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					About Bruce Braun: Prior to his real estate career, Bruce obtained a radio/TV degree through Mankato
State University and Brown Institute, with an emphasis on sales and marketing. After 15 years in the
broadcasting industry, and producing and anchoring a nationally syndicated television program, Bruce
decided to take his talents closer to home. The decision speaks for itself. To date, more than 500 satisfied
clients have passed through Bruce's doors, and his business continues to grow. Integrity and dedication
to his clients are a vital part of that growth. "Being at the top is one thing," says Bruce, "staying there is
another." Bruce continues to lead in the fore front in technology and marketing, striving to find new and
better ways to serve his customer's needs. With an extensive background and knowledge in sales and
marketing, Bruce can provide quality advice and service not found with many agents today. Bruce is a
graduate of the Realtors Institute (GRI) and is a Certified Real Estate Specialist (CRS) representing the
top 1% of all Realtors nationwide.

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