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FA’s Hillsborough apology ‘is not good
enough’, says family group
The Football Association was accused on Thursday of failing to
acknowledge the extent of its role in the Hillsborough disaster
before its chairman made a ‘full and unreserved apology’ Page 2

Chelsea’s John Terry winning fitness
battle to face Anton Ferdinand
John Terry should be fit for Chelsea’s match at QPR on Saturday,
when he could face Anton Ferdinand Page 3

Premiership Rugby television deal
threatens schism over Europe
Premiership Rugby and the unions that organise the Heineken Cup
are embroiled in a war of words over a BT Vision TV deal Page 3

Tour of Britain 2012:                        Kent denied promotion                        Yorkshire promoted as           John Dunlop to
Mark Cavendish loses                         by Glamorgan as                              Anthony McGrath leads           retire after 47 years
overall lead on fifth                        Robert Croft signs off in                    charge against Essex           of training classy
stage Page 4                                 style Page 6                                 Page 8                          racehorses Page 9

England defend                               Charles van Commenee                         Surrey flourish at              Karren Brady insists
T20 title with good                          claims to have been the                      Lancashire but Rory             West Ham United the
alternatives to Kevin                        weak link at London                          Hamilton-Brown is set           best option for Olympic
Pietersen Page 5                             2012 Page 7                                  to leave Page 8                 Stadium Page 10 © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                           
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                                                                     the following year, it did not raise the issue of crowd safety or
                                                                     the lack of an up-to-date safety certificate.
FA’s Hillsborough apology ‘is not good                                   The FA had stopped using Hillsborough as a semi-final venue
enough’, says family group                                           in 1981 after a serious crush during a match between Tottenham
                                                                     Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers, but reinstated it in
• FA releases statement that is criticised by                        1987. Despite a series of modifications to the ground and to the
victims’ families                                                    terracing at the Leppings Lane end, no new safety certificates
                                                                     were issued.
• David Bernstein later apologises for
                                                                         According to documents released by the inquiry, one
organisation’s role                                                  supporter wrote to the FA in 1988 to describe how fans were
Owen Gibson                                                          forced against the fences at the front of the terrace, with
                                                                     collapsing and fainting. “After the match we all vowed to never
                                                                     enter the Leppings Lane end again. As far as I’m concerned,
                                                                     when there is a large crowd entering that part of the ground,
                                                                     it will always be a death trap.” Another fan wrote to protest
                                                                     “in the strongest possible terms” against the “disgraceful
                                                                         But South Yorkshire police reported no problems and
                                                                     Sheffield Wednesday said the match went “extremely
                                                                     smoothly”. The FA could find no record of the fan’s letter when
                                                                     asked in 1989.
                                                                         Despite the problems, the 1989 exchange of letters between
                                                                     Sheffield Wednesday and the FA – also released among 450,000
                                                                     pages of documents – does not mention crowd safety.
                                                                         The FA, in a letter from the competition secretary Stephen
The Football Association chairman, David Bernstein, issed a
                                                                     Clarke, wrote to all the grounds that could be selected as semi-
separate apology after the organisation’s earlier statement
                                                                     final venues in February of 1989. He made no mention of safety
was criticised. Photograph: Nick Potts/PA
                                                                     procedures, other to enquire whether fences were in place to
The Football Association was accused on Thursday of failing          prevent fans entering the pitch.
to fully acknowledge the extent of its role in the Hillsborough          In a letter confirming the selection, Clarke added: “All parts
disaster 23 years ago, before its chairman, David Bernstein, later   of the ground must be allocated entirely for the two competing
made a “full and unreserved apology”.                                Clubs with the exception of the exception of Directors Box,
    The FA, which authorised the staging of the FA Cup semi-         which will be controlled by this Office.”
final in April 1989 despite the ground not having a valid                In his later witness statement in the wake of the disaster
safety certificate, was initially criticised for the slowness of     Clarke explained that “the FA’s policy is leave the staging clubs
its response following the publication of the Hillsborough           to deal with the organisation required”.
Independent Panel report on Wednesday. When a statement did              “They are generally familiar with what is needed for these
appear on Thursday morning, it registered “deep and ongoing          matches and also have the advantage of the contacts with the
sadness” at the disaster and “profound sympathy” for the             police which are always needed for these occasions,” he said.
victims and their families, but there was no apology.                    “I was in touch with Mr Mackrell [the Sheffield Wednesday
    That was criticised by representatives of the victims’           secretary] from time to time but basically my job was to ensure
families and around four hours later Bernstein released his          that the FA received the appropriate number of tickets and that
own statement, in which he did apologise for the organisation’s      they were appropriately distributed as required.”
role. “We are deeply sorry this tragedy occurred at a venue              Ahead of the publication of Lord Justice Taylor’s interim
the FA selected,” Bernstein said. “This fixture was played           report, which laid the majority of the blame at the door of the
in the FA’s own competition, and on behalf of the Football           police but also criticised Sheffield Wednesday and the council,
Association I offer a full and unreserved apology and express        its lawyers advised that it “went without saying the FA should
sincere condolences to all of the families of those who lost their   not make any admissions on liability”.
lives and to everyone connected to the city of Liverpool and             Others, including Sheffield Wednesday, the Sun and South
Liverpool Football Club.”                                            Yorkshire police, also apologised for their parts in the tragedy
    The FA said Bernstein had always planned to make his own         and the subsequent cover-up. However, Aspinall said they came
statement in addition to the one released earlier in the day. But    too late: “An apology will never make up for the pain and loss
Margaret Aspinall, the chair of the Hillsborough Family Support      we’ve lived for 23 years. It can never make up for what they’ve
Group, said Bernstein’s apology was not enough. “They have           put us through and what they’ve put our city through.”
a lot to answer for and they were getting away scot-free. They
finally apologised today on the radio. But the apology is not
good enough.”
    The report by the panel also revealed the extent to which
warnings from a serious crush at the ground in 1988 when
Liverpool and Nottingham Forest had also met in the semi-final
of the FA Cup were ignored. When the FA invited Hillsborough
to host a repeat of the clash at the same stage of the competition © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
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                                                                    that Ferdinand will shake the hand of either Terry or Cole. Terry
                                                                    remains the subject of a Football Association investigation into
Chelsea’s John Terry winning fitness                                the flashpoint, which is likely to be heard this month by an
battle to face Anton Ferdinand                                      independent panel. He has denied the charges.
                                                                       Chelsea attempted to set the correct tone ahead of the
• Terry injured playing for England in                              derby with a statement on their official website, which called
Moldova                                                             for the “right rivalry” and highlighted January’s FA Cup tie
                                                                    and April’s league match as “good examples of passionate and
• Acquitted in July of racially abusing
                                                                    vocal rivalry with the fans of both clubs recognising that abuse
Ferdinand                                                           and discrimination have no place in a football stadium, nor
David Hytner                                                        anywhere else in society.
                                                                       “Chelsea Football Club wishes to see the level of respect at
                                                                    those games continued throughout this campaign, as it has
                                                                    been in our opening matches.
                                                                       Both Chelsea and QPR will work together with the police
                                                                    to ensure that anyone using discriminatory or inflammatory
                                                                    language on Saturday is identified, and that the strongest
                                                                    possible action is taken against them.”

                                                                    Premiership Rugby television deal
                                                                    threatens schism over Europe

                                                                    • Heineken Cup organisers say clubs
John Terry, right, with QPR’s Anton Ferdinand during                cannot negotiate TV deals
Chelsea’s match at Loftus Road in October 2011. Photograph:
                                                                    • Clubs say under RFU rules they can do
Nick Potts/PA
                                                                    their own deals
John Terry has told Roberto Di Matteo that he is fit and expects
to play at Queens Park Rangers on Saturday, as he is determined     Paul Rees and Robert Kitson
not to be seen to be shirking any confrontation with Anton
    The Chelsea captain injured his ankle last Friday while
playing in England’s 5-0 World Cup qualifying win away to
Moldova, missed his country’s 1-1 draw against Ukraine on
Tuesday as he underwent treatment and returned to light
training on Wednesday, raising the concern that the Premier
League fixture at Loftus Road may come too soon for him. But
Terry trained fully on Thursday and is adamant that he is ready
to start in what could be a highly charged west London derby.
    Ferdinand is also fit, despite having a scan on a shoulder
problem on Monday, meaning the pair stand to meet each other
for the first time since Terry was acquitted of making a racial
slur against the QPR defender in the corresponding fixture last     Premiership Rugby’s TV deal with BT Vision and the desire to
season.                                                             change the format of the Heineken Cup are the reasons behind
    Ashley Cole, who gave evidence on Terry’s behalf at             the dispute Photograph: Jamie Mcdonald/Getty Images
Westminster magistrates court in July, returned to training on
                                                                    Rugby union Premiership Rugby and the unions which organise
Thursday after the ankle problem the Chelsea defender suffered
                                                                    the Heineken Cup may end up in court as the battle for control
in the European Super Cup final defeat by Atlético Madrid at
                                                                    of European rugby’s leading club competition intensifies in the
the end of last month. He, too, is fit and eager to play, and his
                                                                    biggest schism in six nations rugby for 14 years.
presence would further spice the occasion; Ferdinand was
                                                                        A TV deal with BT Vision announced by Premiership Rugby
disgusted that Cole took Terry’s side in the bitter dispute.
                                                                    this week, which included rights to European competition,
    At present, the Premier League expects the traditional
                                                                    provoked a war of words with European Rugby Cup Ltd,
pre-match handshakes to take place. Officials indicated the
                                                                    the organisers of the Heineken and Amlin Challenge Cups,
same thing before last season’s return league game at Stamford
                                                                    with each side accusing the other of selling the rights to a
Bridge in April only to change their minds at the last minute
                                                                    tournament that did not exist.
and cancel them. The Football Association had cancelled
                                                                        Premiership Rugby’s TV deal and desire to change the format
them before the FA Cup tie between the clubs in January.
                                                                    of the Heineken Cup are the ostensible reasons for the dispute.
Consideration was given to the legal connotations of the pair
                                                                    ERC maintains that International Rugby Board regulations do
shaking hands before the court case.
                                                                    not allow clubs to negotiate television or sponsorship contracts
    That is no longer an issue and Chelsea will not push for the
                                                                    unless their union gives them permission, and then it only
pre-match ritual to be stopped. It is highly unlikely, however, © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page 4 G24 Sport                                                           Thursday September 13 2012               21:46 GMT

applies to competitions played within their own borders. It was    a confidential manner. We will consider and reflect upon the
taking legal advice.                                               situation before commenting further.”
    The English clubs, who boycotted Europe in 1998 in a
dispute over who controlled the professional game, insist under
the terms of an agreement with the Rugby Football Union five       Tour of Britain 2012: Mark Cavendish
years ago they have the right to do their own TV deals. That       loses overall lead on fifth stage
deal ends in 2016, two years before the contract with BT Vision
concludes, something that could be rendered invalid if the RFU
took back the negotiation rights.
                                                                   • Isle of Man rider finishes almost 12min
    ERC has agreed an enhanced TV deal with Sky for the            behind winner
Heineken Cup to run to 2018, something Premiership Rugby           • Marc de Maar escapes to win despite
which, with the leading French clubs, last June served a           crashing
two-year notice for pulling out of the European tournaments,
                                                                   William Fotheringham
says is invalid because, with a new participation agreement to
replace the one that ends in 2014 not agreed, there is nothing
to sell. “What this is about is club competitions being run by
clubs rather than the unions,” said a Premiership source. “The
Champions League is not run by the Football Association or
the German federation and imagine how stupid it would be if it
were. It is in everyone’s interests to play together with a more
even distribution of money than is currently the case.It comes
down to who blinks first.”
    The English and French clubs say the only way to get
meaningful change is to make a lot of noise, and by securing
money for a European competition from BT Vision, whose chief
executive Marc Watson predicted a new European competition
with a “fantastic new format‚“ would replace the Heineken Cup,
they have the financial means to divide the other four countries   Team Sky’s Mark Cavendish, right, had a bad day at the office
that make up the ERC board, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy.    on the fifth stage of the Tour of Britain. Photograph: Dave
    ERC’s stance is that Premiership Rugby is bound by             Thompson/PA
corporate governance to the new Sky deal because it was part
                                                                   The Stoke stage was where the Tour of Britain went pear-
of a meeting on 6 June, as one of England’s two representatives,
                                                                   shaped for Team Sky in 2010 and in this year’s edition
that mandated the executive to conclude the agreement. The
                                                                   something similar happened as the elite British squad’s
English clubs response is that three weeks later, on 27 June,
                                                                   domination of the race came to an abrupt and unexpected halt
they wrote to ERC, copying in Sky, saying the contract was
                                                                   after three stage wins in the first four days. The first abortive
                                                                   trip to the Staffordshire Moorlands looked like bad luck, but the
    “The Heineken Cup is a tremendous tournament but the
                                                                   second had the unhappy smack of carelessness about it.
terms have to be tweaked,” said the Saracens chairman, Nigel
                                                                       Sky’s race leader Mark Cavendish trailed into the finish in
Wray. “English and French clubs have to knock each other
                                                                   the third group almost 12 minutes behind the stage winner
out to get into the tournament and all the other guys stroll in.
                                                                   Marc de Maar of United Healthcare, relinquishing his lead to the
That’s not right given that we provide most of the revenue. The
                                                                   Australian Leigh Howard, but the biggest surprise was to see
Heineken Cup was set up by the unions and fair play to them,
                                                                   the Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins alongside the world
but the clubs in England and France must get their reward.”
    The ERC board meets on Tuesday in Dublinnext week to
                                                                       Wiggins raised eyebrows by opting to wait for his team-mate
discuss a new participation agreement. England’s two directors
                                                                   just as the leaders were pulling away with around 25 miles to go,
are Leicester’s Peter Wheeler and the RFU’s Rob Andrew. Other
                                                                   a bizarre decision given that Cavendish clearly had no chance
unions are looking to Twickenham to exert their authority
                                                                   of getting back to the main field. “At that moment it was the
over the clubs and emphasise that TV rights for cross-border
                                                                   point of no return,” said the Team Sky directeur sportif Servais
regulations are not for clubs to sell under the IRB’s regulation
                                                                   Knaven. “Brad was in between the two groups waiting for Cav
13. The IRB can only become involved if a union makes a
                                                                   and the gap looked shorter than it was. Brad wanted to help us
                                                                   defend the jersey today and did everything he could to help
    The RFU’s chief executive, Ian Ritchie, and the Premiership
                                                                   Cav. We hoped for a bit more today but it’s been a hard race up
Rugby chief executive, Mark McCafferty, attended a meeting
                                                                   to this point and a hard season.”
of the professional game board at Twickenhamon Thursday
                                                                       De Maar escaped from a select lead group in the streets
. Entry criteria for the Premiership was meant to be the main
                                                                   of Stoke, four miles from the finish, and won alone, with his
subject on the agenda, but the conflict in Europe dominated
                                                                   team-mate Boy van Poppel also in the frontrunners and moving
debate. The RFU did not give away its stance. “We are exploring
                                                                   to second overall behind Howard. But the battle for the overall
the legalities around the relevant section of the agreement
                                                                   standings will now be between eight riders who remain within
between PRL [Premiership Rugby] and the RFU in 2007,”
                                                                   34sec of the stage two winner Howard; they are all those who
said a Union spokesperson. “We will continue to talk with all
                                                                   figured in both the Sky-instigated sort-out in the northwesterly
parties on what is a complex and fast moving set of issues, in
                                                                   into Blackpool on Wednesday, as well as this second selection in © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
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the Peak District.
    The 28-year-old De Maar, who was born in Assen, Holland,
but is the national champion of Curacao, said his win was partly
                                                                       England defend T20 title with good
due to an unlucky fall a kilometre before his attack, when he          alternatives to Kevin Pietersen
followed the Endura rider Paul Voss straight across a crossroads
rather than turning right. “I was so full of adrenalin that I didn’t   Jos Buttler and Jonny Bairstow can plug
feel my legs for four or five kilometres.” He crossed the line in      the gap left by the last World Twenty20
a style which is rarely seen in a professional bike race, waving
                                                                       tournament’s man of the series
his thermal gilet in one hand, having taken it off in the final
kilometres, stuffed it up the front of his jersey, then realized as    Mike Selvey
he was about to take the win that it would make an unsightly
bulge. It was the only glitch in an incisive finale.
    As well as Howard and Van Poppel, and a second Healthcare
rider in Chris Jones, the eight contenders include a brace from
Garmin-Sharp, Sep Vanmarcke and Nathan Haas, the Italian
Damiano Caruso of Liquigas, with just one rider from Sky – the
German domestique Christian Knees, the sort of “solid” rider
who is well capable of winning an event of this kind — and the
climber Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, the only Briton still in the mix
after dancing briefly away from the opposition in his usual style
on the final climb, Gun Hill.
    The former mountain biker was far and away the strongest
climber in last year’s Tour of Britain, where he finished sixth
after dominating every time the road went uphill. He has taken
                                                                       England’s Jos Buttler hit 32 runs off one over during the T20
on a new dimension since moving from the Rapha-Condor
                                                                       international against South Africa. Photograph: Paul Ellis/
team, where his career was revitalized after several years in
                                                                       AFP/Getty Images
the wilderness, to the Endura squad, with whom he landed
stunning victories in the Tour of the Mediterranean and the            When the England team flew out of Birmingham at lunchtime
Tour du Haut-Var in the very early season.While his Endura             the day after their Edgbaston win against South Africa, en
team have ridden hard to keep him he has been strongly linked          route to Sri Lanka and the World Twenty20, they did so in the
to a move to Sky for next season since attending a training            knowledge that not only were they on the way to defending the
camp in Tenerife with Wiggins in April. This year’s route is           title they won so handsomely in Barbados more than two years
more suited to his punchy climbing skills, with more ascents           ago but that they were considered by the international game’s
in his native Devon , and a brief but brutal leg to the finish in      governing body to be the best side in the business at both short
Guildford on Sunday. First up there are two climbs of Caerphilly       forms of the game.
Mountain close to Friday’s finish in South Wales, which could              This is a heady position to be in and no matter that one-
prove decisive.                                                        day rankings are from the same stable that marks the England
                                                                       football team down as being the world’s third best side. At least
                                                                       they are some measure of consistency over a period of time.
                                                                           But T20 is such a difficult format to measure in such an
                                                                       empirical way. That there have been too few matches to
                                                                       make for a meaningful sample is one aspect but another was
                                                                       illustrated on Wednesday in emphatic fashion by the young
                                                                       Somerset tyro Jos Buttler in his single-over destruction of the

                                                                       South Africa pace bowler Wayne Parnell and his 32 runs off 10
                                                                           On such instant shifts of impetus can whole matches and
                                                                       indeed competitions swing. Buttler changed the course of the
                                                                       match just as Mike Hussey disposed of Pakistan’s hopes with
                                                                       his last ditch assault on Saeed Ajmal in the semi-final last time
  Compare and buy                                                      around: Ajmal is regarded as the leading one-day bowler in the
                                                                       business. There are some things for which one simply cannot
  Use our free independent                                             legislate and, on that basis, making anyone favourite for this
  comparison services to switch                                        competition is an exercise in futility.

  suppliers and save money on                                              Planning plays its part. Indeed T20 can, increasingly, be
                                                                       broken down into single-over passages of play almost by rote.
  all your household bills.                                            In the last tournament the job of the England captain, Paul                                                Collingwood, was helped by the knowledge that, unless things
                                                                       went seriously wrong, the bowling plans, in terms of who
  compareandbuy                                                        bowled when, were pretty much set in stone.
                                                                           Batting, too, may go that way eventually: how long before
                                                                       a player, whose sole job is to score no fewer than, say, 30 runs © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
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from the first 15 balls he faces, has but 20 in that time and
is actually retired? Against that though, batting, for all the
apparent bashing, has become more sophisticated, with an
                                                                      Kent denied promotion by Glamorgan
ever-widening repertoire of exotic strokes on offer.                  as Robert Croft signs off in style
    To counter this bowlers have had to become considerably
more versatile and intuitive, looking for signals, attempting to      • Kent 170 & 280; Glamorgan 390 & 61-3
second-guess. It becomes a game within a game. The standard           • Glamorgan win by seven wickets
of fielding is now from a different planet from that it occupied
even five years ago.                                                  Andy Wilson at the Swalec Stadium
    Last time England thought they had their plans in place
weeks beforehand only for them to be torn to shreds, firstly by
the success against them of their A team opponent opening pair
of Craig Kieswetter and Michael Lumb, whom Andy Flower had
the presence of mind to draft into the squad, and secondly by
the last-minute rejection of Jimmy Anderson, replaced by Ryan
Sidebottom on the basis that Collingwood’s IPL experience had
shown that successful sides there had the variation of a left-arm
pace man. It proved a master stroke.
    What plans England have this time we have yet to see fully,
although we can be certain they do not involve Kevin Pietersen,
for which, undeniably, they will be significantly the weaker. But
in Kieswetter and Alex Hales they have power up front, while
Luke Wright may have a role to finish the powerplays. There are       Robert Croft took seven wickets in total as Glamorgan beat
young thunderbloods in Jonny Bairstow and Buttler and in Eoin         Kent, who missed out on promotion again. Photograph:
Morgan, one of the most innovative and calculating batsmen in         Michael Steele/Getty Images
the business.
                                                                      They were farcical circumstances in which to end a season,
    There is no left-arm pace man this time but Jade Dernbach,
                                                                      never mind a long and distinguished career. But Robert Croft
along with Graeme Swann, could prove to be one of the
                                                                      has always appreciated the quirky side of county cricket and
tournaments most valuable bowlers. Perhaps the biggest
                                                                      at least the anticlimactic conclusion to his last Glamorgan
decision will be whether it is to be Steven Finn’s pace, profligate
                                                                      appearance will give him plenty to talk about in retirement.
as it can be, or Tim Bresnan’s reliability and batting that makes
                                                                          Perhaps it had all been going too smoothly, as the 42-year-
the cut. Last time Australia tried out-and-out pace, reached the
                                                                      old former England off-spinner followed the 51st five-wicket
final and then came unstuck against Kieswetter and Pietersen.
                                                                      haul of his first-class career in the first innings by taking another
    Pallekele, where England play their group matches, is said
                                                                      couple in the second. Mike Powell, his former Glamorgan team-
to swing and have good carry. It will be an interesting selection
                                                                      mate, was caught at slip off the arm ball that has served Croft
process. We must not forget that the England women also
                                                                      so well for more than two decades, and then Charlie Shreck,
go to Sri Lanka next week to try to win back the trophy they
                                                                      having rather impolitely lofted a rare six over wide long-off,
pretty much handed to Australia last time. They will go as
                                                                      holed out to Nick James attempting a repeat.
unquestioned favourites now, having won 18 matches on the
                                                                          Croft, still wearing his sunglasses, was hugged by most of
trot. Complacency and a lack of the sort of competition that
                                                                      his team-mates, brandished his Glamorgan cap to acknowledge
case-hardens a side could be their only enemy.
                                                                      the applause of a decent last-day crowd, and was then given a
                                                                      guard of honour and presented with a framed cricket shirt as he
                                                                      returned to the pavilion.
                                                                          Glamorgan were left to score only 61 to complete their third
                                                                      Championship win of the season, with 20 overs remaining
                                                                      plus the possibility of six more in the extra half hour. But then,

                                                                      after the strapping young Kent seamer Matt Coles had taken
                                                                      two wickets to complete an impressive personal campaign and
                                                                      Shreck weighed in with another to reduce Glamorgan to 36 for
                                                                      three, the umpires Trevor Jesty and Steve Garrett ruled that the
                                                                      light was no longer playable.
  The Guardian digital edition                                            After 15 minutes of muttering from spectators and media
  Read the Guardian on the web                                        alike, they ushered the players back from the pavilion, even
  exactly the way it was printed.                                     though the light did not seem any better. But after five balls
                                                                      from Shreck, and a couple of bouncers from Coles, they again
  With award-winning Guardian                                         deemed that conditions were unsafe.
  photography accessible from                                             Rob Key, the Kent captain and an old mate of Croft, was
  anywhere in the world.                                              clearly playing hardball, understandably with his team still
                                                                      clinging to the slimmest chance of promotion. However, Key’s                                       hopes of taking the game into a fourth morning were scuppered
                                                                      by a slight improvement in the light, allowing Glamorgan’s © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                
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fourth-wicket pair to knock off the 25 runs required to scramble   managed the support programmes for the Olympic gold
clear of the bottom of the Division Two table – and to ensure      medallists Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah – is set to take over
that Kent will stay in the second tier for a third consecutive     where Van Commenee left off, vowing to ramp up the pressure
year.                                                              on athletes and coaches and describing himself as “harder
   Croft conducted one last interview with Edward Bevan, the       than Charles.”
BBC Wales broadcaster who has observed the vast majority of            Black’s first task as performance director will be to appoint a
his career with Glamorgan and England – then left an autumnal      new head coach in the next few weeks, aided by the UKA chief
Sophia Gardens, as this lovely ground by the banks of the Taff     executive, Niels de Vos. A shortlist of names for the job will
was known when he launched his career back in 1989, and            remain confidential, but the current head of coaching, Kevin
headed into retirement.                                            Tyler, was described as a very strong candidate and it was
                                                                   confirmed that there is also a woman in the frame.
                                                                       Until an appointment is made, Van Commenee will oversee
Charles van Commenee claims to have                                the post-Olympic performance analysis and continue to advise
been the weak link at London 2012                                  UKA as head coach. Having overseen a near revolution in the
                                                                   sport, helping to overturn a very negative public perception of
                                                                   British athletes and lift performance levels to a modern-Games
• Outgoing athletics head coach said he                            high, many will wonder why Van Commenee feels he must
compromised too much                                               resign at all.
• Team GB took six athletics medals,                                   Indeed, the Dutchman said he was “gutted” to leave, but
finishing fourth in table                                          that it took just three minutes to make the decision as he could
                                                                   not seriously contemplate continuing in the role after missing
Anna Kessel
                                                                   his own target.
                                                                       “Targets are a serious issue, it is daily business,” he said.
                                                                   “ I was trying to imagine how it would look for me and the
                                                                   programme would I have stayed. For me, those conversations
                                                                   would have been so incredibly difficult because every time I
                                                                   would talk about it [with athletes, with media], it would be:
                                                                   what does it actually mean, what are the consequences? So I
                                                                   had no choice. For the programme, it’s the best thing. It’s best
                                                                   that someone else takes over.”
                                                                       Van Commenee – who earned a reputation as the tough
                                                                   man of the sport, from ordering coaching redundancies soon
                                                                   after his appointment in September 2008 to publicly criticising
                                                                   athletes – admitted having felt frustrated in not being able to
                                                                   achieve more during his four years in the job. “I was as hard as I
Charles van Commenee, the outgoing head coach of UK                could be in this time frame,” he said, “but I thought: ‘I’ve done
Athletics, says he compromised too much with athletes.             my best.’ That means that you have to compromise. I am sure
Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images                            that in the next four or five years they will take it to another
                                                                   level and less compromises will be feasible.”
UK Athletics’s outgoing head coach, Charles van Commenee,
has said he was too soft on individual athletes and coaches, as
the sport’s governing body promised an even tougher regime

in the next Olympic cycle under the new performance director,
Neil Black.
    Van Commenee, who resigned from his position as head
coach this week after failing to reach his own target of eight
Olympic medals – Great Britain won six, including four golds
– said he blamed himself for not putting more pressure on            Eat right
coaches and athletes. “I think I compromised too much. I am          Join the Guardian’s health and
the soft factor here. I am the mellow one. I compromised too
                                                                     dieting club, Eat Right and we’ll
much and for that reason we could have done better.
    “Traditionally, there was no pressure on coaches in this         design you a personalised healthy
country. I put some pressure on, but I think we lost some            eating plan from just £2.99 a week.
medals because of coaching. We should have been more                 Membership includes shopping
compromise-less [sic] in that area.”
    The 54-year-old also blamed “certain behaviours from
                                                                     lists, menus, expert advice and 24
individual athletes”, undoubtedly a reference to the very public     hour support to help you achieve
year-long row involving the former world champion triple             your health and fitness goals.
jumper Phillips Idowu, an embarrassing saga that dominated
the buildup to the London Games.
    Under UKA’s new management structure, Black – formerly
head of sports medicine and science, and who personally © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page  G24 Sport                                                              Thursday September 13 2012                 21:46 GMT

                                                                     their disciplined approach. They added only two runs in the
                                                                     opening half-dozen overs and 66 across the first session.
Yorkshire promoted as Anthony                                           Both Adam Lyth and Azeem Rafiq struck their second half-
McGrath leads charge against Essex                                   centuries of the contest, the latter during a 110-run alliance with
                                                                     McGrath, whose top-edged pull to the second delivery of the
• Yorkshire 312 & 252-8 dec; Essex 177 &                             second new ball provided Graham Napier with a career-best
28-2                                                                 ninth wicket of the contest. Twice previously he had taken
                                                                     eight-wicket match hauls against Surrey on the same ground.
Richard Gibson at Chelmsford                                            Only once the eighth Yorkshire wicket fell did the tempo
                                                                     change – Rafiq responding to a message delivered to the middle
                                                                     by the 12th man, Oliver Hannon-Dalby, by striking four of his
                                                                     final 11 deliveries to the boundary. The 21-year-old is never
                                                                     away from the action for long and so it was no surprise when
                                                                     he struck with his fourth ball from the Hayes Close end – Jaik
                                                                     Mickleburgh snapped up at short-leg – as Essex lost two wickets
                                                                     before the close.

                                                                     Surrey flourish at Lancashire but Rory
                                                                     Hamilton-Brown is set to leave

                                                                     • Surrey 324-5
Anthony McGrath of Yorkshire, during day three of the County
Championship match at Essex, hopes to play in Division One          Michael Perkins at Aigburth
next season. Photograph: Ben Hoskins/Getty Images
Anthony McGrath fancies one last crack at the top flight of the
County Championship and will discuss his future with newly
promoted Yorkshire next month.
    McGrath will be 37 in three weeks but has proved pivotal to
the late-season surge that resulted in Yorkshire’s immediate
return to Division One being confirmed shortly after 6pm on the
penultimate evening by virtue of Kent’s defeat by Glamorgan.
The former England international is out of contract this winter
but remains intent on a 19th season of first-class cricket.
    His 68 on the third day at Chelmsford helped develop what
appears to be an impregnable lead over mid-table Essex and
took his Division Two tally of runs to 584 at an average of 48.66.
Those statistics, combined with his substantial contributions        Surrey’s former captain Rory Hamilton-Brown is set to leave
to home victories over Leicestershire and Gloucestershire, will      the county at the end of the season.
provide decent bargaining power.                                     Photograph: Frank Baron for the Guardian
    “We said we would postpone things until the end of the           Surrey’s Zander de Bruyn made his first hundred of the County
season, we have got the Champions League to look forward to          Championship season on a day where it became clear that the
and we will sit down and discuss things after that,” McGrath         former captain Rory Hamilton-Brown was likely to leave the
revealed. “I have shown there is a bit of life in me yet, so         club.
hopefully I will be playing next season. As any cricketer will           Shortly after stumps on day three of the rain-affected match
tell you, you want to prove yourself against the best and at the     between Surrey and Lancashire at Aigburth, the club released a
highest level.”                                                      statement on Hamilton-Brown’s future.
    Events on the final day of the season will determine which           It said: “Surrey CCC can confirm they have received
of Yorkshire and Derbyshire will claim the £135,000 Division         statements of interest from a number of counties with
Two winners’ cheque. “That’s what we targeted this week.             regards to the future of batsman Rory Hamilton-Brown. After
Derbyshire are in a pretty strong position but with a chance         discussions between the player and the coaching staff, Surrey
to win the league we will be going all out to do that,” said         have made the decision to allow Rory to enter into discussions
McGrath, whose side must better their rivals’ result against         with these counties with immediate effect.”
Hampshire to finish top.                                                 Hamilton-Brown has been on compassionate leave for much
    The Yorkshire captain, Andrew Gale, whose declaration            of the season following the death of his friend and team-mate
provided his attack with a minimum 107 overs to dismiss Essex,       Tom Maynard.
said: “After the heartbreak of Twenty20 finals day a few weeks           It had looked as if being put into bat on a pitch which had
ago, to go up in the Championship is what this season is all         spent two days under damp covers would be quite a chore for
about.”                                                              Surrey. However, Lancashire made a wayward start which saw
    From a position of 44 for three at the start of day three, an    the 18-year-old wicketkeeper Alex Davies, playing in his first
advantage of 179, Yorkshire ground down the hosts’ attack with       four-day fixture, frequently asked to retrieve balls at full stretch © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                             Thursday September 13 2012                  21:46 GMT

down the leg side.
    It was a surprise then when Zafar Ansari had his off stump
knocked back by another Lancashire debutant Tom Bailey.
                                                                     John Dunlop to retire after 47 years of
From here though Rory Burns took control of the morning              training classy racehorses
session, passing fifty in 79 balls.
    It was shortly before lunch that De Bruyn first came to the      • Lack of horses and wife’s health cited as
wicket and after the interval he took his partnership with Burns     factors
past 50. Burns eventually departed for 73 when Davies took his
                                                                     • Cecil reportedly ‘doing well’ as his Wild
first catch behind the stumps in county cricket off the bowling
of Tom Smith.
                                                                     Coco wins
    De Bruyn was clearly keen to put bat two ball hitting two        Greg Wood at Doncaster
straight sixes off the bowling of the left arm spinner Simon
Kerrigan who bowled throughout the afternoon session.
    At the other end Luke Procter made a double breakthrough
for Lancashire when he bowled Jason Roy for 13 and Steven
Davies for 0 two balls later. However, that brought the all
rounder Tom Jewell to the crease and the pair amassed a 146-
run partnership, Jewell eventually finishing with 57 not out and
De Bruyn reaching his century in just under 4 hours from 221
    Afterwards, he said: “It has been a hard season this year and
it is my first hundred so I am really happy. I’ve been working
hard the last month or so and really wanted to get that hundred
so it is nice to get it in the last game.
    “We kind of knew the first two days were going to be a bit
                                                                     Wild Coco, nearer, goes past Estimate to win the Park Hill
rain affected but we knew the third day was going to be a nice.
                                                                     Stakes at Doncaster on Thursday. Photograph: John Giles/PA
When we batted we knew it was going to be a good wicket so I
just wanted to get in and play from there and get a nice rhythm      John Dunlop, who has saddled the winners of 10 English
to my batting.                                                       Classics among 74 Group One winners in the course of a 47-year
    “It is lovely to get a hundred it is always good because there   career as a trainer, said on Thursday that he will retire at the end
is a lot of bad times so when you get in you’ve got to go big.”      of the current Flat season.
                                                                         Dunlop, who was Britain’s champion trainer in 1995, also
                                                                     helped to fire Sheikh Mohammed’s enthusiasm for racing when
                                                                     he trained Hatta, the Sheikh’s first winner as an owner, in a
                                                                     minor race at Brighton in June 1977. His first English Classic
                                                                     winner was Shirley Heights in the 1978 Derby, a race he won
                                                                     again with Erhaab in 1994, and the 2,000 Guineas was the only
                                                                     one of the five Classics to elude him.
                                                                         Throughout much of the past 30 years Dunlop has been
                                                                     closely associated with the blue-and-white colours of Sheikh
                                                                     Hamdan al Maktoum and his Group One winners for the owner

                                                                     include the outstanding filly Salsabil, who won the 1,000
                                                                     Guineas, Oaks and Irish Derby in 1990, as well as Marju in the
                                                                     St James’s Palace Stakes, Lahib in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes
                                                                     and Bahri, who won both.
                                                                         In the mid-1990s more than 200 horses were in training at
                                                                     Dunlop’s Castle Stables in Arundel, West Sussex, but by the
  Fantasy League Classic                                             start of the current campaign his string had been reduced to 67.

  Manage a squad of 16 players                                       This year he has sent out 12 winners from 177 starters, including
                                                                     Times Up, a runner in today’s Doncaster Cup, in the Group Two
  and a budget of £75 million.                                       Lonsdale Cup at York last month.

  £75,000 worth of prizes to be                                          Dunlop, who is 73, said that there were “several reasons”
                                                                     behind his decision to retire from training. “I now have much
  won in weekly, monthly and                                         reduced stable numbers,” he said, “and it is now less viable
  overall competitions. Beat your                                    than it once was. My wife has also been ill for quite a while as
                                                                     well, so that has been a factor and I can now live in the shadow
  nearest and dearest in a friends                                   of my very successful sons [Ed, the trainer of Snow Fairy, and
  league.                                                            Harry].”
                                                                         Doncaster racecourse, where Dunlop sent out three horses                                       – Millenary, Silver Patriarch and Moon Madness – to win the St
                                                                     Leger, will make a presentation to the trainer before Friday’s
                                                                     Doncaster Cup to mark his achievements at the track. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                             Thursday September 13 2012                 21:46 GMT

    Sir Henry Cecil, who started training three years after
Dunlop, took the feature race on the second day of the St Leger
meeting when Wild Coco ran on well to catch Estimate in the
                                                                      Karren Brady insists West Ham United
Park Hill Stakes, a Group Two. Estimate briefly seemed to have        the best option for Olympic Stadium
slipped the field as Tom Queally, riding Wild Coco, waited
for a chance to launch his challenge, but the winner showed           • Vice-chair says club would make legacy
impressive acceleration to close the gap inside the final furlong.    hopes a reality
    Cecil, who has been receiving treatment for stomach cancer,
                                                                      • Boris Johnson has taken control of final
was not present at Town Moor but Jane Cecil, the trainer’s wife,
reported that he is “doing well” while remaining away from
the track as his immune system recovers from the effects of           Owen Gibson
    Wild Coco is a product of the Gestut Rottgen, one of
Germany’s oldest bloodstock operations, and the first horse
from the stud to be trained by Cecil.
    “Sir Henry always thought that she was good,” Jocelyn de
Moubray, the operation’s representative, said, “and there was
the possibility that she might have run in the St Leger itself last
year. But she was not mature enough, so he put her away and
gave her time and she has proved herself worth his patience and
    The Gold Cheongsam, the only filly in the field, took the
valuable sales race, worth £162,306 to the winner, while the
Group Three Sceptre Stakes produced a surprise winner in
Sunday Times, who passed the entire field inside the final
                                                                      An artist’s impression of the Olympic Stadium if West Ham
quarter of a mile to beat Gamilati by a length.
                                                                      took over the tenancy – the club’s vice-chair, Karren Brady,
    Nine horses will line up for the St Leger at Doncaster on
                                                                      says they can ensure Lord Coe’s vision of a legacy. Photograph:
Saturday, in which Camelot, the hot favourite, will attempt to
                                                                      Handout/PA Wire/PA
become the first horse for 42 years to win the Triple Crown.
Frankie Dettori will ride Michelangelo after William Buick, John      As final negotiations over the future of the Olympic Stadium
Gosden’s stable jockey, chose to partner Thought Worthy, the          enter a crucial stage, the West Ham United vice-chair, Karren
winner of last month’s Great Voltigeur Stakes at York. Both are       Brady, has insisted that the club’s proposal will deliver a lasting
available at double-figure odds.                                      legacy.
                                                                          Boris Johnson this week took personal control of the
                                                                      London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), moving the
                                                                      chairman, Daniel Moylan, to a new role chairing an aviation
                                                                      review after less than four months in the job. One of the
                                                                      mayor’s most pressing tasks will be to try to strike a deal with
                                                                      West Ham amid protracted negotiations over the terms of any
                                                                      tenancy deal. On top of the £95m in public money already
                                                                      pledged to convert the stadium into a permanent venue with
                                                                      a full roof and hospitality facilities, the east London club are
                                                                      believed to want the LLDC to contribute towards retractable
                                                                      seating and other costs.

                                                                          Brady will make the argument that by handing the main
                                                                      tenancy to a Premier League football club, it will bring benefits
                                                                      to the Olympic Park and wider area above and beyond its rental
                                                                      contribution, including enhancing the value of naming rights
                                                                      and helping make it a popular destination.
                                                                          “I noted with interest Lord Coe’s comments on Sunday
  Are you getting the best deal on                                    about his desire to find a workable solution where athletics and

  your mortgage?                                                      other sports can operate together side-by-side,” Brady said.
                                                                      “His comments instantly struck a chord with me, as I firmly
  Compare over 8500 mortgages                                         believe that our proposal will ensure that his vision would
  online to find the best deal for                                    become a reality should we be given the opportunity to do so.”
                                                                          It is understood that Johnson is keen to conclude a deal and
  you.                                                                anxious to avoid any potential delay in reopening the park from                                               July next year onwards. But the LLDC’s interim chief executive,
                                                                      Dennis Hone, will be keen to ensure that the figures add up and
  compareandbuy                                                       some on the board believe the success of the Olympics, which
                                                                      proved the stadium will work as an athletics and music venue,
                                                                      have strengthened their negotiating hand with West Ham. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                  Thursday September 13 2012   21:46 GMT

    “In addition to bringing the most exciting and most watched
football league in the world to Stratford, we would ensure that
the stadium retains the Olympic legacy that Lord Coe feels
so passionately about,” Brady argued. “The truly multi-sport
capabilities of the arena would mean our award-winning
community sports trust, which already helps tens of thousands
of children a year, can further extend its multi-sports coaching
to the next generation of potential Olympic athletes.”
    The saga of the future of the £468m stadium has been long
and drawn out, punctuated by missed opportunities, legal
battles and expensive mistakes. The original deal with West
Ham had to be scrapped amid legal challenges from Tottenham
Hotspur and Leyton Orient.
    But Coe said at the close of the Games that it remained
“perfectly within the wit and wisdom of all of us to make a
multi-purpose sporting arena work for track and field”. The
LLDC hopes to reopen the south end of the park, including the
stadium, by spring 2014.
    Brady said that West Ham’s bid would also help further the
legacy aims of the LLDC and the government.
    “Our bid revolves around creating a sporting hub that the
community of east London and beyond can use to better
themselves; whether that be through sport, education or
simply living a healthier lifestyle,” she said.
    “We have all watched in wonder at the historic scenes
created in the Olympic Stadium and I believe it would now
be unthinkable to not maintain this new global landmark as a
stunning, world-class sporting venue that can inspire hundreds
of thousands of people through the power of sport.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                   

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