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					                                    Baltimore International Academy

                                  EDUCATIONAL TARGET SHEET

Dear Parents,

These are the lines of inquiry, content standards and skills we will focus on for the month of January
2012. Please work with your child, review his/her homework and class work. Your supervision is an
important part in his/her success.

IB : We will finalize the Transdisciplinary Theme: WHO WE ARE:
An inquiry into human relationships including families and friends, communities, culture, rights &

Central Idea: Governments evolve to meet the needs of the people

Subject focus : social study: Why did the “founding fathers” of our nation believe that people needed a
Subject strand1 Examine the early foundations, functions, and purposes of government
Lines of Inquiry:

       Functions and foundations of government.
       Conflict between ideas and institutions
       Systems that protect citizen rights and maintain order.

PYP Concepts: form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, responsibility,
IB Learner Profile(s): Inquirers, Communicators, Risk – takers, Reflective.
PYP Attitudes: Cooperation
Transdisciplinary Skills: Thinking Skill, Social Skill and Research Skill.

These core skills will be incorporated in the IB unit.

French language arts:
     Language Arts/Writing
     Research Writing
     Verbs
     Poetic Expression
     Adverbs/Adjectives

     Word Analysis/Word Study
     Synonyms
     Antonyms
     Context Clues
     Multiple Meaning Word
     Reading Comprehension
     Main Idea/Details
     Structural Features of Poetry
     Structural Features of Drama
     Author’s Language

        Explain how someone might use the text
         Drawing Conclusions
        Intended Audience
        Author’s Opinion


Unit 9: Statistics 2 & Probability
    Tree Diagrams and Organized Lists

Unit 10: Geometry 1
    Parallel Lines
    Perpendicular Lines
    Compare and Classify Quadrilaterals
    Composite Shapes
Unit 11: Measurement 1
 Area
 Perimeter
 Draw and Measure Angles
 Measure length
Unit 12: Decimals 2
 Decimal Function Tables
 Decimal Number Lines
 Estimate Decimal Products
 Multiply Decimals
 Converting Decimals, Fractions, and Percents

Unit 4: Conservation of Matter
“No matter how many parts of an object are assembled, the mass of the whole
object made is always the same as the sum of the parts

Unit 6 - Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Changes
Provide evidence to illustrate that when a new material is made by combining two or more materials, its
properties are different from the original materials.
  Unit 7. Wave Interaction
Provide evidence to show that light travels in a straight line until it is reflected or refracted.

Unit 8. Mechanics
Students are able to: Cite evidence from observations to describe the motion of an object using position
and speed.

Social Studies:

Quarter 3 unit: law and order: political systems in the united states

       Foundations and Functions of Early Government
       Conflict Between Ideas and Institutions
       Protecting Rights and Maintaining Order

Health Education/Food and Health/Body Image

Examine the relationship among food intake, physical activity, and weight management

Grade/Immersion: 5th Grade French

Teachers: Mr. Mbami/Ms Yang

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