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                          Energy devices save county money
                          By Christi Laney
                          Item Correspondent

                          After enduring several months of high temperatures and little rainfall this summer,
                          the Walker County Commissioners Court heard a positive report on Monday about
                          the effectiveness of energy saving devices installed on air condition units in several
                          county buildings last year.

                          The report looked at usage and costs of running the air conditioning units with
                          KVAR energy controllers at the Walker County Annex, the Walker County
                          Courthouse and the Senior Center in June and July 2008 compared to June and July

                          The devices were placed on five units in 2009, including one each at the annex and
                          courthouse and three at the senior center.

                          According to the report prepared by county purchasing agent Linda McKenzie,
                          usage at the courthouse dropped from 70,410 kilowatts in June 2008 to 59,520 in
                          June 2009.

                          With the energy saving device installed and the decrease in usage, the total
                          savings was $3,085.43 at the courthouse alone.

                          Overall, the county saved nearly 13 percent of energy costs by decreasing usage
                          and utilizing the KVAR technology.

                          After reviewing the results, the court approved the purchase of an additional KVAR
                          energy controller to be installed at the jail and justice center for an estimated price
                          tag of $19,256.60.

                          While the original statement estimated the county could expect to see the cost of
                          their investment returned in 15.76 months through energy savings, new results
                          provided by a KVAR representative show the price could be recouped after just
                          nine months at regular usage.

                          “I’m impressed with the figures – I think they speak for themselves,” Precinct 4
                          Commissioner Tim Paulsel said. “Anytime you can get your money back, I think it’s
                          a good expenditure to make.”


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