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Candidate Information Pack

       July 2012

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                          FACILITIES MANAGER


  1. Background to Ilex

  2. Job description and criteria

  3. Terms and conditions of appointment

  4. Selection process

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                                                               FACILITIES MANAGER

              1. Background to Ilex
              Ilex Urban Regeneration Company was established by the Office of the First Minister
              and deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) and the Department for Social Development
              (DSD) in July 2003 to promote the social, physical and economic regeneration of the
              Derry City Council area. Ilex is also responsible for the development of two former
              military bases - Ebrington and Fort George.

                                                                             OUR MISSION

                                     To champion sustainable economic, physical and social transformation in Derry~Londonderry

                                                                              OUR AIMS

To create & promote a co-ordinated regeneration of the Derry City               Our Vision
                                                                             A competitive,
 Council area and to facilitate its implementation in co-operation
                                                                               connected ,                   To secure the economic, social and physical
with DSD/OFMDFM, relevant Government Departments, Derry City                  creative and                regeneration of the Ebrington & Fort George sites.
      Council, private sector and other interested partners.                    caring city

                                                                           OUR OBJECTIVES

                            DELIVERY                                                                        OUR PARTNERS

 To champion the implementation of the Regeneration Plan                                To engage partners with respect, trust and transparency
 To advance the regeneration of Ebrington and Fort George                               To proactively engage with the public and new and emerging media
 To advance the development and use of shared spaces in ways that add value              platforms to ensure the transformation of Derry~Londonderry is clearly
  to the city region                                                                      communicated with passion, purpose and pride
                                                                                         Continue to identify new partners and new sources of funding

                           PROCESSES                                                                           Our Team

 To ensure Ilex adopts robust management , accounting and financial systems             To ensure staff are valued, recognised and appropriately skilled to
  that meet the compliance needs of the business and our stakeholders                     meet our business needs
 To develop, deliver and enhance Ilex’s policies and procedures to ensure they are      To build a flexible, responsive organisational structure
  efficient and effective                                                                To promote a culture of supportive team working through creativity,
 To ensure effective corporate governance arrangements are in place                      learning and growth

                     Nurture and sustain              Lead through                                             Think, plan & act             Ambition in
Values                learning & growth.               partnership,                     realistic &              creatively to             what we do and
                   Optimise the potential of         partner through                  demonstrating             deliver shared              innovative in
                    our people & partners               leadership                      honesty &                  success                  how we do it

Principles: Mainstreaming Equality, Embedding Sustainability, Deliverability and Collaboration

              The Company is now making significant progress as illustrated by the Peace Bridge,
              Ebrington Square, City of Culture 2013 and, in particular, One City, One Plan, One
              Voice, the Regeneration Plan which gives us the framework necessary to transform
              the City and “deliver renewal – economic, physical and social - building a
              stronger and more vibrant economy with increased prosperity for our City and
              Region in ways which ensure that opportunities and benefits from regeneration
              are targeted towards the most deprived groups in our communities”.

              Further information about Ilex can be found on our website www.ilex-urc.com

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

 1.1 One City, One Plan, One Voice

    In one of the most extensive exercises of its kind ever undertaken in these islands,
    the people of Derry~Londonderry have prepared a single Regeneration Plan - One
    City, One Plan, One Voice with five transformational themes and 11 catalyst
    programmes. Through a process of extensive engagement and intensive analysis,
    managed and led by Ilex Strategy and Regeneration Team, this unique and
    groundbreaking exercise has shaped the One Plan, led by the city’s Strategy Board.
    The One Plan process has been recognised internationally as an exemplar of best
    practice with the objective of a stronger and more vibrant economy targeting
    disadvantage and transforming Derry~Londonderry as the capital of the North West.
    The structure for delivery is in place, the investment required identified, and a
    programme of support is under way.

Regeneration Plan summary

    Key stakeholders including Ilex, Derry City Council, the North West Development
    Office (DSD), Neighbourhood Partnership Boards, Donegal County Council and the
    Culture Company are aligning their corporate strategic plans to the One Plan.
    Furthermore, the NI Executive has recognised its significance is a key commitment in
    the programme for government and included in the Economic Strategy for Northern
    Ireland. Government departments are set to align their plans, as appropriate, to make
    the most of the unique opportunity afforded by the One Plan. By addressing
    inequality in the North West we will not only transform Derry~Londonderry to fulfil its
    role as a principal city, we will also re-balance, re-vitalise and re-energise the NI

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                                   FACILITIES MANAGER

1.1.1 Ilex’s role in the One Plan

      Programme managing the delivery of a holistic 10-year Plan;
      Guiding the Local Development System Model (developed with OECD) and co-
       ordinating work with multiple partners and interface with central Government on
       implementation and delivery;
      Bringing forward, with partners, activities and strategic interventions under each of
       the five Transformational Themes;
      Helping to build the capacity and the capability of organisations in the City to deliver;
      Securing resources through the Value Capture Framework;
      Maximising the opportunities presented by Ebrington and Fort George; and
      Monitoring and evaluating progress and improvement for the benefit of all in the City
       and the North West and ensuring we target disadvantage.

       We have identified our key milestones and targets 2012-2015

                                                   The One Plan delivery, Programme for Government,
                                                    Economic Development Strategy and the Regional
                                                    Development Strategy for NI objective                2012
                                                   Private sector partnership panel for the City      2012
                                                   Regeneration delivery fund established          2013/14
                                                   Continuous engagement with citizens through the
                                                    Regeneration Forum and Citi-scope survey         2012/14
                                                   Monitoring and evaluation framework operating with
                                                    annual reporting                                2012/20

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                                  FACILITIES MANAGER

1.2   Regeneration sites of regional significance

      Ilex URC is specifically tasked by its sponsor departments with the regeneration of
      two former security bases - Ebrington (OFMDFM) and Fort George (DSD). Together,
      these sites represent 17 hectares of prime riverside development area and provide a
      major opportunity for the economic, social and physical regeneration which will be
      significant in terms of assets for investment. The One Plan provides the framework to
      help Ilex advance the re-development of Ebrington and Fort George for the benefit of
      the city.

      1.2.1 Ebrington

      Cultural beacon for the creative industries, arts, culture and tourism.

      Situated on the east bank of the River Foyle directly opposite the Guildhall and
      Walled City, Ebrington comprises of 11 hectares (26 acres). Built in 1841 as a star
      fort, the key buildings are laid out on three sides of the original parade ground and
      overlook the river. The centre piece is Ebrington Square (the re-developed parade
      ground). The star fort is a scheduled ancient monument and Ebrington has 14 listed
      buildings which will be restored for contemporary use.

      The Development Framework for Ebrington will be completed early next year 2013
      and will support the creative and cultural capacity of the city. Ilex aims to make arts
      and culture a focal point of Ebrington’s re-development. Ebrington Square (former
      parade ground) opened to the public on February 14th 2012 and is designed to
      accommodate major events, the first of which was the Peace One Day concert, the
      opening event of the Cultural Olympiad 2012, on June 21st. The hosting of
      exhibitions and events as part of City of Culture 2013, the creation of a hub for the
      creative industries, and a capital investment of £23m up to 2015 are all under way.

      Major developments are planned such as the car park (220 cars), site infrastructure,
      office accommodation and the refurbishment of buildings 11, 59, and 57, all of which
      will be brought to market. The Maritime Museum will be taken forward with Derry City
      Council and building 80/81will be a cultural space for 2013.

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                         FACILITIES MANAGER

                                                          Milestones and targets

                                                Development Framework                2012-2020
                                                Ebrington Square high quality public
                                                 realm for audiences up to 15,000          2012
                                                Four performance areas                    2012
                                                Opening event of Cultural Olympiad,
                                                 Peace One Day Concert,         June 21 2012
                                                Creative Hub, building 80 /81             2013
                                                Car park (220 cars)                       2013
                                                Maritime Museum commenced (£6m) 2013
                                                Key venue for events calendar             2013
                                                Clock Tower commencement                  2014
                                                £23.14m capital budget expended           2015
                                                Private sector investment                 2014
                                                Infrastructure works                      2014
                                                Ebrington vital venue / £4.6m (DSD) for
                                                 City of Culture 2013

Looking forward to 2014 and beyond, the Clock Tower development concept will get
under way to create a facility of regional and national significance. Major
infrastructural work is planned – electricity, water, and phase I of residential

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                            FACILITIES MANAGER

1.2.2 Fort George

Western Gateway to the city and Digital Hub

The One Plan and Development Framework recognise that Fort George has an
important role to play in the catalyst programme Growing the digital economy.

Acquired by DSD in May 2004, Fort George is a level six-hectare site (14 acres) on
the west bank of the River Foyle with approximately 300 metres of prime river front.
The site is on the Strand Road, one of the main arterial routes into the city centre at a
major intersection with the Buncrana Road and western gateway to the city.

Fort George is located on reclaimed land which served as a ship building yard from
the 1830s, a ship repair yard for Allied Forces vessels in World War II and an army
base from 1970. Due to its varied uses, the site has been contaminated with heavy
metals and hydrocarbons. Decontamination will be complete by November 2013.

Led by the NI Science Park (NISP), the location of the proposed North West Regional
Science Park (NWRSP) on site will attract hi-tech and science-led industries. With
high speed international digital connectivity, from Project Kelvin, and 100% superfast
Broadband, the city is the first Digital City in the UK and ROI and we aim to make the
most of this competitive advantage with Digital Derry by achieving the target of 100
new digital businesses by 2015.

                                                   Milestones and targets
                                         •   Development Framework         2012- 2020
                                         •   Optimise Hibernia Exchange
                                             with private sector (Project Kelvin) 2012
                                         •   Market testing with private
                                             sector development                   2013
                                         •   Decontamination complete       Nov 2013
                                         •   INTERREG €14m North
                                             West Regional Science Park
                                             with partners LYIT and
                                             NISP 2011- completion                2014
                                         •   Expenditure of £8.8m capital
                                             budget complete                       2015

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                           FACILITIES MANAGER

1.2.3 The Peace Bridge

Icon of a confident city, connecting communities and creating opportunity.

Funded by the European Union’s PEACE III programme (Shared Space initiative),
the £14.5m Peace Bridge is a living landmark and a lasting legacy. It opened to the
public on June 25 2011 and one year on over 750,000 pedestrians and cyclists have
crossed it. The bridge measures 235 metres bank-to-bank (312 metres in total) and is
approximately 4 metres wide, with landing points at the rear of the Guildhall and
Ebrington embankment. Designed by Wilkinson Eyre, the Peace Bridge has
extended the city centre to include the Waterside. It gives pedestrian and cycle
access from the City side to the regenerated Ebrington site, St Columb’s Park and
the Waterside and is having a positive commercial impact. Regenerating the river for
leisure use and facilitating the further construction of greenways on both sides of the
river are key objectives. The bridge has raised the confidence of the people of the
city and has removed the boundary symbolised by the River Foyle. Communities
have been brought together in new shared space.

The bridge has already won a number of awards including the CEF Special Bonus
Partnering award as an exemplar of social clauses in the construction contract,
creating eight permanent jobs for the long term unemployed and four
apprenticeships. In conjunction with the recently opened Ebrington Square, the
bridge has also won the prestigious Place Making Award of the Irish Planning
Institute in February 2012. Together, the Square and the bridge also won the Irish
Planning Institute’s Overall Planning Award and Ilex will represent the island of
Ireland in the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards in Brussels this

                                                        Milestones and targets

                                              •   Monitor and implement the PEACE impact
                                                  indicators as agreed with the funder, SEUPB
                                                  (Special European Programmes Body) under
                                                  PEACE III
                                              •   Continuous maintenance to a high standard
                                              •   Adoption by DRD 2012
                                              •   Finalise payments of £1.2m by 2013
                                              •   Provide berthing for mussel boats at
                                                  Lisahally 2012

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

Job description

The post holder is accountable to the Cultural Broker with responsibility for
Estates/Facilities Management in a diverse and varied role which – in addition to on-
site facilities management – will include the management of event infrastructure,
ancillary and support services, people movement, restoration of site post-events and
communication requirements for events.

In addition you will also have a responsibility to provide expert technical guidance
and technical support in the development of culture-related capital projects.

The post holder’s key focus will be to support the strategic development and cultural
utilisation of the two key sites at Ebrington and Fort George and the strategic
business development of cultural projects as part of Ilex Business Plan, Corporate
Plan and the One Plan, the regeneration Plan for the Derry City Council area.

The post holder will report directly to the Cultural Broker. Within the Company, the
post holder will work closely with the cultural team, Ilex Directors and colleagues. An
essential part of the role is that you foster and develop robust and effective working
relationships with local, regional and community stakeholders along with key local
arts and culture stakeholders and any other relevant external bodies.

The principal accountabilities of the post holder are:
     To provide the range of services needed to operate the site, creating an
      enjoyable, clean, safe, secure and welcoming environment for visitors and as
      a venue to include presentation of event.

     To develop and manage Estate Management Plans for Ebrington to ensure
      the presentation of Ilex sites to the highest standards.

     To develop and manage contracts, establishing, measuring and reporting on
      KPIs relating to event management, facilities, health and safety, risk and
      environmental impact.

     To be responsible for supporting the development and delivery of a
      demountable pavilion for 2013, providing technical support and ensuring
      compliance with relevant legislation and governance regimes.

     To be responsible for supporting the development of other capital projects as
      required, in particular consideration of maintenance and management of

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                            FACILITIES MANAGER

    proposed schemes, ensuring co-ordination of input from Derry City Council
    and all other relevant stakeholders.

   To develop appropriate event plans and templates for event requirements for
    the Ilex sites and to keep Derry City Council events coordinator informed of all
    forthcoming events and any implications or requirements arising there from; in
    particular ensuring regular and timely liaison with Derry City Councils Safety
    Advisory Group, PSNI, NIAS, NIFRS and other relevant stakeholders.

   To develop and implement Business Case/Economic Appraisal reports and
    terms of reference for Managed Services provision as appropriate

   To work closely with a range of stakeholders acting as a client liaison in the
    tendering, selection and management of appropriate key service providers

   To manage and monitor expenditure within assigned designated limits,
    ensuring propriety with regard to approvals and procurement protocol.

   To ensure the appropriate use of all staff resources and provide timely and
    well informed decisions and advice to support planned expenditure

   To deliver services in crowd management, sound, lighting, staging, insurance,
    flooring, seating, event ticketing and customer care

   To make provisions for concessionaire exhibitions and Vendor Programme,
    general liability coverage for individuals who participate in activities that take
    place in the facility

   To procure and manage in-house service providers (catering, cleaning,
    security, etc) ensuring compliance with contract conditions and health & safety

   To procure and manage visiting contractors on site ranging from builders to
    hygiene service providers and to be responsible for minimising any associated
    health and safety risks

   To compile and manage a Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan

   To act as key holder and point of contact in emergency situations

   To control access and security arrangements at events and maintain and
    keep under review procedures for evacuation in cases of emergency -
    overseeing any such evacuations that may occur

   To maintain all necessary records and administrative systems to facilitate the
    efficient and effective management of all activities, ensuring updating

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

      records/reviews/monthly reports to improve the efficiency in working

     And any other duties relevant to the delivery of the Ilex Business and
      Corporate Plans as identified by the Cultural Broker (or other Director as
      designated by the CEO).


 The post holder will be responsible for ensuring the monitoring and management of
project expenditure within the assigned delegated limit.

You will have considerable experience managing and controlling budgets, and
ensuring propriety and compliance with corporate governance principles and


The post holder will be required to make decisions that commit the company to a
particular course of action with associated expenditure. You will have demonstrable
experience of being in a position where you were accountable for decisions made -
where you considered options, compiled comprehensive and persuasive arguments
in support of the options, highlighting potential pitfalls and made the appropriate


The role will have no line responsibility for managing team members but will have
management responsibility for contractors and support services on site when
business needs dictate. You will work well with the Ilex team and must be flexible
enough to take on work outside your immediate area of expertise as and when


The post holder will be fully accountable for managing and facilitating the support
services, which are vital to the delivery of the cultural aspect of the Ebrington site.
The post holder will be expected to work on their own initiative to undertake the
duties outlined above but will have the support and guidance of the Cultural Broker
and the Ilex team.

Ilex welcomes applications irrespective of age, gender, marital status, religious
belief, political opinion, racial group, sexual orientation, disability or whether or not
they have dependents.

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

Corporate Governance

Adhere to all systems of internal governance and accountability

The post will not have organisational responsibility for any staff.

The Facilities Manager will be accountable to the Cultural Broker, who retains
ultimate responsibility.

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER



Minimum of a third level qualification or equivalent in a relevant discipline

Essential Experience

1. At least three years recent relevant experience.
Be able to demonstrate, by providing personal and specific examples on the
application form, that you have at least three years recent relevant experience in
five of the following seven functional areas;

2. Track record as an experienced Facilities Manager or related role
3. Demonstrable experience in the successful management and control of budgets
4. Proven track record in project management, including supporting the successful
   delivery of Capital Projects on time and on budget
5. Experience in the tendering process, ensuring contract management to ensure
   customer satisfaction and value for money within Estate Strategies / Event Plans
6. An understanding and proven track record in the management and
   implementation of current health and safety regulations as they relate to Estates
   Management and Event Management frameworks
7. Proven track record in the preparation, effective management and successful
   delivery of business cases and plans
8. Proven ability to interact with a wide range of stakeholders to include public
   sector, central and local government departments and the private sector

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

Ability to work to deadlines, define realistic and specific goals, and have the ability to
exercise initiative and sound judgement under pressure

Strong organisational, planning skills and commitment to the task

Good analytical and problem solving skills

Excellent interpersonal skills and a strong ability to confidently communicate with key
stakeholders. Excellent verbal, written and presentational skills.

Competent IT skills in Microsoft Office

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                              FACILITIES MANAGER


Demonstrable experience ( as listed under Essential Experience Items 2 to 8 above)
to detail, by providing personal and specific examples on the application form, that
you have at least three years recent relevant experience in six of the following
seven functional areas outlined. (Desirable Criteria will be invoked for short listing
purposes, if necessary)

May be enhanced to degree level qualification (Desirable Criteria will be invoked for
short listing purposes, if necessary)

Up to five years of relevant experience within the last eight years (Desirable Criteria
will be invoked for short listing purposes, if necessary)

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                                                                           FACILITIES MANAGER

     Staffing Structure                                                               CEO
   CORPORATE AFFAIRS                           STRATEGY AND REGENERATION                             CULTURAL BROKER                                            DEVELOPMENT

           GD 5                                          GD 5                                                       GD 5                                                       GD 5
        DIRECTOR                                        DIRECTOR                                            CULTURAL BROKER                                                 DIRECTOR

                  GD 6
                 HEAD OF

                                                                 S&R SENIOR                                                                                                   GD 7
    GD 7                           GD 7                           MANAGER                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT
PROGRAMME                       HEAD OF                         (Pending approval)                                                                                         MANAGER
 MANAGER                        COMMS

                                                        DP                     DP                                        DP                           DP        DP              DP               DP
   DP                         DP                      S&R                    S& R                                   PROJECT                         PROJECT   PROJECT        PROJECT           SITE
                                                                                                                    MANAGER                         MANAGER   MANAGER        MANAGER         MANAGER
EXECUTIVE                   FINANCE                 MANAGER                MANAGER
ASSISTANT                   MANAGER

            SO                                SO                 SO                  SO                  SO                          SO
   COMMS EXECUTIVE                        S&R OFFICER        S&R OFFICER         S&R OFFICER      CULTURE PROG MGR             FACILITIES INFSTR.
                                                                                                    (pending approval)            MANAGER
                                                                                                    (pending approval)

                                                                                                                              PROJECT OFFICER
                                                                                                                               (pending approval)

                  EO2                                                         S&R PROJECT
    CORPPORATE GOVERNANCE                                                       ASSISTANT
        ADMINISTRATOR                                                        (pending Approval)


                  AA                                                                  AA                                                                             DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATOR
           RECEPTIONIST                                                           S&R PROJECT
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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

  1. Terms and conditions of appointment
This post is offered on a three year contract.


The base salary available for this post is £27,115.


Ilex is a member of the Northern Ireland local government pensions scheme
(Northern Ireland Local Government Officers’ Superannuation Committee –
NILGOSC). The successful candidate will enter this pension scheme, unless he/she
specifically chooses not to. Under the NILGOSC scheme the employee contribution
for this role will be 6.5% (subject to review as advised by NILGOSC) of salary and
the employer contribution will be 19%.

Annual leave

In addition to the 12 public and privilege holidays, the annual leave allowance is 25


The post is based in Derry~Londonderry.


As this post requires the applicant to travel on official duty, the successful candidate
must have access to a form of transport which will enable him/her to fulfil his/her

Probationary period

The successful candidate will be required to serve a six months probationary period.

Hours of work

The normal working hours for this position are based on a 37-hour week. You will,
on occasion, be required to work outside these hours to facilitate business needs.

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

      2. Selection process

It is intended that interviews for the Facilities Manager post will take place in
Derry~Londonderry. To be considered for interview, candidates must satisfy the
essential criteria.

The selection panel will ask questions to test the applicant’s knowledge and
experience in each of the criteria areas within the personnel specification and award
marks accordingly.

Interview guidance for applicants

In preparation for the interview you may wish to think about having a clear
structure for each of your examples, such as:

      Situation – briefly outline the situation;
      Task – what was your objective, what were you trying to achieve?
      Action – what did you actually do, what was your unique contribution?
      Result – what happened, what was the outcome, what did you learn?

The panel will ask you to provide specific examples from your past experience in
relation to each of the criteria. You should therefore come to the interview prepared
to discuss in detail a range of examples which best illustrate your skills and abilities
in each criteria area. You may draw examples from any area of your work/life

You should bear in mind that it does not require you to:

      Talk through previous jobs or appointments from start to finish;
      Provide general information as to your background and experience; or
      Provide information that is not specifically relevant to the competence the
       question is designed to test.

The merit principle

Appointments to Ilex are made under the ‘merit principle’, where the best person for
any given post is selected in a fair and open competition.

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

Making your application

The application form is designed to ensure that applicants provide the necessary
information to determine how they meet the competition requirements and the
eligibility/short listing criteria.

Guidance for applicants

     The space available on the application form is the same for all applicants and
      must not be altered.
     We will not accept CVs, letters, additional pages or any other supplementary
      material in place of or in addition to completed application forms.
     Applicants must complete the application form in either typescript font size 12,
      or legible, block capitals using black ink.
     Applicants must not re-format application forms.
     Information in support of your application will not be accepted after the closing
      date for receipt of applications.
     Do not use acronyms, complex technical detail, etc. Write for the reader who
      may not know your employer or your job.
     Describe clearly your personal involvement in any experience you quote. Write
      “I” statements e.g. I planned meetings, I managed a budget, I prepared a
      presentation. It is how you actually carried out a piece of work that the panel
      will be interested in.
     The examples you provide should be concise and relevant to the criteria. This
      is very important as the examples which you provide may be checked out at
      interview and you may need to be prepared to talk about these in detail if you
      are invited to interview. It is your unique role the panel are interested in, not
      your team or division.

Further appointment from this competition

Where a further position in Ilex is identified which is considered broadly similar to
that outlined in this candidate information booklet, consideration will be given to filling
the position from this competition. The merit list resulting from this competition will
be valid for a period of up to one year.

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                               FACILITIES MANAGER

Equal Opportunities policy statement

Ilex Urban Regeneration Company Limited is committed to promoting equality and
diversity. It is our policy to provide employment equality to all, irrespective of gender,
including gender re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, religious belief,
political opinion, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, and whether or not a person
has dependants.

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All job applicants,
employees and others who work for us will be treated fairly and will not be
discriminated against on any of the above grounds. Decisions about recruitment and
selection, promotion, training or any other benefit will be made objectively and on
merit. As an equal opportunities employer we want to ensure that all of our
applicants and employees enjoy equality of opportunity. We also want to encourage
the best people to apply for vacancies in our company, regardless of their

Pre-appointment enquiries

If you are successful, we will carry out a basic Access NI check and seek references
before a formal offer of appointment is made. Subject to satisfactory completion of
the pre-appointment enquires, you would be invited to take up the post as soon as

Further information

If you have any queries you would like to discuss before submitting an application,
please telephone Gail Downey or Jennifer Coyle on 028 71269226.

The completed application form and monitoring form should be sent to:

Gail Downey
Ilex Urban Regeneration Company Ltd
Exchange House
Queen’s Quay
BT48 7AS

E mail: recruitment@ilex-urc.com

The closing date for receipt of application forms and monitoring forms is 12
noon, Friday 10th August 2012.

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