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									                                    Top 10 Books on Car History

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The history of the cars is one of the most popular historical topics. Everyone likes to look
at and learn about classic cars and older models that laid the groundwork for the
vehicles that we drive each and every day. This is perhaps why there are so many great
books on car history. From books about classic cars, to the combustion engine, car
manufacturers, innovative developments, and any other car related topic, there is no
shortage of reading material for car enthusiasts.
The following are 10 of the best books that have been written about car history. These
books will provide you with hours of enjoyment and teach you a thing or two about how
cars have evolved over time:

                            1. AMC Muscle Cars: Muscle Car Color History:

         This book takes a look at the evolution of the muscle car. Full of amazing photos
         and pullout illustrations, this book looks at some of the best and most powerful
                                           cars ever made.
           2. Model T Ford: The Car that Changed the World

 A collection of books on the history of cars would not be complete without a
book solely dedicated to the original car, the Model T Ford. The book examines
                    the car from a restoration point of view.

         3. Henry’s Lady: An Illustrated History of the Model A

     This is a great illustrative account of the famous Model A from Ford.
              4. Car Mania: A Critical History of Transport:

 This informative book takes a look at car history from a holistic perspective.

         5. 100 Great Antique Automobiles in Full Color Prints:

This reference book covers the complete history of cars. It examines topic such
 as car history, the industry, has biographies of key players, and looks at cars
                                impact on society.
        6. Chrysler: The Life and Times of an Automotive Genius:

This book examines the history of the Chrysler Corporation from its inception up
                           until its operations today.

7. Engines of Change: The History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars
This book takes a look at 15 cars that have had a large impact on the concept of
the American dream.

 8. Car Hops and Curb Service: A History of American Drive in Restaurants

 This is a great book for both car lovers and foodies. It takes a look at a popular
     part of American history that is rarely seen today, drive in restaurants.

      9. Taken for a Ride: How Diamler-Benz Drove off with Chrysler
       This book examines the more than 100 year history of the German auto maker
       Diamler. It looks at all the different models of cars and vehicles the manufacturer
       has produced over the years.

                            10. 100 Cars Britain can be Proud Of

       This book is ideal for enthusiasts that love British cars. It takes a look at some of
       the best cars that were ever produced in the UK.

Any one of these cars on the list above will keep car lovers busy for hours upon end.
From history, to biographies, company profiles, and no shortage of great images, there
is definitely something for all car enthusiasts in these books.

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