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					                                             Wine Islands Growers' Association
                                                 Meeting Minutes
                                                September 15, 2004

  Frank & Joan Towler          Frank Edgell           Catherine & Thelma Brooks
  Lana , Joan, John Popham     Ken & Sue Houston      Gord Graziano         Alice & Bernie Johnson
  Jerry & Sherry Mussio        Gary Bentham           John Brickett         Lloyd Mathews
  Ken Winchester               Jack Waters            Joe Lora              Kristen Jordan
  Ken McKinnon                 Dave & Brenda Patterson                              John & Jackie Wrinch

Meeting called to order by Ken Winchester at 7:00 pm

  Minutes of Last Meeting – July 21, 2004
  - adoption of minutes approved unanimously

  Additions to the Agenda
  -   none

   Guest Speaker
   -   Dr. Steven Lund, UBC Wine Research Centre, gave us an excellent presentation on the genomics and
       physiology of grape vines, one of the world’s most complex plants. Slide presentation attached.
  -    The Old West Saanich grape growers and wine producers (Starling Vineyards, Winchester Cellars,
       Barking Dog Vineyard) provided us with a taste of their wonderful and award winning wines. Followed
       by a panel discussion and Q/A session talking about the setting up of a vineyard/winery.

  Additions to the Agenda
   - none
  Business Section

   Committee Reports

   Financial –
   - The association continues to have a healthy balance and a frugal approach.

  Events Calendar – Ken Winchester
  -   Saanich Fair went very well, our booth was well located and well attended.
  -   Everyone who was able to attend thoroughly enjoyed the annual BBQ. Many thanks to the Brooks who hosted
      the event, Joe Lora chief cook, and the many others who contributed towards us all having a good time.

  New Business –
  -   Frank Edgell thanked the many volunteers who have helped with the Fair and the farmer’s market. List
  -   There are still a couple of volunteer opportunities available, please contact Frank for details.

  Viticulture Calendar – John Brickett
  -    Remove any split, damaged fruit before it becomes a source of infection in your vineyard. Apply botrytis
       spray if necessary, being careful to leave the required gap between spraying and picking. If mildew has
       been a problem, spray after picking to reduce over winter spores.
  -    Look for a dry day to pick.
  -    If grapes are splitting, vines may have received insufficient water during growing season.

Wine Evaluation

Old West Saanich area wines.

-    Adjourned at 8.30 p.m.

                     WIGA Meetings Always Third Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
                             NOTICE OF NEXT MEETING
                                       Oct 20, 2004
                          Location: VICTORIA ESTATE WINERY
                         Time: 6:30 wine tasting – 7:00 call to order
                                       9:00 adjourn


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