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									  Microsoft Convergence 2008 Orlando Customer Excellence Awards
                 Excellence in Evangelism Category
The Excellence in Evangelism award recognizes a customer that has demonstrated a strong commitment to
Microsoft technology and services. This customer not only evangelizes Microsoft business management
solutions, but is also a source of continual feedback to Microsoftand takes the time to engage with other
customers or potential customers to share learning.

Nominations will be reviewed with two primary pivots in mind:
    Quantifiable business benefits. This includes things such as what productivity and efficiency gains
       have been realized by the organization, what is the return on investment (ROI) post-implementation, or
       how a particular individual’s function and daily tasks have changed for the better and allowed them to
       be more effective.
    Innovation and vision around implementation, business process improvements, and use of technology.
       For example, has this organization done something to extend the reach of the software and made it
       available to more roles throughout the organization? Has the organization done something unique with
       web services or combined software + service to provide a total solution? Is there something
       particularly innovative for their industry that will make them stand out against the competition?

Completed nomination forms should be submitted online at
on the Customer Excellence Awards page. The deadline for nominations is January 21, 2008 at 11:59pm PT.

The contact information you provide below will be used to contact the customer and partner for electronic and
physical mailing purposes. It is important that you provide accurate contact information.

The example companies, organizations, products, domain names, e-mail addresses, logos, people, places, and
events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, domain
name, e-mail address, logo, person, places, or events is intended or should be inferred.

Nominator Information
Name: Walter Harp
Company Name: A. Datum Corporation
Phone Number: 9015550125
E-Mail Address:

Customer Nominee
Company Name, as it should appear on award should the nominee become an award recipient: Coho Vineyard
& Winery
Authorized Phone: 7095550199
Contact Name: Sam Abolrous
E-Mail Address:
Website Address:
Mailing Address: 4567 Coho Boulevard
City: Paso Robles
State/Province: California
Country: USA
Postal Code: 98052

General Customer Information
Number of Employees: 75
Number of Sites: 1
Industry: Wine Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, and Retail
Microsoft Dynamics Solution(s): Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Partner Information (Complete Section for Each VAR and ISV Partner)
Company Name, as it should appear on award should the nominee become an award recipient: A. Datum
Authorized Phone: 9015550100
Contact Name: Walter Harp
E-Mail Address:
Website Address:
Mailing Address: 234 Main Street
City: Seattle
State/Province: WA
Country: USA
Postal Code: 97625

Company Description
Please describe the organization: what products and/or services it provides, the company's mission or vision
statement, company history, etc.

Coho Vineyard & Winery is a family owned and operated winery making estate grown and produced wines. The
property was founded in 1981 by Izak Cohen and Alexander Holy when they planted their 160 acre property to
the major Bordeaux varietals and created their Estate vineyard.
The winery is located in the Paso Robles appellation of California’s Central Coast. The region’s first grapes
were planted in 1779 by Franciscan missionaries and today are home to the third highest concentration of
wineries in the United States.
Coho’s desire is to make world class wines that reflect the unique soils and climate of their California Central
Coast property. Emphasis is placed on making Bordeaux-style blends and single varietals, combining Old
World tradition with New World techniques.

Evangelism Summary
How has this customer exhibited loyalty to Microsoft? For example, do they participate in the Reference
Program as an active customer reference, play a role in their local customer/user group and help other
customers, and/or participated in community events such as Convergence?

Due to the vineyard’s centralized California location, Coho Vineyard & Winery has numerous regionally-based
competitors. Despite this competitive nature, Coho has been an advocate of the Microsoft Dynamics AX
solution since their implementation in 2002.

This advocacy consists of serving as an active customer reference for both Microsoft and their partner, A.
Datum Corporation; participating in A. Datum Corporation’s quarterly customer groups by sharing best
practices around product functionality; sharing business management best practices with local – and
competing! – wineries; and sending two individuals/year to Convergence over the past five years.

What kind of publicity assistance has this customer provided to their partner and/or Microsoft (e.g. quotes,
profiles, success stories, and/or media interviews)?

Coho Vineyard & Winery has been an active member of the customer reference program since their Microsoft
Dynamics AX implementation in 2002. As part of the program, they are always willing to provide Microsoft and
their partner, A. Datum Corporation, with quotes for the customer reference and testimonial programs,

Coho Vineyard & Winery was also featured in a customer profile as part of a Microsoft co-sponsored marketing
program last year, which was distributed to over 250 California vineyards and wineries in 2007.

The company has also engaged their partner in industry marketing activities, affording the opportunity for the
partner to become very knowledgeable in the wine industry and secure strong leads which have turned into a
strong revenue stream for A. Datum Corporation over the last years.

How does this customer stand out from others when it comes to evangelism?

Coho Vineyard & Winery steps above the general nature of competition to aid other vineyards and wineries in
their successes from a business management perspective. As an organization, they are committed to the
continuous learning among their team members whether it is in regard to their particular roles or to the industry
at large.
They feel that collective knowledge is power and that the sharing of their own best practices comes full circle
when they learn new tips and techniques which can be applied to their own business.

Results Achieved
How has this customer's evangelism specifically impacted their business (e.g. increased sales, increased
customer satisfaction, etc.)?

Despite the local competitive climate, Coho Vineyard & Winery is recognized as a very reputable organization
within their particular industry. They have an extremely high retention rate among their team member base
(less than one percent annual turnover), communicate on a monthly basis with their existing customers via
newsletters and customer service phone calls, and from offering a referral program with their own customers,
enjoy numerous new customers each year.

Is someone representing the company attending Convergence:
YesX No___ I don’t know___

Completed nomination forms should be submitted online at
on the Customer Excellence Awards page. The deadline for nominations is January 21, 2008 at 11:59pm PT.

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