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nsprbc form 07B reservation right to apply for grant of administration will annexed by Th811TeR


									                                                                 Form 7B
                                                                 Probate District:
                                                                 Probate Court File No.:

                          IN THE COURT OF PROBATE FOR NOVA SCOTIA

                                        IN THE ESTATE OF **, Deceased

  Reservation of Right to Apply for Grant of Administration with the Will Annexed
                                       (S. 29)

1.        The deceased, **[name of deceased], executed a will or codicil in which the
          named executor(s) **[is/are] unable to take out probate because **[give

2.        I reside in the Province of Nova Scotia and I am entitled to apply for a grant of
          administration with the Will annexed under the Probate Act.

3.        I have not intermeddled in the deceased's estate.

4.        I desire the administration of the deceased's estate to proceed expeditiously but I
          am unable at this time to administer the estate of the deceased because I
          **[am/will be] absent from the Province.

5.        I expect to be able to undertake the duties of personal representative in the
          future and I reserve my right to apply for a grant of administration with the Will

6.        I consent to the issuance of a grant of administration with the will annexed to
          **[name], subject to my reservation.

Signed at **[place], Province of **[province], on **[month and day], 20**.

Signature of witness                                  Signature of person reserving right to apply
[name of witness - please print]                      [name of person - please print]


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