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 Sabal Financial Group Announces Acquisition of $69 Million Loan Portfolio from
                        Branch Banking and Trust Bank

       Sabal Continues Steady Acquisition Pace, Providing Portfolio Relief to
                                      Community Banks

       Newport Beach, CA – August 6, 2012 – Sabal Financial Group, L.P., a diversified
financial services management firm, announced the recent acquisition of a $69 million loan
portfolio from Branch Banking and Trust Bank (BB&T). The loan includes land and commercial
real estate assets heavily concentrated in North Carolina and South Carolina with other assets
located in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
       The number of acquisitions that Sabal has made this year highlights the significant
number of banks across the country looking to release assets and improve their balance sheets.
Sabal continues to provide distressed portfolio relief to a number of banks like BB&T across the
country and will provide loan servicing and asset management for the portfolio as well.
       This brings our total number of assets under management to approximately $3.75
billion,” said Pat Jackson, CEO of Sabal Financial Group. “The need for banks to clear their
balance sheets remains strong. “We work closely with bank executives to analyze the value and
best solution for resolving their balance sheet issues.”
       Sabal has rapidly expanded its operating platform in response to the growing market for
the sale of performing and non-performing loan portfolios and an increase in asset valuation
       In addition, Sabal offers numerous bank advisory services including capital assessments
based on portfolio and allowance for loan and lease loss (ALLL) analysis.
       In June 2012 Sabal launched its builder lending program to offer non-recourse
acquisition and development (ADC) and construction loans for homebuilders in California,
Oregon, and Washington.

 About Sabal Financial Group
       Sabal Financial Group, L.P. is a nationwide diversified financial services firm specializing
in the acquisition, valuation, management and servicing of commercial real estate and
acquisition, development and construction (ADC) loans and mortgages. Sabal Financial Group
provides credit advisory services and loan portfolio management and performance assessments
for investment and commercial banks, including capital assessment based upon portfolio and
ALLL analysis. Sabal also provides construction and A&D loans to established middle-market
residential builders in California, Washington and Oregon. Sabal Financial Group is a privately
held company that has approximately $3.75 billion under management and is led by a senior
management team with extensive banking and real estate expertise in both the governmental
and private sector. Sabal Financial Group is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, with offices
in Pasadena, CA, Miami, Washington, DC, Greenville, SC and New York City.


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