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					                                        Chapter 3
                                     Helpful Websites
This Internal Revenue Service site has detailed information on income tax deductions
pertaining to home ownership and capital gains.
This common interest community site provides links to condominium, cooperative, and
homeowner association laws by state.
Like the above site, this site provides links to condominium laws, alphabetically by state.
FindLaw is a general site that links to primary legal sources, government resources, and
related FindLaw pages It also gives an overview of real estate principles, including
common interest communities. The site provides a brief historical background on
common interest or shared communities, discusses the various types of communities
(condominiums, cooperatives, etc.), explains the documents required to create and run
each, explains the functions of the associations that manage these communities, and
delves into some of the problems encountered when living in these communities.
This site provides links to state statutes pertaining to condominiums, cooperatives, time-
shares, and homeowner associations and includes checklists to help associations with
budgets, financial statements, and compliance issues. It contains a wealth of information
for people who are on association boards or are thinking about joining an association

board, including information on topics such as insurance, maintenance, association
reserves, association management, taxes, finances, and board leadership.
This site is designed for consumers who have basic questions regarding commercial real
estate (e.g., What is commercial real estate? If I am buying commercial real estate, what
should go into my contract?). Clicking on a question provides a basic answer that
laypersons can easily understand. The site offers a good overview of general issues
pertaining to commercial real estate transactions.
At this site is a glossary of fundamental terms used in connection with real property
transactions, geared mostly toward commercial real estate transactions.
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, this site
provides a dictionary of “Home Buyer’s Vocabulary,” containing definitions of words
and terms used in real estate transactions.
This site, sponsored by FindLaw, gives an overview of things to consider before entering
into a commercial real estate transaction, information on types of leases and gflease
provisions, zoning issues, checklists, and a sample commercial real estate contract.


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