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					                    CARBERY ESTATE STUD
                                   2012 Breeding Season
                                  Stallion Service Contract

I hereby agree to breed my mare:

Name:________________________ Breed:______________________Registration No.:____________

Colour:________________________Age:______________years old.

To the Percheron stallion named “JP Commanders Starship”. The service fee is $1500.00 inc GST of
which $220.00 inc GST is a non-refundable Handling Fee. The Handling Fee is payable at the time of
the mares arrival. The balance of the service fee is payable on a 42 day pregnancy test.

For transported semen the contract must be signed and full service fee of $1500.00 inc GST is to
be paid prior to the first shipment of semen being sent. First shipment of semen is included in the
service Fee. Collections thereafter need to be paid for. Semen required to be collected on Fridays or for
same day delivery incur additional charges. For further details please contact Ross or Miriam

Payment can be made direct into Bank account. Account details as follows:
Acc name: Carbery Estate Stud
BSB No: 082406
Acc No: 506958232

All other expenses including Agistment, vet fee’s if applicable, foot care, worming etc will be due
monthly and any balance of account is payable when the mare is picked up.

    1) Free Return Privilege will only apply if the foal fails to survive less than 48 hours from birth.
       Notice must be given to the stallion owner no more that 1 week after the foals death. This
       notice must be accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian. If the mare is to be
       returned and the owner of the mare fails to deliver her for re-breeding the following year, then
       any and all free returns shall not be refundable and this contract is thereby cancelled.

    2) Diligent effort will be made to settle any mare; however, if for any reason she does not settle, I
       will not hold the stallion owners, or his representatives liable. I / we understand I / we will still
       pay the non refundable Handling Fee of $220.00 plus all agistment etc owing before the mare
       leaves EABS.

    3) I agree to leave my mare at EABS until she has had a positive pregnancy test, Service fee is
       payable at 42 days OR if the mare owner wishes to take the mare home prior to the first
       pregnancy test at approximately 16 to 18 days the full service fee is to be paid before the
       mare leaves EABS.
   4) It is further understood that should the stallion die, or become unfit for service, or if the mare
      dies, or becomes unfit to breed, this contract shall become null and void.

   5) Mares that are not halter broken will not be accepted.

   6) I understand and agree that the stallion owners or representatives will not be responsible for
      accidents, sickness or death to my mare and / or foal.

   7) When either Miriam Bentley or Ross Carbery signs this contract it will then be a binding
      contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions. This contract is not

__________________________                ___________________________             _________
Signature of the Mare Owner              Print full name of Mare Owners            Dated

Owners Address: _________________________________
Phone:          _________________________________
Fax:            _________________________________
Email:          _________________________________

APPROVED:_____________________________                            Dated:____________
             Signature of M Bentley or Ross Carbery

                                 Ross Carbery or Miriam Bentley
                               PO Box 130, Holbrook NSW 2644
                     PH / FAX: 02 60204204 Mb: 0427204205 or 0429204206
                                 Email: eabsinfo@yahoo.com.au
                                    Website: www.eabs.com.au
                           Website: www.carberycarriageandharness.com

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