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									    _____TARHEEL TATTLER____
        40th Anniversary Issue
February 26, 2009                              Issue No. 3
                                          food banks. Please take pictures of
From President’s Desk
                                          your efforts and send us a report so
                                          we can keep a record of it and put it
                                          in the newsletter. This is a worthy
                                          cause for each of us to take on. If
                                          anyone needs help in finding a local
                                          organization please let me know. Look
                                          for more information on how to help
                                          with this throughout the newsletter
                                          and in upcoming issues. Everyone
                                          please remember to cast your vote in
                                          the election that will be held on
                                          Thursday the 26th. And remember
40 Years of North Carolina DMA,           that we are always looking for new
                                          volunteers to keep our organization
        I am so excited to be the NC      growing and strong. Hope to see
DMA President during our 40th year.       everyone soon.
I hope everyone will be attending the
meeting in Clemmons for our
Celebration. Our 40th Anniversary
meeting is going to be filled with
surprises for all. We are going to be     Lisa King, CDM, CFPP
looking at our organizations              NC DMA State President
accomplishments and reminiscing
about the people that have brought us
this far. My second goal for this year
is to have a state wide program to
address National Hunger week. We
would like to raise at least 2000lbs of
food; this is less than 3lb’s per
member. DMA Hunger week is April
13th-17th, we challenge all members to
collect food at their facilities during
this week and give it to your local
News From the National Office…
   Meet the Nominees for National Office:

   For Chair Elect:

                                 Robert (Bob) Sloan, CDM, CFPP
   I am seeking your support and vote for the position of Chair Elect on the DMA 2009-
   2010 ballot. Thank you for your consideration.

         30 years experience in the Food Service Industry
         15 years experience in Senior Dining/Health Care Arena
         15 years member and service to Dietary Managers Association

         National Service:
                     Secretary/Treasurer                           2008-2009
                     Director at Large                             2006-2008
                     Certifying Board for Dietary Managers         1999-2005
                              Chairman                              2001-2005
                     Chapter Visit Team
                     Chairman’s Program Task Force
                     Standards Committee
                     Item Writers Committee
                     Strategic Planning Committee
                     Master Track Series Reviewer

          State Service:
                     Web Site Editor
                     State President                                       1997-1998 &
                     Newsletter Editor

                        State Achievement Award Recipient
                        Roland Peppard Award Recipient

                        Greenville Technical College                       Dietetic Advisory
                        Health Care Specialist                                      2004-
                            o Harvest Foods, Inc
                                Charlotte, NC

Greetings Fellow CDM's!!

While everyone may see me as the carefree, fun-loving kind of guy, I assure you that
when it comes to moving this Association forward, I take it very serious!! I am running for
National Chair Elect and am asking that you support me with your vote. I have been a
member of DMA for ten years and have worked my local chapter in every position and
now serve as Advisor to the Board. I am currently a Director at Large for DMA National
with five states of my own and am overseeing five states for another vacant position.

Other than my activities with DMA, I am the Immediate Past President for another
association of which made great strides in the past three years that I served on the Board
for Directors. I pride myself as being one who not only talks about it but get's the job
done. I am a very positive person and very much a people person who enjoys meeting,
networking with, and serving my fellow peers. My positive outlook to problems and
situations allow me the ability to make sound and accurate decisions.

If elected, I plan to continue the efforts to obtain the attention of our officials who make
decisions that affect our everyday positions in life. Our healthcare facilities need to have
certified operators in charge of them and we are the generation to make that happens.
With your help and support we can take DMA into the next dimension of time by making
our voices ring loud and clear for what we believe is right. And with the Leadership
Institute growing and taking on new definition, we can become the Professionals of

Please know that your best interest is what I have in mind and that I will count it a
privilege and an honor to serve you as your next Chair Elect and then Chair. Thank you
for your vote and your support as we work together to make DMA the best it can possibly


Ricky G. Clark, CDM, CFPP, CFSM, CCFP
DMA Director at Large
Training and Development Coordinator Supervisor

  Support Services Training Unit
  Academy for Staff Development
  1900 River Road West
  Crozier, VA 23039

  804-784-6857 office
  804-784-6851 fax
  804-767-0699 cell

               Candidate for DMA
               Secretary- Treasurer

                    Ginger W. Cater MEd, CDM, CFPP
                    Nutrition Services
                    Westside Living
                    Center ,
                    Greenville, SC

Years as a DMA Member: 15
DMA Leadership in the Past Five Years: National Level:
Education Committee 2005-2006; Director at Large 2007-2009
State Level: President 2005-2006; Impact Team 2005-2006;
Membership Chairman 2006-2007; Legislative Spokesperson 2000-
2004; Newsletter Editor 2002-2003.
Awards: DMA State Achievement Award 2006.
DMA Diamond Award 2006.
Roland Peppard Award 2006.

Hi !
I am Ginger Cater and I am running for Secretary- Treasurer in
the National DMA election. I would like to be your voice and
representation next year. As you can see from above, I have a lot
of experience on the State and National level.

Watch your DMA Magazine in the near future for more
information about some of my ideas and voting information.

Please consider voting for me, but if not… still vote. It is your
opportunity to make your voice heard.

Thank you.

Chapter/District Updates

We have no district news if you or your
district officers do not let us know.
Please contact Carolyn Cooper, or Lisa
King to let us know. Thank you
Winston Salem District

Is hosting the 40th celebration! Please come and see what is in
store for you, a great time to network, socialize, but most of all to
learn to lead.

Next Meeting will be in Winston Salem, NC Please contact Linda
Hardenberger, CDM, CFPP.

Merolina Districtt
Ronnie Abernathy CDM, CFPP
Metrolina District President

OFFICE PHONE: 704-887-6306

Please contact Ronnie if you are interested in volunteering.

Foothills District

Wilma Travis------------------128312

1156 15th Street SW

Hickory, NC 28602

Central District

Will have a district meeting on April 8, 2009
US Foodservice in Zebulon, NC
Contact Chuck for more information.

Chuck K. Anspach--------------205110

3416 Oak Trail

Clayton, NC 27520

Central District President

Western District

Michael P. Heitz---------------------200733
3722 Walnut Creek Road

Marshall, NC 28753

Western District President

South Central District

Tommy Smith--------------------135374

South Central President

Eastern District

Martin Coleman

P. O. Box 484

Plymouth,, NC 27962

Eastern District President

South Eastern District

Garry Allen----------------163563

South Eastern President


The economy has affected everyone that I talk to, from
layoffs, downsizing, to closings of buildings due to not
having budgeted occupancy. We are all suffering these
days. There are things that you can do to help your
facility bring in residents. Talk to your administrator
about having a little more money in dietary to add more
pizzazz and let him know it will add to the bottom line.
What does everyone want for their loved ones, good
nursing care, and good food. Because everyone knows
about how they want and expect the food to be.
Garnish your plates, have your staff take a little extra
time to make the desserts more decorative, whip
topping on puddings with sprinkles, Sliced lemons on
your fish, etc. We all hate those three blobs of pureed
food on the plates, especially those that present it,
families that see it and the resident that has to guess
what it is and eat it. Make your purees into a casserole
and drizzle gravy on the plates and layer the casserole
atop to make a more attractive dish . Put a note on the
tray to let them know what they are having. Do you see
your families bring in food for them and the resident,
can you not sell to your families, everyone likes to go
out and it is very hard to take our residents out
especially if they are in a wheel chair, bed, or geri chair,
make a special dinner night for families to come and
dine with their resident, charge enough not only to
cover food and labor but a little extra to cover more
special events. You can do it, make yourself, an
employee that everyone wants to keep, especially the
residents and families. I challenge you to think outside
the box. Send me your ideas for these tough times,

what do you do to make your food operation special?
Send pictures and your ideas to :
Carolyn Cooper, CDM, CFPP

"One important key to success is
self-confidence. An important key to
self-confidence is preparation."
- Arthur Ashe

Job Postings:

None at this time.

Pictures from the past 40 years, boy have we come a
long way!

Guess who they are and win a prize, send your answers
to then see Carolyn
Cooper at the meeting for your prize.

Look at the fashion of the times and the date on the flag,
put on your thinking caps…
I know some of you know these folks!

Officers’ Roster

President: Lisa King CDM, CFPP
           P.O. Box 708
           Biscoe, NC 27209
           Home: 910-571-0834
           Work: 910-428-2117

President Elect:
(Education Committee & Membership Committee Chairperson)

Carolyn Cooper CDM, CFPP
100 Wade Cobble Drive
Burlington, NC 27215 Home: 434-489-9474
Fax: 336-538-1523 Work: 336-538-1578
Cell: 434-489-9474

(Finance Committee & Scholarship Committee Chairperson)

Bill Combs CDM, CFPP
1825 Robbie Ct.
Graham, NC 27253
Work: 336-586-9850


Mary Wright CDM, CFPP
P.O. Box 78
Cordova, NC 28330
Home: 910-417-3715

Immediate Past President:
(Nominating Committee Chairperson, Webmaster)

Martha Martin CDM, CFPP
P O Box 752

Wadesboro, NC 28170 Home: 704-694-5922


Betsy Phillips CDM, CFPP
84 Granny Acres
Durham, NC 27713
Home: 919-544-3555

Newsletter Editor:

Carolyn Cooper CDM, CFPP
100 Wade Cobble Drive
Burlington, NC 27215 Home: 434-489-9474
Fax: 336-538-1523
Work: 336-538-1578
Cell: 434-489-9474
State Spokesperson
James Keaten CDM, CFPP
65 Candytuff Lane
Durham, NC 27713
Home: 919-544-7712
Fax: 919-560-2328
Cell: 919-724-8841

                                        March 25, 26, 27March 25, 26, 27, 2009
                                        National Meeting in Atlanta, GA in

State Spokes Person/ Web Master

State Spokesperson:
February 25 - 26, 2009, President Lisa King and
Spokesperson James Keaten will be attending the DMA Day
at the Capitol in Washington, DC to represent the NC DMA
to our newly elected Representatives and Congressional
Leaders. The National DMA office, in conjunction with the
Herboslsheimer Law Firm and the Legislative committee
members from designated DMA chapters have worked
diligently over the past three years to enact legislation to
strengthen the CDM credentials and establish National
requirements. On September 26, 2008, Federal legislation
was introduced to provide national recognition of the
Certified Dietary Manager credential. This legislation in
known as H.R. 7139. As you are aware, recent changes in
the political landscape have changed the focus of our
elected officials. We are determined to continue our push for
the recognition that we deserve. While in Washington, DC,
Lisa and Jim will meet with Senators and Representatives
from both parties and provide informational packets to those
we can not reach. Our goal is to have our voices heard and
demonstrate the NC DMA commitment to supporting this

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the NC DMA, we will be
revamping our website for a new look. In order for this to be
a success, please submit any relevant information to Jim
Keaten at as soon as possible. Look
for the exciting changes soon at

Meet your State Nominees:

For President Elect:

Betsy Phillips – Betsy has worked Rex Health Care in Raleigh for
the past 12 years She has been a member since 1996. NC DMA will
continue to flourish at the local, state, and national level with the
support from its membership. Thank you so much for your vote
Past President NCDMA
Past President Central District
Past DMA Director at Large
Past NC DMA Spokesperson
Current NC DMA Historian

Jim Keaten - James "Jim" Keaten has been a food service
manager for over 22 years. During that time he has working
in hospitals, colleges, nursing homes, restaurants, and
schools. His membership in the NC DMA began over 10
years ago. Since becoming a member, Jim has been the
State Spokesperson, Webmaster, District President and
State President. In addition, Jim has been on the Legislative
Action Committee and the Item Writer's Committee.

For Treasurer:
Bill Combs, CDM, CFPP


    Is there an issue or concern with your district,
     state or the national Dietary Managers Association
     you would like resolved?

    Are you planning a program or activity for DMA
     members that should be promoted?

    Are you doing something at your place of
     employment that others should know about?
 Please contact Carolyn Cooper, CDM, CFPP

          April 13th-17th, 2009

During DMA Hunger Week, dietary managers and
    other members of the foodservice team
  Choose local activities to help fight hunger
            in their communities.

For more information on Hunger Week contact Kim at

                    40th Anniversary Celebration

Take a walk down the Yellow Brick Road in the Land of Oz
to the Emerald City with the celebration of the NC DMA 40th
Anniversary. Click your heels in your ruby red slippers as
you go back in time through the history of the NC DMA.

Photos and other memorabilia will be on display March 25-
27 at the 40 year celebration in Clemmons, N. C. at the
Clemmons Village Inn. Please bring your photos and any
memorabilia that you would like to share with other NC DMA

Dorothy will be on hand to guide you through the Land of Oz.
You will learn, network, and have fun with other NC DMA
members at this your 40th year celebration extravaganza of
the NC DMA.

Respectfully submitted,

Betsy B. Phillips CDM, CFPP
NC DMA Historian

New Members and Students:

 We would like to welcome all new students and
 Members to attend our 40th Anniversary State


 Beverly Williams           High Point      NC   27260
 Anne D. Andrews            West End        NC   27376
 Ernest Bynum               Morrisville     NC   27560
 Jean Champion              Cherryville     NC   28021
 David Bridges              Crouse          NC   28033
 Elaine Brady               Denver          NC   28037
 Doris D. Watson            Gastonia        NC   28054
 Susan Miller               Gastonia        NC   28056
 Penny Eaker                Lincolnton      NC   28092
 Jeffrey Wiesner            Rutherfordton   NC   28139
 Teressia Sain              Vale            NC   28168
 Bonnie Ward                Fayetteville    NC   28301
 Sandra Dowdell             Kinston         NC   28501
 Jennifer Havner            Hickory         NC   28602
 Kelly S.
                            Crossnore       NC   28616
 Amie Greene                Lenoir         NC    28645
 Tristan Briggs             Weaverville    NC    28787
 Ann Marie Jensen           Hendersonville NC    28791

             New Members

Quintana Smith, CDM,CFPP                             High Point   NC    27260

Barbara M. Grimes, CDM,CFPP                          Goldsboro    NC    27530

Sara L. Evans, CDM,CFPP                              Durham       NC    27705

Rachel S. Thomas                                     Elizabethtown NC   28337
Daphne W. Goodman,                                   West
                                                                  NC    28694
CDM,CFPP                                             Jefferson
Willie L Miller, CDM,CFPP

                                     News Flash

               Welcome to the University of North Dakota News Flash
               for Certified Dietary Managers. It is our intention to keep
              CDM, CFPPs informed of the latest information of interest to
                                 those in our profession.

                When reviewing charts and medical records, or reading
               professional journals, some of the terminology can be way
               over our heads. Solve the problem of having to frequently
              ask yourself "What does this mean?" by taking our Medical
                    Terminology Online or Correspondence course.

                            This course allows you to:
                                - Earn 30 DMA CEUs.
                 - Impress your colleagues with your knowledge and
             understanding of medical terminology that will enhance your
                           professional image, and career.
                        - Take the course online, or by mail.

    For more information about this or other CEU
- Check our website at:
- Our online Live Chat, (instant messaging) representatives,
            are available answer your questions.

If we can help you in any way, please call us toll-free at 1-
 Becky Rude, MS,RD, CDM, CFPP, UND Dietary Managers

                       North Carolina Dietary Managers Association
                                     40 Anniversary
                              Spring 2009 State Conference
                                   March 25,26,27,2009
                                    Registration Form

Make checks payable to: NC DMA                                The Village Inn Golf & Conference Center
Mail this form and your payment to:
                                                                    6205 Ramada Drive P. O. Box 926
Bill Combs CDM, CFPP
NC DMA Treasurer
1825 Robbie Ct.                                                          Clemmons, NC 27012
Graham, NC 27253
                                                            (336)766-9121 (336)766-1112
                                                            Rate: $72 plus taxes single/double

         Member of: (Circle One)      NC DMA      ADA      Administrator
         Student      Retiree

Name: ____________________________________              Employer:

Address: __________________________________             DMA Member #:

Address: __________________________________             Home Phone:

City: ____________________ State: ___________           Work Phone:

Zip Code: ___________                                   Email Address:

Check #: ____________              Check Amount: _____________           Date:

Registration Fees:
Members                                 $ 95.00                 40th Anniversary Banquet
Non-Members                            $125.00             Thursday, March 26, 2009 – 6:00 pm
Retirees and Students                  $70.00                         Guest Charge
At the door                            $125.00           # of Guests _____ @ $30.00 = _________

Total:                             _______

                   $30.00 CHARGE ON RETURNED CHECKS

Updated Food Pyramid for Older Adults Offers
By Judith Groch, Senior Writer, MedPage Today
Published: December 20, 2007
Reviewed by Zalman S. Agus, MD; Emeritus Professor
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
BOSTON, Dec. 20 -- Patients 70 and older seeking sound
nutritional advice have been given their own food pyramid,

                   Click here to enlarge
complete with suggestions for ways to reduce extra trips to
the grocery store.

The goal of the food pyramid for older patients is to make the
information accessible on paper for those who may not be
adept in computers and Web sites, where the standard
USDA MyPyramid resides. The older-adult version also has
small but important differences that distinguish it from the
standard pyramid.

For instance, the new "Modified MyPyramid for Older Adults"
emphasizes packaged, canned, or frozen fruits and
vegetables in addition to the fresh variety, Alice H.
Lichtenstein, D.Sc., of Tufts University here, and colleagues
reported online in the Journal of Nutrition. The new graphic
will be published in the January issue.
Action Points

     Explain that this graphic version of the Modified
      MyPyramid for Older Adults is not intended to substitute
      for the interactive computer MyPyramid dietary
      program, but the intent is to meet the unique needs of
      older adults and make access easier.

Bags of frozen pre-cut vegetables that can be resealed or
single-serve portions of canned fruit may be easier to
prepare and have a longer shelf life, while dried fruits are an
excellent source of fiber, the Tufts team wrote.

Such factors, the researchers added, are important when
age or weather make shopping less likely. For a number of
reasons, these forms may be better suited to older adults.

Patients older than 70 have unique dietary needs, Dr.
Lichtenstein said. They may need fewer calories because
they are less physically active and their metabolic rates slow,
yet their bodies still require the same or higher levels of

Furthermore, she said, they may need additional guidance
about the forms of food that can best meet their needs and

about the importance of sufficient fluid intake and physical

The Tufts version of the pyramid in graphic form is not
intended to substitute for the standard MyPyramid, which is
now an Internet-based program allowing for the calculation
of individualized food-based dietary choices and providing
supplemental information.

However, the Tufts researchers wrote that they were
concerned about issues related to computer availability, Web
access, and Internet literacy among older adults, suggesting
that a graphic version of MyPyramid was needed.

Thus, the Modified MyPyramid for Older Adults appears in a
colorful illustrated format consistent with the familiar
standard MyPyramid drawing.

The Modified MyPyramid stresses nutrient- and fiber-rich
foods and food sources for nutrients rather than
supplements. Fluids and physical activity icons appear at the
foundation of the Pyramid.

A flag to maintain awareness of a possible need for
supplemental forms of calcium, and vitamins D and B-12
waves from the top of the pyramid.

The major features in the Modified Pyramid graphic that
differ from the standard food guide pyramid are the
expanded presentations of food icons throughout the
pyramid highlighting good choices within each category. A
row of water glasses and little drawings of physical activities,
such as walking, and house and yard work, run along the
base of the illustration.

The flag at the top of the pyramid suggests that some older
adults, due to biological changes, may need supplemental
vitamins B-12 and D, and calcium, if the person's health care
provider agrees. However, the researchers emphasized that

the majority, if not all, of the nutrients should come from food
and not supplements.

The graphic icons in the pyramid emphasize physical activity
and fluid intake (including soup), plus foods in the following

     Whole, enriched, and fortified grains and cereal, such
      as brown rice and 100% whole wheat bread
     Bright colored vegetables, such as carrots and broccoli
     Deep-colored fruit, such as berries and melon
     Low- and non-fat dairy products, such as yogurt and
      low-lactose milk
     Dry beans and nuts, fish, poultry, lean meat, and eggs
     Liquid vegetable oils and soft spreads low in saturated
      and trans fat.

"We do not intend the graphic to accomplish all the functions
that the interactive computer program does or substitute for
it. The intent is to incorporate icons within the graphic that
serve to raise awareness of the unique needs of older adults
and how to meet them," the researchers said.

The researchers reported no conflicts of interest.

This study was supported by a grant from the Ross Initiative
on Aging at Tufts University and the USDA.

Primary source: Journal of Nutrition
Source reference:
Lichtenstein A, et al "Modified MyPyramid for older adults" J
Nutr 2008; 138: 5-11.


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