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					Report to:                                               Wards: All
Riverside Area Committee, 14th June 2006
West Area Committee, To be arranged
Northern Area Committee, 13th July 2006
East Area Committee, To be arranged
North Carr Area Committee, 21st June 2006
Park Area Committee, 28th June 2006
Wyke Area Committee, 21st June 2006

        Housing Landlord and Building Service Quarterly Performance Report

Report of the Director of Housing

1.    Purpose of the Report and Summary

      1.1    This report continues the long standing practice within the
             Housing Landlord and Building Service of reporting quarterly on
             performance over preceding months and commenting on current

2.    Recommendations

      2.1    That Members note current performance city-wide and in their
             Area Committee area.

      2.2    That the Committee notes the general actions set out to improve
             performance on a city-wide basis as well as the Performance
             Action Plan for the relevant Area Committee area.

This is a non-key decision.
3.   Introduction

     3.1   The Housing Service is responsible for provision of advice,
           management and repair services to 29,092 Council homes
           across the City as at the end of April 2006.

     3.2   Key elements of the Service to customers include:
               Day-to-day repairs
               Repairing empty properties
               Letting empty properties
               Managing rent arrears
               Tenancy and estate management
               Planned maintenance and improvement work.

4.   City wide performance

     4.1   Area Committees have a key role in monitoring the Service’s
           performance as outlined in the attached Key Performance
           Indicators report and in regard to how it is received by
           customers. Members’ comments are therefore welcomed.

     4.2    This report contains information about the key performance
            indicators for the Housing Landlord and Building Service
            functions in the format previously used. Consideration is being
            given to the most appropriate format and content of future
            reports bearing in mind
             The recent merger of Housing Strategy and Landlord
             the migration of Housing Landlord operational activity to
               neighbourhood management
             future arrangements for the delivery of the repairs and
               maintenance function and delivery of decent homes.
           Figures for action on anti social behaviour have not been
           included in the report as, during the period covered by this
           report, this function was transferred wholly to the corporate Anti
           Social behaviour Team.

     4.3   The following table shows the key Operational Performance
           Indicators for Landlord & Building Services as at the end of April.

                                                        Base       2006/07    2006/07
Key Performance Indicators (Citywide)
                                                      (2005/06)     Target   Performance

Average Relet Times (calendar days)                      69          49          57

% Rent Lost through vacant dwellings                    3.0%                    2.6%

Actual Rent Loss through vacant dwellings             £2,299,078              £163,354

Turnover of Local Authority dwellings                   9.7%                    9.7%

% Stock Empty                                           4.7%        4.5%        4.5%

Proportion of Rent Collected BV66a                     97.86%       98.2%      96.64%

% tenants with over 7 weeks rent arrears BV66b          4.46%                   4.50%

% tenants in arrears served NOSP/NOPP BV66c            33.12%                   30.7%

% tenants evicted as a result of rent arrears BV66d     0.97%                   1.3%

Current Rent Arrears as proportion of Rent Roll         1.9%                    1.9%

Does Council follow CRE code of practice? BV164          Yes        Yes          Yes

Proportion of non-decent homes BV184a                 These performance indicators are
                                                      currently measured on an annual
% change in proportion of non-decent homes BV184b     basis.
% repairs for which appointment made & kept   BV185     48.9%       90%         57.9%

             As can be seen these indicators can be broken down into three
             main areas:

                Empty Property Management
                Rent Collection
                Repairs and Maintenance

       The commentary in this report follows that format.

       4.5       Appendix 2 is a Performance Action Plan put together for the
                 relevant Area Committee.

5      Empty Property Management

       5.1       As at the end of April 2006 there were 1316 empty properties
                 across the city. These are shown by Estate in the following
                           Total No.    Total No.
                               of       of Empty     Percentage
                           Properties   Properties     Empty
West Hull                       1,396           33         2.4%
Derringham Bank                 1,871           47         2.5%
Gipsyville                        587            6         1.0%
Central                         4,521          153         3.4%
Holderness Road                   647            5         0.8%
Greenwood Avenue                1,805           26         1.4%
Danes                             590           35         5.9%
Orchard Park                    2,150           35         1.6%
Thorpes                           862           75         8.7%
Bransholme District             1,963          118         6.0%
Roebank                           961           89         9.3%
Garths                          1,493           29         1.9%
North Bransholme                1,368          279        20.4%
Bilton Grange                   1,696           40         2.4%
Ings Road                       1,783          187        10.5%
Longhill                        1,233           25         2.0%
Preston Road                    2,224           78         3.5%
Old Bilton Grange                 844           41         4.9%
Greatfield                      1,098           15         1.4%
CITYWIDE                      29,092         1,316         4.5%

5.2   Of the above properties, 381 are normal void properties awaiting
      reletting, 90 are sheltered or adapted properties, 94 are vacant
      because of major repairs. Decisions regarding the remaining
      751 are currently being reviewed; these include properties
      previously identified for demolition or the future of which were
      under review.

5.3   A target of 49 days for the period between the ending of one
      tenancy and the commencement of the next tenancy has been
      agreed for the current year. This takes in to account lettings of
      any long standing empties from previous years. Performance for
      the last quarter is 66 days, including 2 months of the last
      financial year when specific efforts were being made to let some
      long term empty properties. Performance against this target for
      April was 57 days.

5.4   A number of actions are being taken in respect of empty
      property management which address issues raised by the Audit
      Commission following their inspection earlier this year i.e.

       Formalising strategic decisions about all long term voids and
        speedily taking action to either demolish, remodel or market
        as appropriate
           Review existing procedures and focus performance
            improvement activity in both building services and landlord
            service, paying particular attention to ‘non mainstream’
            activity such as specialist lettings and voids requiring major

           Set challenging but realistic modular targets for each element
            of void management procedures and put in place effective
            performance management systems

           Make effective use of refusal, satisfaction, cost and other data
            to drive service improvement

6   Rent Collection

    6.1   Current rent arrears as a % of the rent debit are now 1.9%.

    6.2   The Best Value Performance Indicator for last year for collection
          of rent and arrears was that 98% of rent would be collected. The
          outturn figure was 97.86%.

    6.3   The target for this financial year is 98.2%. Performance in the
          first month of 2006/07 has been 96.6%. The cycle of reporting
          dates is being reviewed as dates which have been used may
          effectively exclude payments by tenants who pay monthly and
          who have paid by swipecard at the end of the previous week but
          these payments have not been paid to their accounts by the
          analysis date. This may be reflected in a performance figure of
          104.2% in the first week of May.

    6.4   The annual city wide target for 2006/7 has been disaggregated
          across local area offices and individual targets have again been
          set for officers on a patch basis.

    6.5   In support of this target setting approach an action plan is in
          place which will continue the progress made in achieving top
          quartile performance in rent collection by 2008. This plan
          includes making a difference by having:
           Better trained staff and arrangements for training new staff
           Incentives for regular rent payments
           Better communication with debt advice agencies and
              Revenues & Benefits teams
           Improved access to housing benefit entitlement at tenancy
           Better informed tenants and prospective tenants about
              payment methods, consequences of non-payment and the
              help & support available especially to vulnerable tenants
           Increased use of technology
           Better targeting of non-payment cases
           Improved performance management.
7     Repairs & Maintenance

      7.1    The percentage of appointments kept in relation to the number
             of non urgent orders for which an appointment could be made is
             now 57.9%.

      7.2    Underlying reasons for the current level of performance have
             been examined. In order to improve reported performance,
             discussions have taken place with the Call Centre and Customer
             Service Centres to ensure that opportunities for arranging
             appointments are maximised. In addition repair priorities have
             been amended to ensure that, where follow on work is required
             to complete a repair, this does not create an unnecessary
             obligation to record an appointment. Nevertheless operatives
             ensure that customers are advised of the progress of their repair
             and further arrangements for access.

8.    Council’s Aims and Objectives

      8.1    The setting and monitoring of local performance targets
             contributes to effective local delivery of services that residents
             want and so to delivering sustainability in local neighbourhoods.

9.    Options

      9.1    To make comment on the contents of this report.

10.   Comments of the Town Clerk

      10.1   The ODPM expects that local authorities liaise closely with
             tenants in respect of housing management functions including
             estate and tenancy management, rent collection and
             management of rent arrears, the repairs and maintenance
             service and tackling anti-social behaviour.
      10.2   Furthermore the ODPM recognises that good local housing
             management can be essential in helping to solve problems
             experienced by communities.
      10.3   The input of the Area Committee can assist with management at
             both a local & city-wide level and also facilitate consultation with
             service users.
      10.4   The Town Clerk has no comments on the format of the quarterly
             reports, but supports any measures which will assist the
             Members of the Committee and the Council in re-enforcing the
             role of Area Committees.

11.   Comments of the Chief Financial Officer (Section 151 Officer)

      11.1   This report gives elected members an opportunity to state their
             views on the performance of the service, and their requirements
             for information, and so should lead both to more outcome
              focused activities, and to reporting that works in a more useful
              and understandable way.

12.    Comments of the Head of Personnel and Staff Development

       12.1   The Head of Personnel and Staff Development has no

13.    Comments of Overview and Scrutiny

       13.1   This is a non key decision and has therefore not been the
              subject of pre-decision scrutiny.

14.    Conclusions

       14.1   The comments of Area Committees in regard to current
              performance of the Service will be an important element in
              securing continuous improvement.

15.    Recommendations

       15.1   That Members note current performance city-wide and in their
              Area Committee area.

       15.2   That the Committee notes the general actions set out to improve
              performance on a city-wide basis as well as the Performance
              Action Plan for the relevant Area Committee area.

                               John Hocking
                            Director of Housing

Contact Officer :    Paul Chapman

Telephone No. :      4004

Officer Interests:   None

Background Documents: None

31 May 2006

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