Final Programme International workshop Innovation for Rural Transformation 23 24 July by cYevV8B


									SIID Project Workshop, Sponsored by IDRC, Canada

  Systems of Innovation and Rural Transformation
                in China and India

                             An International Workshop
                                    organized by,
                        Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi
                        India International Center, New Delhi

       (with NISTADS, New Delhi, CDS, Trivandrum, GIDR, Ahmedabad, and
                        Central University, Hyderabad)

                                   23-24 July 2012

                                  Conference Hall 2
                            IIC, Lodhi Estate,New Delhi

                                Day 1 – 23rd July 2012
                              Registration – 9.00 to 9.30
Session 1: Inauguration: 9.30 to 10.45
Innovation systems for inclusive development- rural China and India
Chair: Prof. K. C. Sivaramakrishnan (Chairman, CPR)
Welcome + workshop agenda – Dr. Rajeswari Raina (Principal Scientist, CSIR-
NISTADS, SIID Project Co-ordinator, CPR) and Prof. Xiaobo Wu (Dean, NIIM,
Zhejiang University)
India and China in the international development agenda – Dr. Kavita Sharma
(Director, IIC)
S&T and for rural farm and non-farm innovation – Dr. Parthasarathy Banerjee
(Director, NISTADS, New Delhi)
Keynote address -
S&T and Innovation for Rural Development –Dr. T. Ramasami (Secretary, DST)
Innovation for Inclusive Development – Dr. Veena Ravichandran (IDRC, Canada)

10.45-11.00 – Tea/Coffee

 Session 2: 11.00-13.00
SIID India-China papers
Chair: Dr. Stephen McGurk (Director, IDRC-SARO, New Delhi)
1.Two Trajectories of Rural Industrialization – India and China: Dr. Yongyi Shou
SIID Project Workshop, Sponsored by IDRC, Canada

(Paper prepared by Prof.s, Shulin Gu, Rajeswari Raina, Xiaobo Wu, Keshab Das, Guo
Bin, Zhuhui Huang, Wang Feng, and Yan bin Jiang)

 2.Agricultural Innovation Systems and Rural Development in India and China – Dr.
Chunhui Ye (CARD, Zhejiang Univ.)
(Paper prepared by Dr. Rajeswari Raina, Shulin Gu, Chunhui Ye)

Discussants: Dr. Mekhala Krishnamoorthy (CASI, Univ.Penn.), Jinyang Cai (CCAP)
Open discussion

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Session 3: 14.00-15.30
Rural transformation – innovation systems evidence
Chair: Prof. Pranav Desai (CSSP, JNU)

1.Small and Medium-size Enterprises in Industrial Clusters: Evidence of Innovation and
Inclusive Development in Zhejiang – Dr. Guo Bin (NIIM)

2. Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development: delivering knowledge inputs for
rural livelihoods – Dr. Sunil Agarwal (DST)

3.Rural Industrial Clusters: Concepts, Data and Cases in India – Prof. Keshab Das
15.00-15.30– Open discussion

15.30 -15.45 Tea/coffee

Session 4- Institutional innovation- implications for inclusive development
Chair: Major S. Chatterjee (Member, PM-SAC)

1.Institutional and governance innovations to balance the Environment and
Development in the Western Ghats – Dr. Ligia Noronha (TERI)

2.Informal knowledge-exchange networks in rural industrial clusters – Mr. Anant
Kamath (UNU-MERIT)

3.Institutional innovations in the farm sector in India - Small producer collectives in
perspective- Dr. Tara Nair (GIDR)

4. Resource Governance and Inclusion in India’s Northeast – Mr. Mirza Z. Rahman
16.45-17.15 -Open Discussion

Day 1 concludes

Dinner – 19:00-21.00 at IIC private dining hall hosted by IIC
SIID Project Workshop, Sponsored by IDRC, Canada

Day 2 - 24th July 2012

Session 5: 9.30-11.00
S&T and inclusive development in India and China
Chair: Dr. Cao Haijun, S&T/Econ Affairs Counsellor, Chinese Embassy

1.S&T management for innovation in India and China – Dr.G. D. Sandhya (NISTADS)

2.Hybrid Rice Technology – analyzing inclusive innovation in India and China- Prof.
E.Haribabu (Univ of Hyderabad)

3. The FDI driver and S&T– evidence and implications for vIndia and China- Dr. N.
Mrinalini (NISTADS)

4. S&T structure and governance: India vis-a-vis China – Dr. Kasturi Mandal
Open discussion – 10.30-11.00

11.00-11.30 – tea/coffee

Session 6: 11.30-13.00
New Organizations and Institutions: Enabling Innovation for the excluded
Chair: Dr. Vinita Sharma (Director, Science for Equity, Empowerment and
Devleopment, (SEED), DST)

1.iCED – Auditing Environment and Development –Ms. Nameeta Prasad (CAG)

2.RRA Network – Investing in sustainable equitable agriculture- Mr. Ashwin Mysore

3.ASTRA – Technology for rural areas –Dr. Chanakya Hoysala (CTD, IISc.)

4. PPV&FR- Farmer’s varieties and protection of rights- Dr. H. S. Chawla (GBPUAT)
Open discussion -12.45-13.00

Lunch 13.00-14.00

Session 7: 14.00-15.45
Institutions for rural innovation systems
Chair: Prof. Ashok Parthasarathy (former Secretary, Government of India)

 1.Plantation agriculture for inclusive development-      enabling institutional and
technological innovation – Prof. K. J. Joseph (CDS),

2. Markets and institutional changes- inclusion and exclusion – Dr. Richa Kumar (IIT
SIID Project Workshop, Sponsored by IDRC, Canada

3.Scaling-up the micro-enterprise: What do we learn and how? – Mr. D. Raghunandan

4. The Challenges of Technology and Innovation for Rural enterprises in India -Dr.
Partha Pratim Sahu (ISID)
15.15-15.45- Open Discussion

15.45-16.00 Tea/coffee

Session 8 -16.00-17.00
SIID India-China papers
Chair: Dr. Veena Ravichandran (IDRC, Canada)

Synthesis: Innovation for Inclusive Development in Rural China and India - Prof. Guo
Bin and Dr. Rajeswari Raina
(Paper prepared by Shulin Gu and the entire SIID India-China team)

Workshop Concludes –outreach, publication plan –Prof. K. J. Joseph
Vote of thanks – Dr. Rajeswari Raina

                                  -followed by-

                        IIC Auditorium: 18.00-20.00
                   Public panel with distinguished speakers

      Inclusive Innovation and Rural Transformation in India and China
Chair: Prof. Abhijit Sen (Planning Commission, Government of India)

      Prof. Pratap Bhanu Mehta (President, CPR)
      Dr. Cao Haijun, (Secretary, Econ.& Commercial Counsellor, Chinese Embassy)
      Prof. Jayati Ghosh (CESP, JNU)
      Prof. Guo Bin (NIIM, Zhejiang University)
      Dr. Stephen McGurk (IDRC-SARO)

Dinner – 20.00-22.00

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