Possible answer               response                                      % total
  A        1        What age group do you belong to?                        Under 18                      130                                         13.5
                                                                             19 - 24                      41                                          4.3
                                                                             25 - 44                      175                                         18.2
                                                                             45 - 59                      228                                         23.7
                                                                             60 - 74                      272                                         28.3
                                                                               75+                        115                                         12.0
                                                                              Total                       961                                        100.0

  A        2       Gender                                                     Female                     512                                          53.4
                                                                               Male                      447                                          46.6
                                                                               Total                     959                                         100.0

  A        3       How long have you lived in Harpole                    Less than a year                40                                           4.2
                                                                           1 – 5 years                   142                                          14.9
                                                                           6 – 10 years                  135                                          14.2
                                                                          11 – 25 years                  247                                          25.9
                                                                          Over 25 years                  388                                          40.8
                                                                               Total                     952

  A        4       Are you                                              Employed full time               260                                          27.5
                                                                        Employed part time               115                                          12.2
                                                                          Self employed                  89                                           9.4
                                                                           Un-employed                   10                                           1.1
                                                                           Homemaker                     41                                           4.3
                                                                         Student/at school               125                                          13.2
                                                                             Retired                     306                                          32.3
                                                                               Total                     946

  B        5       Do you attend any of the following ?             Harpole Primary School               11                                           7.9
                                                                   Campion Secondary School              43                                           30.7
                                                                       Further Education                 33                                           23.6
                                                                   Other (please specify below           53                                           37.9
                                                                              Total                      140

                   What provision for additional housing is
  C        6       needed for the parish                           Housing Association – rented           211
                                                                          Owner occupied                  181                                         15.6
                                                                           Private rented                 57                                          4.9
                                                                   Restricted sale to parishioners        243                                         21.0
                                                                   Shared ownership/joint equity          163                                         14.1
                                                                     No housing development               304                                         26.2
                                                                                Total                    1159

                   What type of housing is needed for any
  C        7       future development (                               Homes for local people             491
                                                                Homes with designated office space       21
                                                                        Larger family homes              78                                           4.6
                                                                     Low cost social housing             132                                          7.8
                                                                        Mixed development                108                                          6.4
                                                                         Retirement homes                125                                          7.4
                                                                Sheltered housing (e.g. housing for
                                                                      elderly and/or disabled)            179
                                                                        Small family homes                207                                         12.3
                                                                           Starter homes                  346                                         20.5
                                                                                Total                    1687

                                                                                                         Yes          No

                   If further housing development were to be
  C        8        permitted what form should it take                          Infill                   264         166

                                                                Expansion on the edge of the village     127         256
                                                                 Carefully designed groups of less
                                                                              than 30                    229         197
                                                                  Large developments of 30 plus          16          285
                                                                Small scale development (less than
                                                                                 10)                      447         80
                                                                  Development on individual plots         406         95
                                                                                Total                    1489        1079

                                                                                                         Very      Important   Neutral      Not
                                                                                                       important      (2)       (3)      Important
                   How important are the following facilities                                             (1)                               (4)
                    to you (Each respondent put a number in
                   each box that represents the level of
  C        9       importance)?
                                                                        PreSchool / Nursery               296        137           122        145
                                                                          Primary School                  436         91            91        104
                                                                         All Saints Church                266        235           143         79
                                                                         Methodist Chapel                 126        139           258        168
                                                                          Baptist Chapel                  66         103           271        202
                                                                            Playing Field                 472        179            60         34
                                                                          The Bowls Club                  125        165           249        152
                                                                             The Pubs                     266        244           133         64
                                                                         The Village Shop                 561        217            17         15
                                                                          Old School Hall                 306        253           127         51
                                                                                Total                    2920        1763         1471       1014
         Would the parish benefit from a new
C   10   Village Hall?                                                 Y                      490
                                                                       N                      336    40.7
                                                                      Total                   826

C   11   Do you operate a business from your home?                     Y                      78     10.4
                                                                       N                      670    89.6
                                                                      Total                   748

         What provision should there be for future
C   12   local employment (tick all that apply)
                                                                   Retail                     239    16.4
                                                                   Office                     139    9.6
                                                                  Leisure                     241    16.6
                                                              Accommodation                   128    8.8
                                                                Distribution                  39     2.7
                                                          Small scale m’facturing             164    11.3
                                                          Large scale m’facturing             29     2.0
                                                                Agricultural                  389    26.8
                                                        Waste management/ recycling           85     5.8

                                                                      Total                   1453

         Do you know where the conservation area                                                     35.5
C   13   is in the village                                             Y                      295
                                                                       N                      535    64.5
                                                                      Total                   830

         Could an increase in the area of the
         conservation area help preserve the                                                         83.8
C   14   character of the village ?                                    Y                      579
                                                                       N                      112    16.2
                                                                      Total                   691

C   15   Do you know where the village confines are ?                  Y                      299    37.0
                                                                       N                      509    63.0
                                                                      Total                   808

         If there were to be any development(s) in
         the parish which of the following would
C   16   you be most concerned about
                                                          Impact on the environment           536    17.5
                                                            Impact on School intake           408    13.3
                                                        Impact on sports/leisure facilities   152    5.0
                                                          Impact on Parish character          663    21.7
                                                           Increased parking issues           608    19.9
                                                                Increased traffic             694    22.7

                                                                      Total                   3061

         Are there any areas of open land which
         should be protected from future                                                             89.2
C   17   development ?                                                  Y                     600
                                                                        N                     73     10.8

                                                                      Total                   673

         Do you have difficulty in getting to any
         medical                                                                                     7.3
D   19   services                                                       Y                     63
                                                                        N                     801    92.7

                                                                      Total                   864

         Does anyone in your home currently
         require care such as care in the
         community, day centres or respite care (Y
D   22   or N)?                                                         Y                     23
                                                                        N                     848    97.4

                                                                      Total                   871

         If yes do they receive it                                      Y                      13    72.2
                                                                        N                       5    27.8

                                                                       Total                   18
         Does anyone in your home currently
         voluntarily provide care to anyone in the                                                    5.7
D   23   community (Y or N)?                                            Y                      50
                                                                        N                      821    94.3

                                                                      Total                    871

D   24   If so, is adequate support provided                            Y                       24    47.1
                                                                        N                       27    52.9

                                                                      Total                     51

         Do you feel there is a need for a day care                                                   62.7
D   25   centre in the village?                                         Y                      459
                                                                        N                      273    37.3

                                                                      Total                    732

         Is health service provision for
         babies/young                                                                                 59.1
D   26    children adequate in the village                              Y                      212
                                                                        N                      147    40.9

                                                                      Total                    359

         How often do you read Parish Notice
E   27   Boards?                                                      Daily                    56
                                                                     Weekly                    313    32.0
                                                                     Monthly                   254    25.9
                                                                     Rarely                    254    25.9
                                                                      Never                    102    10.4

                                                                      Total                    979

         E 28. How often do you use the local
E   28   facilities and amenities?

                            Shop                                      Daily                    277    31.5
                                                                     Weekly                    406    46.2
                                                                     Monthly                   66     7.5
                                                                     Rarely                    96     10.9
                                                                      Never                    33     3.8

                                                                      Total                    878

                             Pubs                                     Daily                    15     1.7
                                                                     Weekly                    191    21.9
                                                                     Monthly                   118    13.5
                                                                     Rarely                    362    41.4
                                                                      Never                    188    21.5

                                                                      Total                    874

                       Old School Hall                                Daily                    23     2.7
                                                                     Weekly                    47     5.4
                                                                     Monthly                   104    12.1
                                                                     Rarely                    449    52.0
                                                                      Never                    240    27.8

                                                                      Total                    863

                         Bowls Club                                   Daily                     2     0.2
                                                                     Weekly                    16     1.8
                                                                     Monthly                    7     0.8
                                                                     Rarely                    225    25.8
                                                                      Never                    623    71.4

                                                                      Total                    873

                        Playing Field                                 Daily                    41     4.7
                                                                     Weekly                    163    18.7
                                                                     Monthly                   158    18.2
                                                                     Rarely                    334    38.4
                                                                      Never                    174    20.0

                                                                      Total                    870

         Do you think the Youth Club provides
E   31   adequate facilities                                            Y                      298
                                                                        N                      98     24.7

                                                                      Total                    396

         How often do you use the network of
F   35   publicfootpaths in the area?                                 Daily                    214
                                                                     Weekly                    232    26.9
                                                                     Monthly                   133    15.4
                                                                     Rarely                    210    24.3
                                                                      Never                    74     8.6

                                                                      Total                    863

         What would encourage you to use the
         network of public footpaths more (tick                                                       14.2
F   36   boxes most appropriate to you)?                        Better signage                 207
                                                                     Maps                      165    11.3
                                                        New paths to make circular walks       493    33.8

                                                       Better access for those with mobility          12.3
                                                       problems (such as “kissing gates”)       180
                                                       Overgrown footpaths to be cleared        375   25.7
                                                                      Other                     38    2.6
                                                                      Total                    1458

         Are there any environmental projects you
F   37   would like to see developed in the parish ?            More allotments                160
                                                               More public seating             232    18.2
                                                         More landscape management (eg
                                                          naturalised bulbs, hedges/trees)   369
                                                          Improved drop off/pickup at the
                                                                   Primary School            514

                                                                       Total                 1275

         Please indicate any of the following
          facilities you would support being built
         locally to serve the parish (if support tick
F   38   box)
                                                         Domestic waste recycling centre     132    15.7
                                                         Renewable energy using biomass      75     8.9
                                                        Renewable energy using solar power   287
                                                           Ground source heat pumps          193    23.0
                                                                 Wind turbines               152    18.1

                                                                       Total                 839

         Do you feel that litter is a problem in the
F   39   parish ?                                                       Y                    229
                                                                        N                    585    71.9

                                                                       Total                 814

         Would you volunteer to join a regular
F   40   litter-picking group                                           Y                    203
                                                                        N                    558

                                                                       Total                 761

         Do you think that a uniformed Police
         patrolling on foot within our Parish would
         be more effective at reducing crime than
         the current vehicle response/patrols
F   41   arrangement ?                                                  Y                    654
                                                                        N                    181    21.7

                                                                       Total                 835

         Is there a problem with vehicles
F   42   speeding in the Parish                                         Y                    591
                                                                        N                    194    24.7

                                                                       Total                 785

         Would you volunteer to take part in a
         scheme requiring a number of volunteers                                                    28.0
         to be trained in the use of hand-held speed-
F   43   cameras                                                        Y                    146
                                                                        N                    375    72.0

                                                                       Total                 521

             Have you experienced a problem with
F   44       antisocial behaviour (ASB)                                 Y                    178
                                                                        N                    628    77.9

                                                                       Total                 806

         Would you report antisocial behaviour that
         was taking place on or near the properties
F   45   of your neighbours                                             Y                    746
                                                                        N                    59     7.3

                                                                       Total                 805

         Are you satisfied with the overall response                                                73.1
F   46   from the Police ?                                              Y                    385
                                                                        N                    142    26.9

                                                                       Total                 527

         Are you aware of the Harpole
F   47   Neighbourhood Watch scheme ?                                   Y                    614
                                                                        N                    212    25.7

                                                                       Total                 826

F   48   If not, would you be prepared to join ?                        Y                    164    49.8
                                                                        N                    165    50.2

                                                                       Total                 329

         F 49. Are you satisfied with South Northants
F   49   District Councils recycling ?                                  Y                    677
                                                                        N                    121    15.2

                                                                       Total                 798

F   51   Are you satisfied with the refuse-collection system?           Y                    643    79.6
                                                                        N                    165    20.4
                                                                          Total           808

G   52   Do you think the current bus-service is adequate ?                Y              435    73.2
                                                                           N              159    26.8

                                                                          Total           594

         Are you aware that DACT provides transport for
G   53   visits to medical facilities ?                                    Y              382
                                                                           N              402    51.3

                                                                          Total           784

         Are you satisfied with the coverage of street lighting                                  82.0
G   55   in the village?                                                   Y              657
                                                                           N              144    18.0

                                                                          Total           801

         Are you satisfied with the condition of pavements in                                    46.2
G   56   the parish ?                                                      Y              368
                                                                           N              428    53.8

                                                                          Total           796

         Are you satisfied with the condition of
         roads                                                                                   35.5
G   57   in the parish?                                                    Y              278
                                                                           N              504    64.5

                                                                          Total           782

         Do you feel that the entrances/exits into/from the
G   58   village are adequate ?                                            Y              540
                                                                           N              222    29.1

                                                                          Total           762

         Do you feel that the County Council's policy on
G   59   gritting during ice/snow was adequate ?                           Y              446
                                                                           N              308    40.8

                                                                          Total           754

         Do you feel that there are enough grit-bins
         for                                                                                     58.3
G   60   the parish ?                                                      Y              395
                                                                           N              283    41.7

                                                                          Total           678

         How do you find out about local activities
H   61   events (please tick box of those relevant)?              The Parish Newsletter   708
                                                                      The Internet        56     2.9
                                                                     Family/Friends       466    24.0
                                                                     Notice Boards        522    26.9
                                                                      Newspaper           148    7.6
                                                                         Other            38     2.0

                                                                          Total           1938

         Is the download speed available from Internet
         service providers limiting your ability to conduct                                      51.3
H   63   business within the parish                                        Y              287
                                                                           N              273    48.8

                                                                          Total           560

         Are you concerned about whether your
         sewers                                                                                  41.4
J   64   are unadopted or not?                                             Y              290
                                                                           N              410    58.6

                                                                          Total           700

         Do you have any problems with inadequate                                                4.1
J   65   main sewers in the roads?                                         Y              31
                                                                           N              731    95.9

                                                                          Total           762

         Are you aware of any large areas of rain-
         that remain on Parish roads after the
J   66   majority of water has drained away?                               Y              133
                                                                           N              597    81.8

                                                                          Total           730
         Having completed this questionnaire would you
         please list your five highest priorities by question
         number, the FIRST being the most important and
         LAST being the least important (insert the question
K   67   number in the box                                      Question number          1st   2nd   3rd         4th         5th    % 1st    % 2nd    % 3rd    % 4th    % 5th
                                                                        3                 0     0     0           0          1.0         0        0        0        0      0.4
                                                                        4                       1                            1.0       0.0      0.2      0.0      0.0      0.4
                                                                        5                                               1              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0
                                                                        6                60    21           15          9    9.0     15.1       5.0      4.5      3.0      3.4
                                                                        7                22    36            9   8           7.0       5.5      8.7      2.7      2.7      2.7
                                                                        8                47    29           31   10          7.0     11.8       7.0      9.3      3.3      2.7
                                                                        9                11    15           16         10    3.0       2.8      3.6      4.8      3.3      1.1
                                                                       10                 4    13            6   5           4.0       1.0      3.1      1.8      1.7      1.5
                                                                       11                                                    1.0       0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.4
                                                                       12                 2     3            5   18          6.0       0.5      0.7      1.5      6.0      2.3
                                                                       13                       1            2               1.0       0.0      0.2      0.6      0.0      0.4
                                                                       14                 2     6           12   5           4.0       0.5      1.4      3.6      1.7      1.5
                                                                       15                                    1                         0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0      0.0
                                                                       16                31    39           22          8   14.0       7.8      9.4      6.6      2.7      5.3
                                                                       17                41    39           35   14         9.0      10.3       9.4    10.5       4.7      3.4
                                                                       18                                    1                         0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0      0.0
                                                                       19                                    1                         0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0      0.0
                                                                       20                                               1              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0
                                                                       21                                                              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0
                                                                       22                                                              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0
                                                                       23                                                              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0
                                                                       24                                    1                         0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0      0.0
                                                                       25                 4     3            4               7.0       1.0      0.7      1.2      0.0      2.7
                                                                       26                 1     1            1                         0.3      0.2      0.3      0.0      0.0
                                                                       27                       2                       2              0.0      0.5      0.0      0.7      0.0
                                                                       28                 5     2           10          6    5.0       1.3      0.5      3.0      2.0      1.9
                                                                       29                 3                  2          2    2.0       0.8      0.0      0.6      0.7      0.8
                                                                       30                 5    10            7   10          5.0       1.3      2.4      2.1      3.3      1.9
                                                                       31                 1                                  1.0       0.3      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.4
                                                                       32                 3                  2         10    5.0       0.8      0.0      0.6      3.3      1.9
                                                                       33                       4            2          9    3.0       0.0      1.0      0.6      3.0      1.1
                                                                       34                 6                  4          5    1.0       1.5      0.0      1.2      1.7      0.4
                                                                       35                 1     2                       5    2.0       0.3      0.5      0.0      1.7      0.8
                                                                       36                 4     4            9          8    6.0       1.0      1.0      2.7      2.7      2.3
                                                                       37                10     6            6          7    4.0       2.5      1.4      1.8      2.3      1.5
                                                                       38                 2     2                       6    8.0       0.5      0.5      0.0      2.0      3.0
                                                                       39                 1                  1          6    4.0       0.3      0.0      0.3      2.0      1.5
                                                                       40                                               1              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.3      0.0
                                                                       41                10    12           16         17   17.0       2.5      2.9      4.8      5.6      6.5
                                                                       42                24    13           21   14         17.0       6.0      3.1      6.3      4.7      6.5
                                                                       43                 3    1             2                         0.8      0.2      0.6      0.0      0.0
                                                                       44                 1    2            15   7           6.0       0.3      0.5      4.5      2.3      2.3
                                                                       45                 1    1                             1.0       0.3      0.2      0.0      0.0      0.4
                                                                       46                 0    46            1               2.0       0.0     11.1      0.3      0.0      0.8
                                                                       47                                               1    3.0       0.0      0.0      0.0      0.3      1.1
                                                                       48                                                    1.0       0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.4
                                                                       49                 1     3            2               2.0       0.3      0.7      0.6      0.0      0.8
                                                                       50                       2                       3    2.0       0.0      0.5      0.0      1.0      0.8
                                                                       51                 4     2            4          7    2.0       1.0      0.5      1.2      2.3      0.8
                                                                       52                 7     3            4   4           8.0       1.8      0.7      1.2      1.3      3.0
                                                                       53                                                              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0
                                                                       54                23    24            9         12   13.0       5.8      5.8      2.7      4.0      4.9
                                                                       55                 1    2             2          3   8.0        0.3      0.5      0.6      1.0      3.0
                                                                       56                 9    11            4          5   5.0        2.3      2.6      1.2      1.7      1.9
                                                                       57                 8    14           13   10         12.0       2.0      3.4      3.9      3.3      4.6
                                                                       58                 9    16            7         11   7.0        2.3      3.8      2.1      3.7      2.7
                                                                       59                 4    4             3          3   1.0        1.0      1.0      0.9      1.0      0.4
                                                                       60                      3                        8   7.0        0.0      0.7      0.0      2.7      2.7
                                                                       61                                               5   4.0        0.0      0.0      0.0      1.7      1.5
                                                                       62                 1                             1   4.0        0.3      0.0      0.0      0.3      1.5
                                                                       63                26    11           18         14   16.0       6.5      2.6      5.4      4.7      6.1
                                                                       64                      1             1          6   2.0        0.0      0.2      0.3      2.0      0.8
                                                                       65                      3                        2              0.0      0.7      0.0      0.7      0.0
                                                                       66                      3             3          2    3.0       0.0      0.7      0.9      0.7      1.1
                                                                       67                                                              0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0      0.0
                                                                       68                                    3                         0.0      0.0      0.9      0.0      0.0

                                                                     Total               398   416         333        301   263.0   100.0
 Do you attend any of the following [tick box where relevant]?
Harpole pre-school/nursery         10
Home educated                        1
Language classes                     1
Cheltenham College                   1
Other school                         1
Duston School                        1
Spratton Hall School                 3
Uppingham                            1
Quinton House                        5
Nursery school (aged 3)              1
Wellingborough school                3
Harpole Heritage Group               1
Northgate School                     1
Pitsford High School                 1
New Zealand                          1
In Surry                             1
Nat certificate evening
classes                              1
Thame Grammer School
Oxfordshire                          1
Adult Ed Duston Upper                1
University                           3
N'ton High school for girls          1
ACCA qualification                   1
Garden Association                   1
Birmingham school of acting          1
Art club                             1
Garden club                          1

C6. What provision for additional housing is needed for the parish? (tick all that apply)

Probably none needed - lots for sale?             1
Young persons homes, just for villagers in
Harpole                                           1
More restricted rental housing assoc to
parishers for younger first time housing          1

Parish retirement home - would a quality
retirement home with smaller apartments
enable older residents to stay within the
village and free up smaller houses for start
up family homes. Also community looks
after residents as they age.                      1
Road infrastructure not in place to provide
for extra traffic                                 1
Only on infill plots                              1

This question relates to additional housing -
we prefer Harpole not targetted for large
scale housing development                         1

What provision should there be for future local employment (tick all that apply)

Light industrial                           1
Farm shop or butchers                      1
Attract business to the area that
provides higher quality skilled jobs
for local people would support
developments that did not impact on
village                                    1
Distribution expansion should be
sited with the other other sheds at
J15A                                       1
No provision for employment in
village environment                        1
A post office                              2
None                                       2
Teaching                                   1
Employment not necessary in
village given proximity to N'ton           1
Recycling is satisfactorarily carried
out by the council                         1

If there were to be any development(s) in the parish which of the following would you be most concerned about

Adequacy of infrastructure              2
No more building on land outside
of envelope allowed on pretext of
social housing                          1
Loss of village                         1
None would be a concern                 1
Anti-social behaviour                   1
Drainage problems                       1
Overloaded sewerage system etc          1
Impact on value of houses               1
Increase in crime                       1
Doctors couldn't take an increase       1
Loss of surrounding countryside         1
Village becoming too large              1

g would you be most concerned about
Are there any areas of open land which should be protected from future development

Nothing outside the village envelope/existing boundary                      8
Green sites within the village boundary                                     3
All green field sites                                                       1
Allotments                                                                 37
Field behind allotments                                                     4
Callowell Hill (and Ridge)                                                  8
Between the village and Northampton                                         3
Between N'ton boundary and South View                                       1
East of village to maintain open space between Upton/Duston and the
village                                                                     3
Greenbelt between Harpole and Junc 16 of M1                                 5
Areas in centre of village and towards Daventry Road                        1
All northern and eastern views                                              1
Gap between Playing field and Northampton                                   1
Land adjacent to Northampton Road                                           1
Land/fields at top of Larkhill Lane                                         6
Land adjacent to Larkhall Lane/Sandy lane                                   1
Land at entrance to village                                                 1
Fields East of Larkhall Lane (Orchard?)                                     3
Between Manor Close,Larkhall lane and High Street                           1
Glassthorpe Lane                                                           16
Land adjacent to Glassthorpe Lane down to A45                               7
Land behind Church Farm and on either side of Glassthorpe Lane              6
Beyond end of Glassthorpe Lane to M1 (between Sandy Lane and St
Crispins hosp site)                                                         2
All/everywhere                                                             19
All fields/areas of open land/green belt around village                    41
Existing farmland/agricultural land                                        23
All agricultural land on the flood plain                                    1
Park area                                                                   1
All grazing areas                                                           1
A4500 between Harpole and Duston                                            3
Arae from A4500 to Larkhall Lane and Glassthorpe Lane                       1
Land adjacent to Lower High Street                                          1
Between Playing field and Nobottle Road                                     2
Between A45 and Nobottle Road                                               4
East and West of Sandy lane, up to Nobottle Road                            2
Land up to Sandy lane                                                       1
Land West and South of village                                              1
Fileds behind Old School Hall up to Nobottle Rd                             1
From Churches Farm to Nobottle Road                                         1
Fields at the top/behind of School Lane                                     3
Fields next to playing fields (adjacent to Larkhall Lane)                   1
Any agricultural land                                                       4
Fields                                                                      2
Land to the left of Lorckon Road(?), land to the right of Larkhill Lane     1
Field from Larkhall Lane up to Sandy Lane                                   5
Field near/back of Turnpike                                                 2
Grange/Church farms                                                         2
All land surrounding present housing                                        4
All open land areas                                                         5
Fields at back of village                                                   1
The fields that separate Harpole from the town, especially Sandy Lane       1
All green areas/fields surrounding the village                                31
Playing fields                                                                60
Main Green                                                                     1
Fields behind Upper High Street                                                1
Farmland and fields by playing fields                                          2
Strawberry field                                                               1
Orchard/field opposite church                                                  2
Glassthorpe Lane                                                               3
Spencers Field                                                                 1
Public footpaths                                                               1
Field behind the Old School                                                    1
Top of School Lane                                                             4
Area behind houses on Upper High Street                                        1
Area between village and Duston                                                3
Green belt around the village                                                  6
All areas of open land within the village must be protected in order to
preserve the character of the village. Dense building and infill must be
avoided                                                                       2
Eastern edge of village                                                       2
Agricultural land either sides in Glassthorpe Lane past Briscoe Farm to top
farm up the hill                                                              1
Callowell Hill and surrounding countryside                                    4
Walks around the village                                                      1
behind Turnpike                                                               2
 Larkhall Lane                                                                6
Park land around the village                                                  1
Green gap between village and Sandy Lane                                      2
The fields where people walk dogs and surrounding fields                      1
The ridge between Riding Hill and sandy lane Callowell                        1
Area between Larkhall Lane and Nobottle Rd                                    1
Slopes above Larkhall Lane and Glassthorpe Lane                               1
Land between Sandy lane and Playing Fields                                    3
Area between Harpole and Sandy Lane                                           3
Area between Sandy Lane and Ring Road                                         2
Land along Sandy Lane to playing field and across behind bowling club         1
Fields opposite Sandy lane                                                    1
Green in Garners Way                                                          1
Behind bungalows in Garners Way                                               1
Behind Southview and Sandy lane, on harpole side of Sandy Lane                2
Important that Harpole keeps its identity/remain as a village                 5
The park and its environment                                                  1
Walks to the west of village and landscape                                    1
All land west of the road to N'ton                                            1
In the older parts of the village and where new buildings would destroy
footpaths and bridleways                                                      1
To the North of the village                                                   1
All open land but with exception made for individual houses or development
of barns                                                                      1
Some open land in conservation araes is not suitable for building             1
London Road                                                                   1
All the parish should be protected from large scale development               1
Summer house                                                                  1
All fields inbetween Callowell, Summer house, and Covert                      1
Between Glassthorpe Lane and A4500                                            1
Top of Road Hill                                                              2
Brington Road                                                                 1
The orchard by Spencers House in High Street                                 2
The orchard opposite church greens and building                              1
Scarecrow Park                                                               1
Land behind houses in High street,Park Lane and Hall Close                   1
Parkland end of Park Lane                                                    1
 Knights Close, Callowell                                                    2
Bowls club                                                                   1
Callowell Hall - beauty spot                                                 1
No expansion of existing social housing site                                 1
Use back of allotments so money goes to village                              1
N'ton Road near Turnpike                                                     1
Rear of Turnpike                                                             1
Riding Hill                                                                  1
Harpole corner                                                               1
Land between south view and N'ton Borough boundary                           1
Flood plains                                                                 1
Between existing houses East towarsd Uptpn and Duston                        1
Any large development should have no link road to village thus keeping
village separate                                                             1
The "old" green belt (between Upton developments and Harpole)                1
All areas except infill to present boundaries                                1
Coverts/wookell(?)                                                           2
Churches Farm area to Harpole covert                                         1
The Covers                                                                   1
Bowls club                                                                   2
Village greens                                                               4
Conservation areas                                                           1
Upper High Street onwards                                                    1
Filelds at bottom of Park lane                                               3
Land at rear of Hall Close                                                   2
Land from Princess Marina site down to Kislingbury RAB                       1

High Street to Strawberry Fields, and farmland opposite Strawberry Fields    1
Yes, if for more than one house….                                            1
Northampton Road fields                                                      1
Top of village "Norwood"                                                     2
Area by new housing development                                              1
Garners Way                                                                  1
Fields surrounding front and rear of homes in my area (no area/post code
given)                                                                       1

D 18. Which surgery are you registered with (note: we estimate that thousands of miles may be travelled each year to colle
Weedon Surgery                             78             16.84665
Bugbrooke Surgery                         249              53.7797
Camp Hill                                    3
Hunsbury surgery                             2
Withheld                                     3
Greens Norton                                1
Harlestone Rd                              16             3.455724
Langham Place                                4
Leicester Terrace, N'ton                     6
Duston Medical Centre                      57             12.31102
Berrywood Rd, Duston                         3
Adelaide St, Northampton                     1
Leicester St, Northampton                    1
Barrack Road                                 2
Woodfield Medical centre                     1
Kingsthorpe Medical Centre                   5
The Mounts medical centre                    1
A town practice                              1
Blisworth                                    1
Northampton                                  3
The Mounts                                   1
Guilsborough                                 1
Whitefields, Camp Hill                       5
Northampton, town                            1
Long Buckby                                  1
The Crescent, Northampton                    2
Wootton Surgery                              2
Thorpelands, Abington Medical                1
Towcester                                    1
Whitefields Surgery                          1
Delapre Medical centre                       4
Southfield Road                              1
Penvale Park Medical centre                  1
Queensview                                   1
Langham Place, Northampton                   1
Park Avenue Medical centre                   1

s of miles may be travelled each year to collect prescriptions – this question is seeking a way to cut down waste, expense and pollution)?
own waste, expense and pollution)?
D 20. What form of transport do you rely on or use to get to medical facilities?
car                           407            82.05645

Volunteers                      1
medical taxi                    1
Doctors special bus             2
bike                            2
bus                            36            7.258065
bus/walk                        1
DACT                            3
Feet!                           1
Friend's/Neighbour's car        9
public transport                1
Family                          6
Motorcycle                      2
Can't drive                     1
Ambulance                       1
Car/Foot                        1
Bicycle                         4
Owen                            1
Mini bus                        2
DACT                            1
Free bus on a Tuesday           1
Private vehicle                 8
Own transport                   2
None                            1
minibus                         1

D 21. How do you obtain repeat prescriptions and medicines? If relevant, provide details below.
A relative will go to weedon for me       1
Collect from surgery                     91          23.75979
Friends/family collect from surgery
for me                                    5
By phone then collected (by car)         40          10.44386
By phone then delivered                   4
Posted to me                              9
Someone visits the surgery/picks up       2
Delivered by voluntary organisation       4
Delivered by volunteers                   5
Delivered to me                          20          5.221932
Delivered by volunteer in the village     3
Delivered from surgery                    1
Harpole delivery service                  1
N/A                                       7
Boots prescription collect service        1
By courier                                2
Practice dispensary                       1
Drive                                     5
Bus                                       3
Bus or car                                2
Collect by car                           92          24.02089
e-mail/post                               3
Ordered via internet then collection     26          6.788512
Ordered online then collected with
my own car                                9
Ordered on line and posted                1
Doctors                                   1
Delivered by NHS pharmacy                12          3.133159
Free delivery                             4
Collect from Boots chemist                8
Collect from chemist                      5
Delivered monthly                         1
Harpole Welfare for the Elderly           2
Bicycle                                   1
Monthly to my door                        1
Sainsbury's repeat prescription
service                                   4
Collect from pharmacy                     2
public transport                          1
Co-op brings them                         1
Via supermarket                           1
NHA services                              1

ovide details below.
Is health service provision for babies/young children adequate in the village

Once a month a drop in centre to see
health visitor at village hall would be helpful
- currently we have to go to Bugbrooke            1
Not aware of health service provision             1
Rural clinics and support centres are an
issue for non-driving single mums                 1
Young families have limited transport             1
No baby clinic anymore                            1
They have to travel                               1
Parents should do it - not NHS                    1
No surgery                                        1
I think any improvement can always help           1
Village surgery required                          3
You have to travel to surgery for any
provisions                                        1
Not aware of any provision                        1
Indoor sports                                     1
Mannging Watts House is available for day
care centre                                       1
A doctor would be a good asset in our
village, esp if further development               1
All of our health service is provided in
Bugbrooke                                         1
There should be a similar question for older
residents                                         1

Under each section there is space to say what would need to happen to encourage you to use them more.

Shop                             1

Pubs                             1

Old School Hall                  1

Playing Filelds                  1

Bowls Club                       1

Post Office                      2

Pubs are too expensive and
not very friendly                1

Old School Hall is too
smelly and dusty                 1

Zumba                            1

Too many noisy foul
mouthed children.
Teenagers HD boys and
graffiting                       1
rage you to use them more.
E 29. For what do you currently use the Playing Field?

N/A as disabled                                            1

Car boot sales                                             63   16.19537
Brownies                                                    2
Sports Day                                                  3
PE                                                          2
Play equipment/play area                                   95   24.42159
meeting friends/socialising                                16   4.113111
children playing/entertainment                             45   11.56812
climbing trees                                              1
Space to run around                                         1
Village events                                              2
To watch sports games occasionally                          6
Football                                                   19   4.884319
Junior football                                             3
Junior rugby practice                                       1
Running and jogging                                         5
During summer to play tennis                                3
Football field for ball games                               4
Catering and playing field meetings, and displays           1
Leisure/recreation/exercise                                12   3.084833
Sport/keep fit                                              3
Walking                                                    11   2.827763
Bike riding (but there are no jumps)                        3
Watch football team                                        10   2.570694
Rugby practice                                              1
Rose day                                                    3
Garden/village fetes                                        5
Depends on time of year and weather use varies from
a lot during summer months to occasionaly in the
winter.                                                     1
Social events                                               1
School events                                               1
To watch the grass grow                                     1
Playing ball games                                          1
Rose Queen fete and other fundraising                       1
A short cut                                                 2
To attend meetings                                          2
Picnics                                                     6
Occasions like firework displays                            1
Committee/attend meetings                                   2
Bonfire night                                               1
My work as a nursery nurse                                  1
Walking                                                    11
Watching birds                                              1
Village events                                              5
Play rangers                                                1
Enjoying view                                               1
A walk around                                               2
Boys Brigade summer session/usage                           2
Parking facility when empty for visiting allotments, car
boot sales and festivals                                   1
drinking/meetings                                          1
Tennis courts/playing tennis   20    5.141388
exercise                        1
Park                            1

E 30. What else would you like to see in the Playing Field

N/A as disabled                                          1
N/A as don't socialise                                   1
Area for teenagers and older children                    4
Fenced play equipment                                    1
Better provision for youth club to be open more,
and wider range of activities                            2
More activities for young children                       2
More for older children                                  2
More organised events                                    1
Play equipment designed for under 5 yr olds              1
Sandpit                                                  1
Monkey bars                                              1
Fireman's pole                                           1
Zip wire                                                 2
A kid's football area with a net fence like a tennis
court                                                    1
Ball court                                               1
A larger multi-purpose community centre for sports
pavillion/youth club                                     4
Fitness equipment for adults                             1
Indoor sports hall                                       1
Seating (sheltered)                                      4
New/improved pavillion                                   5
Pavillion to provide facilities for all - not just
footballers                                              1
Smarter/new pavillion                                    2
Flood lights for sports                                  1
Sun shelters                                             1
Community Hall (similar size to Bugbrooke's)
More trees                                               1
Bike jumps                                               3
Rugby and hockey                                         2
Facilities are very good                                 1
Toilets open daily in summer months                      3
Toilets                                                  8
Disabled toilets                                         1
Rugby posts                                              3
More disabled friendly swings                            1
Coffee shop                                              1
Cricket club                                             1
Running track                                            1
Protected from developers                                1
Lighting/cameras (to deter nuisance youths)              4
BMX ramp/track                                           6
Skate boarding/ramps                                    11
Nothing - like it as it is                               2
Better car park                                          1
Village hall or day centre                               1
Café /with toilets open all day                          2
Wall to kick a ball against                              1
Basket ball hoop                                         1
Shelter for teenagers                                    4
Large shelter                                            1
CCtv as burn down swings and spoil going over
there                                                     1
Less football because of foul language                    1
More security - fed up with yobs in garden                1
Anything will get vandalised                              1
Picnic tables                                             3
More seating/shaded seating                               4
Bigger hall                                               1
Less vandalism                                            1
Childrens all-weather surface                             1
Expansion of playing fields for rugby pitches             1
Hockey pitches                                            1
Hard area for roller skates                               1
Tennis lessons                                            1
Tennis courts                                             1
More regular play rangers                                 1
Little room for anything else                             1
Less play equipment around the tennis court               1
Nice view                                                 1
provision of dog pen exercise area, or allow dogs
access on leads                                           1
We are discussing bike ramps                              1
Shop/café                                                 1
New car park and pavillion with tennis courts on
allotments                                                1
Revamp of tennis courts                                   1
Better training lights/flood lighting for winter nights   2
Jumps for older kids                                      1
Bigger/better car park                                    3
More effective use during scarecrow weekend               1
Bigger selection of climbing frames                       1
More playing equipment                                    3
More space, expansion to next field                       1
Adequate monitoring of the facilities i.e re vandals
etc                                                       1

A wild area for butterflies and insects, nettles etc      1
Complete fencing for safety                               1
Housing for homeless                                      1
Astro pitch                                               1
New village hall                                          2
A Tuc shop in the summer                                  1
More seats on soccer field                                1
Trees                                                     1
New club house                                            1
Improved football club                                    1
People enjoying themselves                                1
More things you can in as a group e.g. basket
swing covered area with a friendly policeman to
scare off smokers!                                        1
Secure quality children's playground with rubber
floor                                                     1
Changing rooms desperately need updating.                 1

Soft tarmac area would be good around basketball          1
Social events with a marquee for adults                   1
Shaded area for young children on hot days          1
Gym or pool                                         1
More defined area for different purposes -
sometimes there is no place for walking when a
match is on.                                        1
Locked security gates                               1

A compulsory parking area for school (extend
parking area opposite school) plus zebra crossing   2
Gravel running track around edge                    1
Fitness area with lighting                          1
Fruit trees                                         1
More parking                                        2
Outsde drinks vending machine                       1
More bins                                           1
Rain shelter                                        1
E 32. What further activities would you like to see made available to young people?

None                                                   3
Ask them                                               1
Not known                                              1
Film nights                                            1
Barbeques monthly at playing field                     1
A larger youth club with more facilities for youths
e.g. pool table                                        7
A permanent youth club - not once a week               2
Teenage youth club                                     3
Youth club open more often                             1
More things to do (& during school holidays)           4
After school activities                                1
More team activities                                   1
Clubs                                                  2
Indoor sports facilities
Organised sports/clubs                                 3
Sports training                                        1
Football club for younger children                     1
Flood lights so kids can play out when dark in
playing fields                                         1
Scout group                                            1
Rugby and hockey                                       2
Drama and singing lessons                              1
Indoor badminton court                                 1
More clubs                                             1

More classes i.e. Zumba, cookery, carft, art, yoga     1
Adventure bike                                         1
Bike park and tracks                                   1
A place for skate boarding/skate park                  2
Needs to be discussed                                  1
Provision for older teenagers                          3
Play rangers in the summer again please                1
Anything that gets them off the street                 1
Youth club to open more often on week and to
hold events                                            1
Playing field has activities for all age groups        1
Rainbow/Brownie club                                   2
More appropriate facilities for different ages and
more entertainment                                     1
Scout group                                            1
More organised activities like the council did this
summer                                                 1
More involvemnt by youngsters in existing groups       1
More specific leaerning opportunities, like
accredited DJ classes etc                              1
Tennis coaching                                        2
Tennis courts                                          1
Music                                                  2
Singing                                                1
Family fun days, e.g. it’s a knock out and sports
initiatives                                            1
Youth club for yonger age group                        1
Need constructive activities to engage the older
youths                                               1
Poole table                                          2
Use youth club as a drop in centre for youths        1
More activities e.g. cubs, scouts and guides
Variety for all ages                                 1
Community-centered project to help grow respect
for their village                                    1
D of E open to more                                  1
Self-defence classes                                 1
More summer events e.g. rounders                     1
Taster sessions for leisure activities               1
Litter picking                                       1

There is plenty of activity between 9pm and 2am      1
Adequately pampered already                          1
Skate and cycle ramps                                2
Better bus service                                   1
Fitness classes                                      1
BMX track/ skate board ramp                          6

Country walks - teach young people about nature      1
Model building                                       1
Plane flying                                         1
Canoe interests or boat building                     1
More sports i.e Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, 5 a side
pitch                                                1
More activities locally in school holidays           1
A bike trail                                         1
Golf                                                 1
Young Farmers                                        1
Entrepreneur Club                                    1
Cooking club                                         1
Music club                                           1
Cricket club                                         1
Disco                                                1
Dance classes                                        2
Employment in N'ton                                  1
Team building clubs                                  1

Youths don't use youth clubs and palying fields      1
More surestart services for babies/toddlers          1
Opportunities for work experience                    1
Library                                              1
Parent and toddler groups                            1
Poker club                                           1

E 33. What day or evening classes would interest you if they were held in the parish?

None                                            11
Any                                              1
childrens' exercise class,                       1
diet class                                       1
adult exercise class                             3
any day or evening (I think question
misunderstood)                                   1
Beauty classes                                   1
I get home too late from work                    1
General DIY                                      1
Art/drawing and crafts                          20
Sculpture                                        1
Water colour painting                            1
Upholstery                                       1
Cooking                                          9
cake making/decorating                           1
Keep fit classes in the day/not specified       17
Weight watchers/slimming world                   1
Keep fit in the evenings                         2
arts, photography, painting                      8
Camera club                                      1
music                                            3
languages                                       16
English                                          1
ICT                                             17
Computers for the elderly                        2
Karate                                           1
Bridge                                           3
Amateur dramatics                                2
Zumba                                           14
Needs to be discussed                            1
Ballroom dancing                                 2
Dance                                           13
Aerobics                                         1
yoga                                             5
Basic maths, English etc                         1
sewing                                           1
meditation                                       1
pilates                                          2
cake decorating                                  1
Gardening                                        1
Beginners art                                    2
Stained glass manufacture                        1
Cooking demos                                    1
Educational                                      1
Slimming                                         1
Homework clubs                                   1
Drama                                            2
Swimming club                                    3
chess                                            2
archery                                          1
authors group                                    1
ballroom/latin dancing                           6
Debating                                         1
Young WI                                       1
Kids tennis lessons                            1
Badminton                                      2
Singing group                                  1
Line dancing                                   3
Setting up your own business                   1
Setting up a website                           1
Mechanics                                      1
Book club/reading group                        3
Bread making                                   1
Self-defence                                   1
Harpole rugby club                             1
Sport/boot camp                                1
A levels for adults/FE                         1
Sign language                                  2
Dog training, heel work to music               1
Historical lectures                            1
Music recitals                                 1
Antique furniture restoration                  1
Pilates                                        3
Anything practical                             1
Balance between recreational and
educational                                    1
Tea dances                                     1
Model building                                 1
Plane flying                                   1
canoe interests                                1
Boat building                                  1
Local history                                  1
Martial Arts                                   2
Photogrpahy                                    1

After school sports e.g. Karate, gymnastics,
or mini tots activities during the day         1
Dog training, heel work to music               2
Tai-Chi                                        1
Pottery                                        1
Internet/on-line classes such as
photography, cookery, creative arts            1
FE                                             1
Running club                                   1
Mother and baby activities                     2
Evening badminton                              1
There is already quite a lot going on in the
village (no mention in this survey)            1
E 34. What new sports/ leisure activities would you like to see in the parish, and in what capacity could you assist

None                                                  13
A book club - with others I could help to run it.      1
dance club                                             4
Country dancing                                        1
basketball court                                       1
Hockey with a trained umpire                           1
Kid's cricket club, or rounders                        1
A new community centre with sports hall/area for
badmington court                                       1
New village hall with function room                    1
Suitable hall for high rackets sports
Leisure Centre                                         1
five-aside pitch
Evening/weekend badmington                             2
Cookery and bridge                                     1
Netball courts                                         1
Running track                                          1
Mountain bike paths                                    1
BMX                                                    1
A carry on from the schools (we could not assist
as we work)                                            1
Badminton court and a sprung village floor for
sports facilities                                      1
Sports hall for indoor training/games                  1
Badminton                                              2
Squash                                                 1
cycling/jogging paths                                  1
anything for over 50s                                  1
young boys football and cricket teams                  1
More active boys brigade and scouts group              1
Local football for under nines                         1
Swimming Pool                                          5
Skate park                                             2
Theme Park                                             1
Have started a small ladies singing group              1
Village Hall sports Centre                             1
Football stand                                         1
Bridge Club                                            1
New tennis courts - tennis club could help with
fund raising                                           1
Zumba                                                  3
Salsa classes                                          1
Over 60's club                                         1
Tai-Chi                                                1
Return of a cricket team                               1
Sports teams for adults e.g. netball                   1
All weather football pitch would help with fund
raising                                                1
Circuit class (would like to set up a jogging club)    1
Jumps                                                  1
Boot camp fitness                                      1
Pocket park/managed countryside with open
access (I could assist with set up and
maintenance)                                           1
Horse riding - I could lead inexperienced riders   3
Gym                                                1
Cycle club                                         1
Reading for the blind/partially sighted            1
Ultimate Frisbee team (son could coach)            1
Small museum for artifacts found by CLASP and
heritage group                                     1
Pilates                                            1
Barbeque for village people                        1
More local cricket                                 1
I would run and organise off-road motorcycle
events for disabled children                       1
Dog park                                           1
Equipment in field                                 1
Evening groups                                     1
Drama society                                      1
Social events                                      1
Music                                              1
nd in what capacity could you assist
F 36
What would encourage you to use the network of public footpaths more?

If footpaths were used regularly they would not need clearing    1
Path from my house (Sandy Lane) to the village                   1

Kissing gates are a real problem for prams/young children,
especially the one between High Stt and Carrs Way                1
Swifter reinstatement after cultivations by land owners          1
Path up Sandy Lane to give access to village and playing field   1
We have sufficient footpaths                                     1
Better quality/clear/repaired footpaths                          2
Reduced dog mess                                                 6
Stop dog owners letting their dogs "sh*t" everywhere             1
If I had a greater interest in walking                           1
Shorter walks                                                    1
Farmers to keep them better signed, and clear                    1
Footpaths required top of Larkhall Lane and School lane          1
Disabled access provided by Council                              1
A local maps of walks and up to the covert - and then
where?? I've no idea where it goes                               1
Signposted walks                                                 1
Allow dogs off lead if well behaved                              1
Contact HMP services and get prisoners to clear up
footpaths, waterways, graffitti etc                              1
Too overgrown                                                    1
Needs to be lit                                                  1
Walking groups                                                   1
Clearly marked cycle paths                                       1
More mobility                                                    1
Less restrictions on field adjoining Old School Hall             1
Not being so set in my ways                                      1
Some gates are locked even though a bridleway (with barbed
wire)                                                            1
More bridle/cycle paths with accessible gates                    1
Enjoyed for 40 years as they are                                 1
Make paths less muddy                                            1
Parked cars to be kept off paths                                 2
Safer footpaths around area of covers and path leading to
Nobottle which is also used for farm access, can be
dangerous when harvesting etc.                                   1
A new back and legs!                                             1
More bridleways so that jockeys can ride their horses off
roads (to prevent them leaving excrement in the street)          1
Publicly displayed maps of rights of way in the parish and
repairs to gates and stiles                                      1
Time                                                             1
Dropped kerbs for mobility scooters                              1
Decent sign posts                                                1
Footpath through Knights Close dangerous and impassable in
winter. Fenced in so can't be used.                              1
Maps to see where paths are                                      1
Acceptable pavements/better surfaces                             3
Larkhall lane should have pathway to junction with Sandy
Lane and pathway should continue right to the A45 Weedon
Road                                                             1
Easier access
More jitties
Ensure safety from cattle                                         1
Nice if what remains of "pony field" could be cultivated into a
wild flower meadow                                                1
Definitely need clearer signs when using footpaths across
country                                                           1
Nearby field walks signed                                         1
Promote walking groups and competitions                           1
Only necessary for people who don't live in village               1
As disabled need wheelchair/scooter access                        1
Kissinggates are no good for people in wheel chairs/with push
chairs                                                            2
Areas where dogs can be walked i.e. no farm animals or
restrictions                                                      1
Farmers not toplough across footpaths and bridleways              1
Kissing gates are a good idea but not practical - even when
walking the dog they are difficult, so not only those with
mobility problems who find them difficult.                        1
Street lighting                                                   1
Is there a volunteer group could joing to help clear overgrown
footpaths?                                                        1
Parking facilities close to footpaths                             1
Bus shelters need modernising or replacing to make walking
more pleasant within the village                                  1
F 37
Are there any environmental projects you would like to see developed in the parish

Centre road bollards to stop cars turning right                       1
Traffic lights                                                        1
RAB at Harpole turn                                                   1
Most children should be able to walk to the school and not be
taken by car                                                          1
Parking at school causes a problem with traffic                       1
pocket park                                                           2
If car park was improved at Play fields, it would also help at drop
off and pick up school times                                          2
Wild flower areas onlarger areas of grass and small copse
planting - hazel or similar                                           1
School parking addressed urgently                                     2
Parking bays put in at social housing in Larkhall Lane - it si
nightmare parking during school football and car boot days.           1
More consideration given by parents picking up and dropping off
for pedestrians and cars                                              1
New roads                                                             1
More playing field equipment                                          1
A green waste area at allotments will stop the need for fires         1
Parking outside school often delays bus service                       1
The planting of trees and shrubs the length of southview              1
Nature area                                                           1
Seating to be connected with paths                                    1
Make the village a Holly Hox village - enhance existing plants
around the village                                                    1
Replacement of bus shelter nr parish church currently in
disgraceful condition                                                 1
Better paths for wheelchairs                                          1
Better parking control in High St and Nursery Manor Close, also
School Lane but not yellow lines                                      2
Parked cars in High Street
I very much enjoy seeing all the daffodils in the Spring              1
Cleaning of hedgerows and ditches by village action groups            1
Extra burial ground needed                                            1

More people walking their children to school rather than driving      1
Public seating is too low to get on and off                           1
A green waste area at allotments will stop the need for fires         1
Real fish and chip shop, community owned                              1
More trees, especially along three entrances to the villages          1
A wild flower meadow                                                  1
Schools and parking very inadequate                                   2
If you can't walk to the primary school, you cannot attend            1
More dog bins in the actual village as well as at entrances and
exits to footpaths                                                    2
Too many cars in Larkhall at school times - makes buses very
late                                                                  1
A communal orchard so villagers can harvest fruit, poss in
playing fields or nr water reservoir                                  1
Upkeep of original seating as well                                    1
Need a post office                                                    1
Better recycling publicity                                            1
Ban on bonfires on allotment field                                    1
Provide a footpath on Sandy lane                                     1
Where bulbs etc are planted, keeping the hedgrows and verges
trimmed at the correct time of year to allow flowers to be seen at
best advantages                                                      1
F 38
Please indicate any of the following facilities you would support being
built locally to serve the parish
Post Office                                    1
Hydro electric using river by Old Mill         1
More info required before commitment           1
Not opppsed to developments as long
as sited with minimum impact on
village life                                   1
Definitely no to any                           1
Provide green waste skip for garden
rubbish (prevent bonfire smoke)                 1
Some domestic waste could be
recycled locally (green waste)                 1
Renewable energy solutions should
be carefully considered and best
suited to small scale developments on
individual properties.                         1

Bore holes to assist the farmers,
allotment holders and water gardens          1
A Bed and Breakfast                          1
Small country hotel and spa                  1
Local small scale hydro-power that the
….systems could provide as in New
Zealand                                      1
Improved paths make it less
dangerous for walking                        1
F42                                                               %
Is there a problem with vehicles speeding in the Parish

 Manor Close                                                16   2.903811
Garners Way                                                 27   4.900181
In the car park in Garners Way                               1
High Street                                                126   22.86751
High Street into Larkhall Lane - blind bends                 1
Buses speeding in Larkhall Lane and High Street              2
On the bus route                                             1
Lower High Street                                            4
Upper High Street                                           35   6.352087
Entering and leading Upper High Street                       2
Side roads                                                   1
Carrs Way                                                   46   8.348457
Larkhall Lane                                              131   23.77495
Larkhall Lane pub to flag pole                               1
Glassthorpe Lane                                             5
Road Hill                                                   11    1.99637
Nobottle Road                                                2
Northampton Road                                            23   4.174229
High St - parking restrictions                               1
Sandy Lane                                                  34   6.170599
School Lane                                                 12   2.177858
The whole village/ all roads                                17   3.085299
All roads out of village                                     1
High Street, adjacent to antiques shop                       5
Antique shop corner                                          2
By/outside the school                                        2
From food shop on High Steet down past Bull to Turnpike      2
Up Glassthorpe Lane into country path                        2
Along Glassthorpe Lane                                       1
2 High Street                                                1
A45 entrance                                                 4
From the church to the park                                  1
From the Bull up to the shop in Hight Street                 2
Main Road through village                                    7
Leaving and entering the village                             1
Coming down Hill Road - very dangerous corner into Upper
High Street                                                 1
A4500                                                       2
Playing fields area                                         2
Northampton Road                                            1
South View End                                              1
On roads that have just been smoothed out                   1
Tractors speeding in High st at certain times of years
(considering weight being carried)                          1
Southview service road                                      1
Main A45, South View                                        1
Make village a 20 mph zone?                                 1
Shop/Church Road                                            1
Corner of Church Farm                                       1
On bend approaching OAP bungalows                           1
Through the village                                         1
It always needs attention onroads                           1
Depends where you live                                      1
The cars parked on roads slow traffic naturally    1
The bus sometimes takes up all the road            1
Mount Pleasant                                     1

F50 Recycling - If no what do you need?

Weekly recycling                                           5
recycle food waste                                         2
Compost - common in other areas                            1
Composting hubs                                            1
Food waste collection                                      2
More plastic recycling needed                              1
Tetra-pak cartons recycling                                4
A food recycling weekly facility would be good             1
Bigger boxes needed (always overflowing)                   5
Bigger bins of all varieties                               2
More collections especially in the summer months           4
More green bin collections                                 1
Weekly black bin collections (esp in summer)              10
More collections needed (weekly - both green and
black)                                                    17
poor environmental recycling facililties at all centres    1
More bins needed and larger regular collections            1
Larger green bin for garden waste                          1
Should be more like MK recycling - 1 bag holds
most types of recycling, to be sorted off site            1
Plastic bag recycling                                     2
Glass bottle recycling                                    1
More recycling boxes and more frequent box
collections (every week)                                  2
Green bin size not adequate in the summer                 1
Emptied bins located on grass verge village edge
as in France                                              1
Compostable waste to be collected                         1
Dog faeces bins                                           1
Bottle bank                                               1
Green waste at allotments                                 1
We put plastic bowl out which they would not take         1
Local centres/skips                                       1
Why separate waste when can be collected
together?                                                 1
Clear guidelines                                          1
Large white goods collections                             1
Termination of crack-pot schemes                          1
Recycling bins in village                                 1
More recycling centres                                    1
Recycling needs more publicity                            1

F51 Are you satisfied with the refuse-collection system - if not, why?

A food recycling weekly facility would be good          2
1 collection per two weeks is not enough                2
Insufficient capacity for a family of 4                 2
Green bin smells                                        1
Black and green refuse bin collections should be
weekly                                                 27
Both bins should be emptied weekly in summer
months                                                  3
Weekly black bin collection needed to avoid
maggots (particularly in summer)                       18
Want black bins to be emptied weekly                   19

Bins not big enough                                     2
Green box too small                                     1
Separate glass and tins                                 1
People with families are not given a larger black
bin unless they pay and find it harder to go 2
weeks before emptying                                   1
Too long between collections                            4
Bigger second bins                                      1
Inadequate                                              1
Poor containers and 2-weekly collection scheme
unhealthy in warm climate                               1
Cease recycling and return to weekly rubbish
collections                                             1
Can buy paper bags from the council, but we pay
enough council tax                                      1
G52 Do you think the current bus-service is adequate , if not why ?

Need more buses                                     5
Yes, but would like to see buses running later      1
Yes, but I use a car so not sure what service
is like now.                                        1
Unsure as do not use                                4
Not requent enough - many dependent
villagers                                          20
Too expensive                                       3
Not accessible for disabled                         1
Finish too early                                    2
Always late                                         1
Not a full service                                  1
Wrong times                                         2
Don't use bus as quick journey takes far too
long                                                1
Bus service is very good                            1
It takes too long                                   1
No Sunday service                                   1
A bus to MK a few times a week would be
good                                                1
Need later buses                                    6
Too expensive                                       1
Bus times vary too much                             1
Too irregular/unreliable                           13
Could come every 30 minutes                         1
Buses still run the same route to N'ton             1
Need an earlier bus to arrive in N'ton at 8am
and a bus on a Sunday                               1
No bus service on Sunday                            1
More after 6pm/later in evening                     4
Buses not arriving some morning                     1
Misses Harople out often                            1
Buses are full up when they get here                1
No service to Duston                                1
If bus full as Kis, then it doesn't bother to
come to Harpole                                     1
One every 30 mins in morning/work times             1
Is there a bus service?
It does not go straight to town but goes all
round other places                                  1
To enough to make a viable alternative to car -
particularly early morning                          1
Rubbish in evening and Sundays - great
otherwise                                           1
Restrictive                                         1
Too few buses and need to go via Duston             1

Can no longer get to work by bus from village       1
Morning bus times could be better                   2
When Duston Gps move access to surgeries
without a car could eb difficult                    1
Can't get into town at weekends or late
evening                                             1
Time taken to get to N'ton                          1
A southern route via Towcestetr to MK is
Overcrowding on the early buses                1
Just about!                                    1
Not enough buses through the village           1
No good for short trips into town              1
No cross village routes                        1
Regular direct bus link yo village centre
required                                       1
If bus is late, it doesn't bother to come to
Harpole and goes straight to Northampton       1
Would like a buus back through Duston          1
G54 If you feel that parking on the street is a problem in the village, where?

Upper High Street                                            60            11.45038
Upper High Street, top end                                    2
Upper High street/junction with Garners Way                   1
Upper High Street (just before Grange Farm and bend)          3
Garners Way                                                  31            5.916031
Larkhall Lane                                                44            8.396947
Larkhall lane/Carrs Way junction                              2
High Street                                                  98            18.70229
High Street (by bus stop)                                     1
High Street (on bends)                                        7
High Street North, resedential parking                        1
High Street from Old Blacksmiths to church (weekends
to Upper High Street)                                         1
High Street between jetty and church                          1
High Street nr the Green                                      1
Between the Green and the church (outside shop)               1
High Street between Glassthorpe Lane and church               2
Main street and some narrow streets                           1
Side roads                                                    1
On bends in main through roads                                1
Carrs Way (many saying bottom end)                           28            5.343511
Council House end of Carrs Way                                1
Carrs Way junction with N'ton Road                            1
Playing field                                                 1
Close to bus stops                                            1
Outside school (and at drop-off and pick up times)           51            9.732824
Outside the nursery                                           1
Carrs Way/N'ton Rd junction                                   2
Carrs Way/Shepherds Walk junc                                 1
Parking across footpath in Shepherd's walk                    1
Shepherds Walk                                                1
Mount Pleasant                                               11            2.099237
High St corner (near antique shop and village shop)          40            7.633588
High Street opposite/by antiques shop                        11            2.099237
High street, near bend, near shop                             7
Below Churches farm from Road Hill into village               1
Outside village hall                                          1
Main road bends                                               1
Outside Harpole store                                         1
Top Green                                                     1
Chester Ave                                                  11            2.099237
By church and shop                                            3
Outside the Baptist church                                    1
Upper High Street up to/corner with Churches Farm             2
Near shop from Glassthorpe Lane onwards                       4
Near entrance to Glassthorpe Lane                             1
Glassthorpe Lane                                              5
School Lane                                                  10            1.908397
The bend before Strawberry Fields                             1
Everywhere/all around                                        22            4.198473
All roads at evenings and weekend                             1
The school                                                    1
Green tree green (?)                                          1
When football matches played (parking on pathways)            2
Parking on pavements                                         1
Parts of the village are down to single lane roads after
about 6pm                                                    1
Outside houses on left hand side before approaching
Road Hill                                                    1
Road Hill near the Farm                                      1
Outside Old School Hall                                      5
Manor Close                                                 13    2.480916
Emergency services occasionally restricted                   1
Sothview football fans park coach here, difficult to park    1
Between Lower Green, left side, and church                   2
Park Lane to church                                          1
Locations where off street parking has been installed
at cost to owners, to reduce parking - others use roads
outside houses at no cost                                    1
If you walk through village after 6pm, see how many
cars are on the path                                         1
Narrow roads such as Cory Gardens                            4
Turning from Cory Gardens onto High Street on the left
- cars block view                                            1
Orchard Way
Opposite the Bull now it has a take away                     1
Northampton Road - not enough lay by room. Houses
need drive access to be created by housing
association                                                  2

G55 Street lighting -If not, where does it need improving?

Dark in lots of areas/everwhere                              10
Alley way in Manor Close                                      1
Alley ways                                                    2
Between Larkhall and Manor Lane                               1
Junction of Larkhill Road and High Street                     1
Larkhall Lane/sandy lane junction                             1
Playing field                                                 1
Orchard Way                                                   1
Footpath Carrs Way into High St                               1
Glassthorpe Lane                                              9
Glassthorpe Lane between High Street and Hall Close           1
Satisfied if lights left on                                   1
Not always good, but appreciate it's a cost issue             1

School Lane from corner by All Saints Church to OSH          2
Larkhall Lane nr school                                      3
Street area outside the church                               1
School Lane                                                  5
Church end of School Lane                                    1
Upper High Street                                            3
High Street                                                  1
High street by antiques shop                                 1
Chester Avenue                                               1
Garners Way                                                  3
All entrances to village                                     1
Walking to Kislingbury                                       1
Duck, Park and School Lanes                                  1
Duck Lane                                                    1
Very dark at night, esp around High st                       2
It could be reduced to save money                            1
At very bottom of Park Lane                                  1
Round the church                                             1
Bottom of Garners way                                        1
It’s a village, leave well alone                             1
Larkhall Lane                                                2
Youth Alley's Club                                           1
Park Lane
The strecth by Green's Farm - very dark                      1
Could reduce lighting afte late hour to save money -
use of timers?                                               2
Remove it - is uses energy and obscures the night
sky                                                          1
Old School Hall, nr bowls club                               1
From church to the Old School Hall                           1
Manor Close - no lights working                              2
Energy wasted                                                1
Sothview - we have none                                      1
Street lights could be turned off at midnight, leaving
them on at junctions                                         1
You could eliminate some to save energy/reduce
costs                                                        1
Cutting down street lights in village is a hazard            1
Harpole Hill - both lanes out of village
Carrs Way                                                    2
A45 Kis turn to Harpole                             1
Too many lights in Cory Gardens and new
development                                         1
Switch off by council                               1
Could be brighter                                   1
Overlit - bottom of footpath out into Manor Close   1
Please measure lux level along all paths and have
target. Use for evening runs and current areas
dangerous.                                          1
Lights broken at Turnpike                           1
Not enoughlights at garage and nursery              1
Need more lights at T junctions                     1
G57 Village roads - If not, where are the problems?

All roads                                             15
Everywhere, but as work on them is in progress
they may get better.                                  4
Some potholes are being recitified at this
moment e.g. Larkhall Lane                              4
Many potholes                                          5
Potholes not mended quickly enough                     1
Potholes that reappear every winter                    1
Everywhere                                            12
Dangerous footpaths                                    1
Patches throughout                                     2
Water laying on footpaths, Carrs Way, nr
garages                                                1
Upper High Street                                      5
High Street                                            7
Road Hill                                              4
Sandy Lane                                             5
Carrs way                                             10
Larkhall Lane                                         26
Starmer lane                                           1
Carrs way/N'ton Rd junction                            3
Larkhall Lane to Sandy Lane                            3
Larkhall Lane nr playing field (left hand side)        1
Larkhall Lane from school to bowls club                1
Potholes still on Larkhall Lane, top end past
school and kerbside by Green                          3
Garners Way and footpath from Larkhall Way to
the Day Nursery, very uneven                           1
Garners way (& very holey nr nos. 7+)                  9
Garners Way                                            4
Mount Pleasant                                         1
Pavements on Garners way                               1
Potholes take a long time to be repaired               1
Any worse and it would become a problem                1
It depends how much more will be resurfaced            1
Larkhall Lane beyond Primary School                    3
By jitty onLarkhall Lane by live pub                   1
Many Potholes/potholes on most roads                  16
Potholes and poor pavements all over village           3
Edge of playing field side, opposite school            1
By antique shop                                        2
Most side roads                                        2
Falling to bits                                        1
Glassthorpe Lane                                      10
Live and Let Live pub                                  1
Problem spots now being sorted                         1
School Lane by Church                                  3
School Lane                                            4
Main street through village                            2
Outside Terry Hair's house is continually in need
of repair                                             1
Crumbling edges and potholes around the whole
village - except Park lane - how did they get a
new roada few years ago with poss the least
amount of traffic on it?                           1
Manor Close                                       16
Number of issues which could do with attention     1
Dirty                                              1
Lack of regular maintenance                        1
many roads only patched, so potholes will form
at joins                                          1
South View                                        3
Opposite South View, footpath from bus top to
RAB overgrown, couldn't get wheel chair
through                                           1
South view service road                           1
The Molts                                         3
Every road and kerb in Larkhall Way               1
Gravel from drives onto paths and roadways        1
Need resurface, not repair                        1
Junction of School Lane and ….                    1
Time to repair                                    1
Road edge opposite allotment field                2
Road near the school                              2
Junction of N'ton Road and A45 nr Turnpike        1
Onto Nobottle Road - potholes                     1
Tackle potholes promptly                          1
G58 Village entrances and exits - If no, how would you want them improved?

There should be a RAB at Harpole turn, alleviating
the stupid need to have to travel to Kis turn to go to
Weedon.                                                  1
Improve Carrs Way entrance A45 end (from
Turnpike)                                                2
Entrance into Carrs way from High street, sharp
right hand turn past green with the other a sharp left
coming from village past green only to stop again
for Carrs Way traffic                                     1
Exit Northampton Rd to right onto A450                    2
N'ton A45, maybe traffic light controlled is safer        1
Traffic lights at Turnpike                                1
No right turn off A45 to Harpole at Beefeater             2
Dangerous exit Larkhall Lane onto Sandy Lane             24
Entrance from Sandy Lane into Larkhall Lane               6
Make junction larger at Larkhall/Sandy Lane               1
Larkhall Lane far too narrow                              1
Larkhill Lane/Sandy lane junction, remove/cut
hedge to improve visibility                              29
More warning signs on Sandy lane approaching
Larkhall Lane                                            1
Exit at Larkhall Lane, blind corner, needs blind
bend mirror                                              2
Needs SLOW sign on road repeated closer to
Larkhall/sandy lane junction                             1
Extend 30mph limit beyond Larkhall/Sandy lane
junction                                                 2
Need a filter lane at Larkhall Lane entrance             1
Turn left only at the end of Larkhall to Duston/no
right turn to Sandy Lane                                 1
Larger finger post at Larkhall lane/Sandy lane           1
Zebra crossing path up Sandy Lane to Larkhall
Lane so children can get to playing field safely.        1
RAB Harpole turn or traffic lights                       1
RAB at Turnpike                                          2
RAB by Turnpike - road has been downgraded, no
longer a trunk road, which is why RAB was built
some years back                                          1
Urgent completion of Sandy lane relief road
required                                                 1
No U-turn at Turnpike                                    2
Reconsider RAB to allow right turn out of village
onto motorway                                            1
Making the turn into 2-way entry…?                       1
Cut hedge back to give clearer view out of village to
Nobottle                                                 1
Better signage on Larkhill Lane turn
Make vision out of/into Larkhill Lane better             5
Close gap in dual carriageway by Turnpike                1
Turnpike - changed to staggered                          1
Turning right onto A45 - make this like it used to be    1
By Turnpike, cars still pull from village through
central reservation                                      1
Larkhall Lane into Sandy Lane can be dangerous
when hedges overgown                                   9
Larkhall onto Sandy Lane needs a 40/30 sign            2
Better access from Larkhall Lane into Sandy Lane
(visility)                                             2
Make Larkhall Lane wider                               2
Lighting and signs on Sandy Lane and Nobottle          1
A45 Turnpike - no U-turn would be good                 5
Turnpike entrance dangerous                            1
Right turn at Turnpike                                 1
Larkhall Lane to Sandy lane is too dangerous           3
Keeping weeds and grass cut down, and hedges           1
Better visibility Sandy Lane/Larkhall Lane             4
Pavement along Larkhall Lane to Sandy Lane
Pathway into village on Larkhall Lane                  1
Speed control measurse at sharp corner of upper
high street                                            1
Need speed calming around Grange farm and
Upper Hight street                                     1
make sure all entrances have a regular grass cut       1
Regular trimming of undergrowth to clear the view      1
RAB south entrance                                     1
Not safe enough                                        1
RAB A45 exit/entrance                                  2
Junc of N'ton Rd and A4500 desperately needs a
RAB                                                    1
Hedges cut lower                                       1
Extend 30mph limit beyond Larkhall/Sandy lane
junction                                               1
Make LarkhallLane wider with curbs                     2
The more entrances/exist the more use by non
residents                                              1
Sandy Lane exit needs widening                         1
Grass at Larkhall Lane and Road Hill exits should
be cut shorter                                         1
Better grass cutting in the summer                     1
Potholes                                               1
Larkhall Lane crowded at school time                   1
Just teach drivers how to use them                     1
Speed restrictions required                            1
Put one camera on each entry/exit road to monitor
activity                                               1
Roads need to be wider and with some lights, also a
RAB to go to Harpole                                   1
I like the more significant entrances you see
sometimes in other villages                            1
Armed security guards                                  1
More time from CC parish enhancement gangs
should be spent in village                             1
Lengthen A45 slip roads                                1
Widen Upper High Street                                1

Harpole turn can be dangerous both in crossing the
road coming inand turning left coming out especially
if buses are coming down the A45 to bus stop.          1
The new road should be completed urgently before
somebody else is killed. There are numerous
accidents at the junction of Larkhall Lane and
Sandy Lane                                         1
If no, how would you wish to see it changed?

Grit everywhere                                                                               6
More gritting needed                                                                         31
Roads and paths gritted                                                                       3
Should grit hills                                                                             2
Need more grit bins/salt                                                                     13
salt to be provided in buckets at end of roads                                                1
More gritting of minor roads needed                                                           1
Clearing pavements                                                                            1
Avoid accidents by gritting slip roads                                                        1
Don't expect villages to be a priority - A45 is more important                                1
Warning - "not to use on private drives"                                                      1
Grit main roads                                                                               4
More gritting needed on routes in and out of village                                          1
Main route through village                                                                    7
More gritting needed in village                                                               1
More salt/gritting on minor roads                                                             6
Need to grit Glassthorpe Lane                                                                 1
Need gritting at Manor Close (serving nursery) and Hill near Starwberry Field                 4
Gritting needed in Carrs Way                                                                  1
Sandy Lane                                                                                    1
Grit Larkhall Lane                                                                            1
More grit needed on bus routes and school routes                                              1
Gritters are called out too late to make a difference                                         1
School Lane/Chester Ave (receives no sunlight)                                                1
Policy to just do bus routes is wrong. Need to consider nursery, school access and
other dangerous areas                                                                        2
Side streets in villages should be gritted. We are in a dip and it's difficult to get out,
especially up the hill by Strawberry Field.                                                   2
Road Hill and Sandy lane out of village very very bad                                         4
Should grit Road Hill                                                                         2
Upper High Street and Road Hill should be gritted                                             2
Grit Harpole Hill                                                                             1
Was hard to leave village                                                                     1
Gritting needs increasing!                                                                    2
Bus routes often missed                                                                       1
Sides roads were not touched/need gritting                                                   11
Roads not always gritted and grit boxes often empty                                           1
Be prepared for snow conditions                                                               1
None of Upper High Street is gritted past the church                                          1
Advanced local storage/delivery - not wait until its too late                                 1
Grit all roads - not just bus route                                                           1
All roads need gritting not just high street                                                  2
grit lanes and cul-de-sacs                                                                    1
More gritting on bus routes needed                                                            1
Needs to be more efficient                                                                    1
Pavements need to be ice free                                                                 1
Move salt pots                                                                                1
I don't remember seeing a gritting van last year - bad weather                                1
Garners Way                                                                                   1
When it is needed - not early or late                                                         2
More rapid/earlier response                                                                   2
It would be nice to see Duck Lane gritted for the elderly                                     1
Grit Garners Way nr retirement bungalows                                                      1
Duck Lane did not get gritted                                                                 1
Would like to see them round                                                          1
Grit South view                                                                       1
Be aware                                                                              1
Must grit Sandy Lane - the bus slides backwards!                                      1
As we pay road tax and council tax we should get some priviledge as people on
main roads                                                                            1
School Lane needs extra attention                                                     1
Nobottle Road                                                                         1
The parish should have a stock of grit for when it gets real bad and volunteers can
spread it                                                                             1
Too slow                                                                              1
More planning                                                                         1
Slip road in front of Turnpike needs gritting                                         1
Lay by for the Red Lion needs gritting - extremely busy/dangerous                     1
Clearing snow from pavements should be encouraged without fear of health and
safety laws                                                                           1
G60 Adittional grit bins - If not, where would you site additional bins?

High Street                                          2
Junc High Street by Church                           2
On major street corners                              3
At more junctions                                    2
Road Hill                                            1
Chester Avenue/ corner                               2
Side roads                                           1
Sandy Lane                                           2
Sandy Lane adjacent to Norwood House as
lorries get stuck in extreme conditions              1
Regular refilling needed during bad weather          5
Grit should be for roads and paths - not
peoples' drives                                      2
Public steal the grit for private use                1
Upper High Street                                    2
Top of Garner's Way/junc with Upper High Street      3
All junctions and bends                              2
Every 300 yards                                      1
Every 200 yards on High Street                       1
Every 800 yards but positioned out of site           1
Notice to say they are needed                        1
Park Lane/top of                                     2
Top of School Lane nr the church                     2
Near Old School Hall                                 1
Should be one on every street                        1
Road junctions - high public use (OSH)               1
Natural greens                                       1
Green, open areas                                    1
Manor close (and corner)                            10
Carrs Way                                            2
Old Peoples Homes                                    1
Primary School                                       1
Old School for pre-school                            2
Position nearer school                               1
At the top/middle of most streets                    1
Orchard Way                                          2
Larger existing grit boxes                           1
Every Close                                          1
Anywhere - remove these obnoxious signs -
they are for everyone                                1
Why should we personally do this?                    1
Top of Duck Lane                                     1
South View                                           5
Top of Motts                                         2
Nr old peoples' areas                                1
Local hills and corners                              1
Old peoples' bungalows                               1
School Lane                                          8
Need regular refills in winter                       1
Busy roads in village                                1
By the farm                                          1
Garners Way (and top of)                             4
Glassthorpe Lane                                     1
Top and bottom of hill and nr school               1
Outside Old School Hall                            1
End of Cory Gardens                                2
Who is allowed to use them?                        1
End of Shepherd's walk                             1
The Bull                                           1
Empty and full of litter (nr church and Larkhall
Lane)                                              1
One nr Turnpike                                    1
Northampton Road                                   1
None seen - probably get in trouble if use
them anyway!                                       1
Layby for the Red Lion                             1
Both ends of Larkhall Lane                         1
H62 If other please specify below and how do you think communications might be improved?
Better village e-mail/website              6
Village website/electronic newsletter      4
We used to get the parish newsletter
but I haven't seen it for years now. I
rely on word of mouth. Where can we
pick one up from? (no address/post
code given)                                1
Facebook                                   1
Need a better village newsletter           2
There is very little local activity
From being on committees                   1
More use of internet                       1
Newsletter gives little detail - more
info needed                                1
Scarecrow festival communications
aren't sufficient - we received 2
newsletetrs a month apart. Need to
engage people in a timely manner.          1
Shop                                       2
A central events diary/calendar would
be useful                                  1
Mobile phone reception very poor in
areas                                      1
Harpole should have its own village
magazine linking up with neighbouring
villages                                   1
Facebook                                   1
Internet is an issue as very slow and
poor                                       1
E-mails to each family                     1
PC minutes should be put into every
newsletter                                 1
Newsletter - more info, less adverts       1

A facebook page frolocals with
community info on - to subscribe to?       1
Local shop                                 1
Local papers delivered to houses           1
Neighbours.                                1
Notice board at A4500 junction
"discreetly"                               1
People talking about village news in
the Red Lion                               1

The parish newsletter does not
promote news or activities sufficiently.
PC meetings are frequently not
reported. Do residents know of
minutes at Old School Hall?                1
s might be improved?
H63 Internet speed -If so, what would you like to see?

Not applicable                                                      1
Faster broadband                                                   65
A great improvement needed                                          3
Faster Internet working all the time                                5
Fibre connection                                                    2
Better/Fibreoptic cables                                           12
Faster broadband speeds needed for business and private use         4
Unable to work from home due to speed                               1
BT to upgrade the exchange or we all share the school's 100mb
connection                                                         1
BT to improve internet speeds                                      2
continued complaints about speed over past 3 years - now told
that fibre optoc cables will be installed by BT - hooray!          1
Larger than 7 mgb                                                  1
Need 15 mgb                                                        1
Minimum 20 mgb                                                     2
A speed faster than a snail would be nice!                         1
Cable! Up to 20 mb virgin or Easynet (I think person suggesting
this works)                                                        1
Community co-op (?)                                                1
Fibre to the cabinet/building                                      1
Speeds more than 10 mbs                                            1
8mbs would be a start!                                             1
Speed broadband much improved                                      1
The exchange updated                                               1
Cable - under road our provider couldn't fix it because they'd
need permission                                                    1
Cable                                                              1
Mobile phone connection                                            1
At least 5 mgbs added to Bt Infinity Network                       1
More broadband provision esp early evening                         1
Limited to providers - no virgin media                             1
More service providers                                             1
Upgrade to BT exchange, Kislingbury                                3
Full download speed as in town                                     1

Can we be included in the town area, so pay less for broadband     1
Better broadband infrastructure                                    1
Faster broadband to match adverrtised speeds                       1
Why only business speed is slow for all users?                     1
Need 2 megabytes                                                   1
Need at least 3 megabytes but 8 mb should be standard              1
BT should implement better broadband                               1
Stronger aerial                                                    1
Upgrade phone lines                                                1
BT to stop denying problem and install new fibre                   1
Free wifi in Harpole                                               1
Internet speed is limited by the speed of the BT landlines. This
should be improved. Also the cables being stolen twice in a
year does not help the matter                                      1
J 65 If YES, please write down the name of the road(s) affected,
 and the house number(s) closest to the location of the problem.

High Street, numbers 8-16 in the past                              1
One outside church gets blocked and backs up to our house (no.6)   1
(AnglianWater told me they can't get the lid off it to solve it)   1
Sewers for rainfall are either blocked or collapsed                1
Upper High Street                                                  1
Entrance to Mrs Sell's (?) Farm                                    1
Upper High Street                                                  1
Garners Way                                                        1
8-14 Carrs Way, regular blockages                                  1
South View - most drains blocked                                   1
Glassthorpe Lane bottom of hill at Farm                            1
House number 29 (by car park area): car park area - rain water
backs up after dry periods                                         1
Chester Ave                                                        1
The Motts bottom                                                   1
Carrs Way - 8,10, 12 & 14                                          1
Sewers are always blocked - council never unblock them             1
J66 If YES, please indicate the location

Bottom Carrs Way                                   3
The junction of Carrs Way and Northampton
Road                                               6
Occasionaly outside the Turnpike                   3
By jitty near live pub on Larkhall Lane            2
Along Larkhall Lane towards school and by
Garners Way/junction with Larkhall Lane by
school.                                            3
Larkhall Lane                                      4
Larkhall Lane, Sandy Lane end                      1
Junction Upper Hight Street/Larkhall Lane          2
Larkhall Lane                                      7
Junction Glassthorpe Lane/Hall Close               2
End of hall Close (and in T-junction)              2
Outside 26-5 Larkhall Lane                         1
High Street opposite old post office               1
High Street                                        2
Glassthorpe Lane                                   5
Bottom of Road Hill/Glassthorpe Lane               1
Larkhall Lane fom playing fields to bowls club     1
Around drains in Upper High Street                 1
Outside Church Farm                                2
Northampton Rd just before junction with A4500     1
Greens Farm on Upper High Street                   2
Larkhall Lane from allottments to primary school   1
23 Larkhall Lane                                   1
Duck Lane                                          1
Past school
Near Live at Let Live pub                          1
Side road to N'ton                                 1
South view crossing to a westly direction          1
Exit Southview                                     2
General poor road maintenance                      1
Southview traffic - turning point                  1
Close by Dutch House.                              1
Most potholes in roads                             1
26 Larkhall Lane                                   1
A45 West bound, opposite South View                1
A45 central reservation/crossing at South View     3
Corner of Manor Close and Carrs Way                2
Outside 53 High Street                             1
Outside no. 6 Shepherds walk                       1
Hall Close                                         1
Drain at end of council garage road is always
blocked and standing water                         1
No 22 Northampton Road                             1
Layby leading to the Red Lion truck stop.          1
K68 Is there anything else you would like to say?
(if it relates specifically to a section or question please indicate which one).

Dog excrement                                                                      1
Pot holes caused by water meters installation in Carrs Way                         1
Danger for wheelchair and scooter riders                                           1
More dog waste bins                                                                1
Something needs to eb done about schol traffic at 3.15pm                           1
Uniformed Police Officer would help with youths eing a nuisance at times           1
Lots of litter ends up on our front garden (no 6) but I don't see it elsewhere     1
One way traffic calming would be good outside the antique shop to provide
wider paths for kids                                                               1
Future housing needs to be limited in number (max 10% increase over 15
years)                                                                             1
No infill                                                                          1
Keep the village a village                                                         4

Character and sense of community must be preserved in Harpole (including
green spaces. This philosophy should be at the core of our village plan            1
Any development will impact the village                                            1

Very concerned about walking with children on the pavement outside the
antiques shop. Large vehicles regularly mount the pavement to pass cars
parked opposite. Plus - the pavement slopes towards the road. The speed
at which some youths drive through the village is worrying.                        1

Relating to Q E30- New community Center for the village, not necessarily in
the playing field, but in another area, maybe between Primary School and
Bowls Club on allotmant land? There is room for the allotments to be
moved backwards as at the moment there is spare land at the top where
new allotments have been made. The car park for the community centre
could serve to accommodate parents' drop off/pick up at the school as at
the moment it's very busy around the school at these times. Especially
when buses need to get through - cars parked on either side. It's an
accident waiting to happen with children nearby. I feel the community centr
needs to be on the outskirts of the village, not centrally, in order to ease
traffic flow through the village.                                                  1
More community activities should be encouraged                                     1
New people should be welcomed                                                      1
A new e-mail communication system would help                                       1
me and my friends would like some bike jumps to be built at the playing
field as we are a bit bored there as no equipment for teenagers                    1

I run a business within the village and the limitations caused by a very slow
(by todays standards) internet connection cause us all sorts of problems           1
Poor mobile reception                                                              1

I have heard that Hall Farm is to be developed. This is of great concern to
us regarding access traffic volume etc. Some info would be good.                   1
We understand that the new road is not to be completed yet. When the
relevent authority gave the right to develop this why did they not tie the
developer down to produce the infrastructure first by contract before giving
the right.                                                                         1
Drains in sandy lane need clearing and gullies in grass verge dug out and
road sweeping. It would be good to have the sandy lane relief road
completed.                                                                        1
Building more houses in nearby fields would ruin Harpole village. It is fine
how it is. It's quiet and peaceful and we want to keep it like that.              1
When is the new road going to be finished, to Lodge Farm as top of Duston
Link?                                                                             1
I think the village needs a village magazine, not just the yellow pages. It
could be quarterly and maybe sponsored. The yellow pages could be
incorporated into it as a joint venture.                                          1
Very useful survey. Stop developments, keep Harpole rural                         1
Buses travel too fast, especially by the school                                   1
Village is fine as it is. If it's too restrictive or inadequate, then move
elsewhere. Sympathetic developments on sites where property is being
restored is acceptable. New buildings are an eyesore.                             1
Id like to see befriending service for elderly people in the village, I'd be
happy to volunteer, possibbly even adopting a grandparent etc.                    1
Internet/broadband speed would be a big advantage to many                         1
Restrict large vans and lorries parking in conservation area overnight and
on pavements                                                                      1
If large developments take place, would the mains cope?                           1
Two large areas have been ear-marked for development - where does that
take Harpole?                                                                     1
A decent village hall needed                                                      1
Dog excrement down Glassthorpe is a huge problem. Small children are at
risk of health problems from faeces                                               1
Bus on a Sunday and earlier on week days which gets you to town for 8am.
Bugbrooke has an early bus - and what about a free bus to Tesco, plus a
bus shelter onleft hand side. Also further local shared ownership and rented
housingh assoc is needed, but to go to people and couples who have a
connection to Harpole or live with their parents                                  1
When is the new road going to be completed to take the pressure off lorries
using Sandy Lane and the village. New ideas to encourage parents not to
use cars if they live locally. Larkhall Lane is an utter nightmare am amd pm
with cars arked everywhere, blocking drive ways and emergency services.
Visitors for football parking 2 wheels on pavements - what about
pedestrians and wheelchairs?                                                      1
It's about time people started to think about young people in the village and
where they are going tolive when they grow up. Unemployed and
desperate?                                                                        1
Anti-social behaviour will get worse when police cut the ASBO, solve it by
providing better up to date activities and youth commities. A huge
intergenerational gap needs inter-generational projects and community
cohesion.                                                                         1
There is little or no room to expand unless it is for leisure activities, leave
well alone                                                                        1
Lack of high speed broadband a major issue for this village. It might
encourage more community volunteering if there were incentives e.g.
money off room hire, monthly draw, annual social event for volunteers
willing to give help with preparation of the plan.                                1
Local engineering or other manufacturing small scale with more local
employment would keep it alive and attract housing other than suburban
development                                                                       1
Remove extinct bus stop outside 46 Upper High Street. Please scarp
scarecrow weekend - a nightmare with strangers coming through the
village. This questionnaire is an excellent idea - hoep lots of points raised,
collated and discussed.                                                          1
We like the village as it is, our biggest conern is about being swallowed up
by northampton.                                                                  1
If responsible dog owners, then I see no issue in allowing dogs to exercise
in playing field.                                                                1
Re (54) problem with traffic coming into village from Grange Farm end not
wanting to give way to traffic on wrong side of street                           1

Continuation of path up Larkhall Lane towards Sandy lane to increase use
of footpath may encourage children to walk from St Crispins to school.
Keep the village a village!                                                      1

This is badly worded questionnaire. Probably 6 7 and 8 doesn't allow an
objective view against another project such as the new social housing.           1
Re q 54, there should be no parking in Larkhall Lane and Carrs Way. Carrs
Way and manor Close should be restricted to 20 mph. The petrolstation at
the turn should not be on the A4500                                              1

South view always seems to be left out of village activities and information     1
Total garage missed off this questionnaire??                                     1
Keep Harpole rural/a village - no extensive developments should be
allowed.                                                                         3

The bad condition of the road in Larkhall Lane is a disgrace to the village      1
No need for new village hall as the bowls club has excellent facilities for
everyone to use                                                                  1
If there is to be development on a large scale around Harpole, it would be
prudent to fight for green space to be left between Harploe and the future
development (more likely to be a battle that could be won)                       1
Harpole must remain a village. Any development to west of N'ton must be
halted; there are plenty of brownfield sites within the town to accommodate
housing needs. Protect all existing mature trees and plant more indiginous
tree species                                                                     2
I think it is very important to protect Harpole from too much development to
retain its character and charm                                                   1
We get boys and girls shouting and screaming all hours of night down the
playing field                                                                    1
Some partst of this questionnaire were not relevant to my situation. I am
unable to participate in village affairs or activities                           1
Post office a priority                                                           1
Transport is paramount to not become a suburb of Northampton                     1
Scarecrow event is accident waiting to happen - should be stopped, it's had
its day                                                                          1
Low cost starter homes for young adults living in Harpole to buy or rent         1
Phone signal is poor in the area                                                 1

Re F42, accident waiting to happen. Speeding vehicles approaching Old
School area. Bottle neck with hidden corner, no speed restriction shown.         1
Further housing needed in or around the village                                  1
Re 56/57 the sate of the roads and pavements drags down the village. The
road and pavement holes and dips are both a vehicle and safety danger - I
have already had a broken half shaft from the School road state. The road
covering is now worn away. Low sun on the wet tar remaining blinds in
winter - one day soon this will cause a head-on 60mph accident.                 1
The village needs more fields to exercise dogs off the lead                     1

Complete Sandy lane relief road. Need proper management of allotments           1
Parking - follow Weedon's example and provide car park for visitors edge
or centre of village                                                            1
Please note we are both 78 years old and have filled the questionnaire in
as best we can. Thank you                                                       1

In heavy rainfall, concerned that surface water gets away from road surface
as home/drive is at lower level than road (Larkhall Lane). Occasionally
neighbour's gardenon opposite side of road has standing water. Ditches
along Larkhall Lane need to be regularly cleaned and kept clear.                1
Ref C16: I do not want the village following the fate of Duston, Kingsthorpe,
Moulton, ie losing its character and community - I live here NOT to be in a
town - Hands off Harpole!!                                                      1

A lot of dog mess along Larkhall Lane. Dogs frequently taken into allotment     1
Extend playing field for more parking                                           1
Restrict development to along the main road - create a Harpole village "B",
leave village "A" untouched. Sewarage system can't take increased
housing.                                                                        1
All items are important to a community and must give priority to most urgent
as required                                                                     1
Street sweeping has been reduced by SNC so that only High Street is done
once a month, the rest every 3 months so leaves etc block drains and
weeds grow at the kerbside - unsightly                                          1
Could you make Harpole a "no cold calling" zone                                 1
It is important that further development should have adequtae means of
access, also placed where would have minimal impact on rest of village -
adds to more traffic on roads that already have parked cars on pedestrian
footpaths.                                                                      1

The only good pub is Turnpike - the other 2 need a good refurb and food.        1
The playing field is an essential resource for my children                      1
A post office wouldbe a great asset to the village                              1

A day care centre is very important. A sustainable tourism plan could help
to improve the quality of living for the community. It is very important to
remunerate some income and build a day care centre. Olympics is an
opportunity for the village to develop a plan but government should get
involved and some private companies. A harpole sustainable tourism plan
could be used as a ....? project for other villages in N'shire areas.           1
Harpole is agrat place to live, it's full of lovely people - let's keep our
independence and not become like Northampton.                                   2
Broadband speed is desperate here - need for studying and working from
home                                                                            1
Section 64 - 66 why did thes have "yes, no" boxes when the rest have put Y
or N?                                                                           1
Answer boxes in these questionnaires are small - but a useful set of
questions                                                                       1
No development within parish confines
Harpole should become a secure gated community to keep out the
undesirables                                                                    1
Need post office                                                                2
More parking bays around village e.g. mount pleasant                            1
Need new village hall - pc needs to be more proactive. Pc should arrange
for overgrown footpaths to be cut down.                                         1
The number of driving schools who use Harpole for learner drivers
exacerbates these problems                                                      1
Building excessive housing around the village will increase congestion.
Ditto building new large warehousing facilitated at J16. I would advocate
the development on brownfield sites for housing.                                1
As disabled shop is very important however would be nice to be able to
access playing field and other green areas.                                     1
The local shop is excellent. Not only are the staff friendly they keep you in
touch with what's happening in the village                                      1
Does village have insurance to cover applying grit to pavenments? Can I
be sued if I use the village grit bins and someone slips over?                  1
Any new housing should be for Harpole people                                    1
Harpole is dangerous. I have seen traffic go over to turn right. Roundabout
or light or closed off altogether. There must be a solution                     1
Bring back good pub food at Bull like it used to be.
Nothing should be done which is likely to depress the prices of existing
properties in the village                                                       1
Retirement homes - rules for qualification for these rae not consistent. This
also applies to younger people who want to get back to the village and own
their own suitable properties elsewhere                                         1

I would like to comment that on the front inside page it states that
questionaires can be completed anonymously yet when I get to the back
page the house number is already written in. No doubt the collector will the
post code? Not a problem really - just a humerous observation....               1
Larkhall Lane bus shelter to be moved or taken down, not been used since
bus route altered years ago.                                                    1
Re 54: There is a large area of green outside the sheltered housing in
Garners Way. Couldn't part of this be recessed to give more parking
spaces as negotiating Garner's Way is a nightmare                               1
This survey is weighted too strongly towards needs of young people and
largely ignores needs of elderly residents                                      1
Need a post office                                                              1
Residents parking on grassed areas outside their houses looks horrible
and causes ruts on the grass which also affects neighbours and other
residents                                                                       1
F44 Provide details of the anti-social behaviour you have experienced

Rubbish in front garden                                      1
People throwing litter on streets and verges                 1
Large groups of youths                                       2
At playing field - youths on play equipment, bad language    2
Youths in playing field after dark                           2
As above, and causing late night noise, damage and
pollution                                                    1

Ourside Harpole shop - youths hanging around by
nearby houses, using boxes in the road for bike ramps        1
Barking dogs                                                 1
Break in at Baptist Chapel                                   1
There was a spell of youths running round village
causing damage, and on halloween there were some
older children behaving antisocially, throwing eggs at
cars etc.                                                    2
Groups of youths hanging around
Teenage groups in playing fields and around village          2
Neighbours                                                   1
Nearby 18th B'day party                                      1
Member of family glassed in an incident the Bull pub.
Often anti-social behavviour here                            1
Snow balls                                                   1
Car was damaged parked on road                               1
Green house smashed                                          1
Wing mirrors removed                                         1
Sheds on allotments broken into                              1
Roudy behaviour on playing fields                            1
The young lads over the playing fields coming out in the
road urinating, swearing, drinking, fighting etc             1
Noise after 11pm - bottles and cans in garden,               1
Vulgar language                                              1
In playing field after dark (but what…?)                     1
Noisy drunk youths in my garden at midnight to 3am           1
Through work on playing field committee                      1
Youths knocking on door and running away, until 11pm         1
At playing fields                                            1
Car tyre ripped                                              1
Car vandalised on the drive                                  1
Gang of youths at Church gate kicking another youth
Eggs thrown at side of house and radio stolen from car       1
Teenagers gathering on the play area at 5pm using
mobiles then young men turning up in their small cars
with blacked out windows                                     1
Motor bikes damaging playing fields                          1
Teenagers in church yard                                     1
Fireworks during day time                                    1
Youths drinking at bus stops                                 1
Groups of boys causing trouble                               1
Youths in church yard                                        1
Children playing in field behind Larkhall Way                1
Noise late at night and bad language                         1
Campers in playing field                                     1
Occasional nuisance on all Halloweens                        1
Not for at least 5 years                                     1
Misuse of church and porch                                   1
Kids smashing up residents' gardens                          1
Occasional noise from Live and let Live car park -
shouting                                                  1
Banging on windows                                        1
Litter dropping                                           1
Attempt to reduce enjoyment of own property               1
Speeding cars and youths hanging about                    1
Car vandalised                                            1
Fireworks in churchyard                                   1
Cans and rubbish thrown over walls                        1
Youth's insults                                           1
Teenagers sometimes loud                                  2
Shed broken into and tyres slashed                        1
Friday Baptist youth club and groups causing trouble -
banging on doors and pulling up crops                     1
Fence damage alley between high street and manor
close                                                     1
Swearing and shouting when people leave pub at
night/beer cans in gardens                                4
Urinating in bus shelters                                 1
Constant dog muck on our path and lawn at 53 Manor
Close                                                     1
Damage to vehicle                                         1
Graffiti on vehicles and bus stop relating to family      1
Graffiti in bus stop                                      1
damage to cars parked                                     1
Youths from Kislingbury visiting pubs in village          1

Attacked by 3 burglars in home during day ( no address)   1
Graffiti is a problem in many parts of the village        1
Throwing stones/mud at windows                            1
Teenagers damaging garage roof                            1

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