RATIO AND PROPORTION

 1. The chiming clock on the mantle gains 4 seconds every 24
    hours. How many minutes will it gain in one year?
 2. Lydia has 6 grandchildren on her son’s side and 4 grandchildren
    on her daughter’s side. Lydia wants to divide 720 acres
    proportionally between her daughter and son by their ratio of
    children. How many acres will the son and daughter receive?
 3. Joseph usually gives $30 a month to charity and $80 a month to
    his children. If Joseph makes a will that divides his estate in the
    same ratio, and his estate is worth $104,500, how much will go
    to charity and how much to his children?
 4. The stock of a certain company is priced at $18.20 per share.
    The company’s earnings for one year amounted to $2.80 per
       a. Find the price-to-earnings ratio.
       b. If the company earned $3,360,000 in that year, what was
           the total value of its stock?
 5. A real estate agent sold a house for $84,000. Her commission
    on the sale was $5,040.
       a. What was the commission-to-selling price ratio?
       b. What would be her commission on a house she sells for
 6. Alice can type 300 words in 5 minutes. She must type a 7,500
    word report for English. How long will it take her to finish?
 7. Carlos drove from Corpus Christi to Midland in 7.5 hours at an
    average rate of 65 mph. If it took Vicky 6 hours to make the
    drive, what was her average speed?
 8. The ratio of two integers is 9:7. Their sum is 1024. Find the
    two integers.
 9. Suppose you work at a grocery store. The milk display holds
    160 one-gallon jugs of milk. From previous sales you know that
    the generic brand outsells the national brand by 7:3. How many
    containers of each kind of milk should you put in the case in
    order to have this ratio?
10. A filling station sells unleaded, plus, and super in the ratio
    5:7:2. The total monthly quota is 28,000 liters of gasoline.
    How many liters of each kind should be ordered so that the
    quota will have this ratio?

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