Minutes Facilities Committee 2010 May 7 by cYevV8B


									                            Campus Facilities Planning Committee
                                       May 7, 2010

Present: Michael Abbott, Margarita Arellano, Maria Canabal, Colter Ray, Lou DeVirgillio,
Carol Dochen, Terry Dowdy, Britt Bousman for Ann Marie Ellis, Juan Guerra, David Healey,
Ricky Lattie and Robert Campbell for Ralph Meyer, Ms. Nusbaum Nusbaum, Bobby Patton,
Michael Petty, Kim Porterfield, Rosanne Proite, Chris Reynolds, Jose G. Rodriquez, John Root,
Barbara Sanders, Ray Cook for Harold Stern, Bill Stone

Absent: Micky Autrey, David Bisett, Coyle Buhler, Richard Cheatham, Ann Marie Ellis, Frank
Gonzalez, Derek Grice, John McGee, Sandra Moody-West, Ralph Meyer, Barbara Sanders,
Ardie Schneider, Tina Schultz, Harold Stern and William Stone

Guest: Brenda Land, Gary Cassens, Carmelita Mendoza and Christy Stark

City of San Marcos Update
David Healey introduced Christy Stark, Public Information Officer, who will be working with
David’s department to keep the community informed of the City’s capital improvement projects.
David provided the following project updates:
   1. 5 Mile Dam Park project (10 soccer fields, concession stand, and play area) - completed.
   2. Central Fire Station on IH 35 to be completed June 2010.
   3. Comanche wastewater project to be completed by tonight.
   4. Cottonwood Creek Elevated Water Storage to be completed June 2010 and will increase
       the storage capacity in the southeastern area of the City by 15,000 connections.
   5. Guadalupe Sidewalk project - completed.
   6. McCarty Lane improvement $8.125 million project - ground breaking.
   7. Oakridge water pump station project at the Sleepy Hollow Subdivision - in progress.
   8. Rio Vista Phase II is a $10.7 million project in the City Park area.
   9. Sessom Phase I project completed and traffic flow should be open by next week. TxDOT
       will begin resurfacing of Sessom after graduation.
   10. Wonder World Drive grand opening - July 24, 2010.
   11. City is working with TxDOT to take over the Aquarena overpass project. Texas State
       staff are involved with the development. City working on funding issues.

Ms. Nusbaum discussed some projects that David Bisett, Real Estate Specialist, is currently
working on with the city:
   Center for Research and Commercialization - City and the University preparing an EDA
   proposal. University could receive $1 million and the City $500,000 to provide water,
   wastewater, etc. to the property at Hunter Road and McCarty.

   Performing Arts Center (PAC) – President Trauth approved the renderings. The renderings
   will be shared with the donor and a coordinated announcement will be held thereafter. The
   University and City are working together on the removal of the overhead lines along
   University Drive.
Several new attendees were present and introductions were made:
       Colter Ray, ASG Vice President for FY2011
       Carmelita Mendoza, Accounting
       Britt Bousman, Liberal Arts, attending for Ann Marie Ellis

Provost/VPFSS Approval of Projects
Two projects were approved via email by a majority vote of the Facilities Planning Committee
and were approved by the Provost and VP for Finance and Support Services as follows:
   1) Athletics Department – Renovation of conference room A169 into an office to
      accommodate a new assistant women’s soccer coach and meeting room. Athletics will
   2) Technology Resources - Client Services renovation of MSC 351 to add more room in the
      call center by making the break room smaller. IT will fund.

President’s Cabinet Review and Consideration
In April, based on recommendations from Provost Moore:
     Did not approve Smith House for Criminal Justice
     Approved JCK 312 for HousingResidence Life
     Approved sound dampening in Hines 208
     Approved Financial Aid conference room renovation
     Approved the demolition of UPACC. The demolition request will go to the Board of
       Regents for approval in May.
     Approved renovation in Alkek from SLAC
     Approved reconfiguration of HPB 231 (classroom) into faculty offices

Alumni House Renovation-
Cabinet approved $50,000-$60,000 for renovation of the Alumni House. Ms. Prince has funds
for the furniture upgrade. The project timeline was escalated due to the hiring process for a new
director of Alumni Affairs. Funding for the renovation will come from the unexpended plant

Classroom and Class Lab Renovation Projects for FY 2011
The Classroom Improvement Committee meets each year to review a list of classrooms in need
of renovation. The renovation budget is $500,000 (HEAF). The committee, with feedback from
the academic chairs, identified the following for renovation summer 2011.
      Jowers A211 - HPER
      Psychology 126 - Psychology
      Hines 206 - Criminal Justice
      Evans Liberal Arts 311 - Geography
      Derrick 336 – Math
      Flowers G12, 113, 229 - English
      Cent 100 – Modern Languages
      Sabinal 101 – Art and Design

The renovation budget for class labs is $50,000 (HEAF). Three chemistry labs and a Music lab
were recommended.
Faculty in Math were surveyed to determine if chalkboards were needed in the rooms. A
majority stated that they needed chalkboards on all 4 walls. Instructional Technology responded
that they will not put media equipment into rooms where chalkboards exist because the silica
dust from chalk is very hard on equipment and affects the ongoing maintenance and replacement
costs. Ms. Nusbaum noted that there is a need for more tables for students in wheelchairs in
classrooms. Ms. Nusbaum will send the classroom list to chairs to review if the rankings still
hold true. Ms. Nusbaum announced that she is working to set up a Classroom Standards
Committee to standardize classroom furniture.

HEAF Allocation for FY 2011
A copy of the proposed HEAF allocation for FY 2011 was distributed to the attendees. The
annual allocation for Texas State increased from $20,258,249 to $21,863,258. Michael Petty
requested an additional $25,000 for ADA compliance. The process to increase ADA would have
been for Tina Schultz to contact Dr. Smith. Michael Petty moved to accept the allocations with
the increase to ADA. There were no objections. Ms. Nusbaum will take to President’s Cabinet
for approval.

Deferred Maintenance projects for FY 2011
Juan Guerra distributed copies of the FY2011 Deferred Maintenance spreadsheet. He noted that
the spreadsheet reflects FY2010 projects that are being worked on and not completed. He stated
that he added in the renovation of the thermal distribution system for needed upgrades-pipe size,
etc. of steam lines, condensate lines, etc. The report includes continued maintenance needs for
elevators and roofs, as well as classroom renovation projects for 2011. The committee had no
objections. Ms. Nusbaum will take to President’s Cabinet for approval and the projects will be
entered in the THECB system in October.

EHSRM Relocation
EHSRM will move from the Thornton House to the Smith House. Criminal Justice will get the
Hill House. University Advancement (in the Hill House) will move into JCK when
Housing/Residence Life moves into their new building. International Studies will move to the
Thornton House along with Study Abroad and Intensive English. Since the Smith House is not
large enough to accommodate all of the EHSRM staff, a proposal to move a portable to the
Smith House (hidden) or to take over space vacated by CASETA in the lower level of Brazos is
being evaluated.

Renovation of McCoy 431D
A request was received to reconfigure the chair’s office and administrative office to provide the
chair more privacy. Cost estimate is $3,500-$4,600. Department has $8,000 toward the project.
Provost recommended the Department use their funds. The committee had no objections.

Allocation of Space for Custodial Services
Custodial Services needs additional storage space for its equipment and supplies. A room at the
Physical Plant has been identified. Juan Guerra agrees with the allocation of that room. The
committee had no objections.

Renovation of Recycling Center
Staff from the Recycling Center requested renovation of the building to improve working
conditions. This would address HVAC, lighting, and restrooms. Cost estimate is $92,400. Since
there is no available HEAF money for FY 2010; Ms. Nusbaum recommends deferring the project
to FY 2011. The committee had no objections. This project will need to go to President’s
Cabinet for approval.

Nueces Renovation of Parking Services Space
Parking Services is moving to Matthews garage. Access Services (key shop) is requesting
allocation of the vacated space in Nueces. The department has $10,000 and the bid came in at
$12,000. Parking will need to find additional funding or make changes to the initial renovation.
The committee had no objections. Ms. Nusbaum will secure Provost and VPFSS approvals.

College of Health Professions, Room 311
A request was received relocate a door in room 311. Cost estimate is $2000-$3500. The
department has $2000. OFPDC will work to get the bid in at $2000. The committee had no
objections. Ms. Nusbaum will secure Provost and VPFSS approvals.

Request from Biology for Emergency Generator
A request was received from the Chair of Biology to install an emergency generator in Freeman
Aquatic Biology due to an increase of critical research in the labs. They have no funding.
Pricing was received for two options: 30K generator for $76,000 or a 150K emergency unit for
$130,000. Michael Petty recommended the 150K unit for life safety reasons. This would have to
be from next year’s funding. The committee had no objections. This project will need to go to
President’s Cabinet for approval.

Fine Arts & Communication Advising, OM 118
Project was not discussed since the cost estimate was not available at this time.

Board of Regents May Meeting
The following items will go to the Board in May.
    Approval of design documents for the North Housing project
    Approval to use remaining project funds from the Nursing Building on items outside the
       original scope of work (e.g., surface parking).
    Extension of the Chartwells contract which includes $11.8 million from Chartwells for
       renovations to Commons Dining Hall, Harris Dining Hall, demolition of existing Paws-n-
       Go and construction of a new one elsewhere, renovations in the Student Center food
       venues, a new University Club in the Student Center, renovation of the Den, and
       renovation of Jones Dining.

Next Year’s HEAF Funding
As the committee is now looking to spend next year’s funding, Ms. Nusbaum asked for input on
how to prioritize projects in the future. Currently projects are on a first come first serve basis.
Margarita Arellano suggested setting timelines with some possible exceptions.

Office Planning Design and Construction Projects
OFPDC has posted a Master List of Projects on its webpage. Contact Michael Petty with any
questions. There is also a capital projects list on the OFPDC web site.

Next Meeting Date
The next Facilities Committee Meeting is rescheduled for Friday, April 4, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. in
the Reed Parr Room located on the 11th floor of JCK.

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