SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE (SP) TEMPLATE
                                          SECTION 1
Service Set Number &Title       One Book Chapter Number & Title            SP Originating Office
9.0 - Financing, Payment,      9.9 - Contract Closeout                    DCMA Raytheon
and Contract Closeout
                                         (check all applicable)
          Policy               Process               Product (new)           Product (existing)
Explain the change between the current and new policy, process or product:
DCMA Raytheon working in conjunction with Raytheon Company and DCAA has established a
contract closeout team that meets monthly to discuss fiscal year contract status. Topics covered
include closeout issues that prevent contracts from closing, contracts on Mr. Wynne’s Overage list,
and fiscal year canceling funds.

SP Purpose (Explain what could be accomplished by implementing the SP):
The difference in this practice from the established One Book requirement is that the monthly
meeting establishes a “TEAMING” concept between DCMA, Raytheon Company and DCAA. The
teaming concept creates a one on one relationship with all parties involved.

Enabling Tool (e.g. Documents, exhibits and samples):
Successful Practice 104

                                          SECTION 2
                           Is the SP exportable:            Yes      No
Intended Environment (Identify where the SP can be exported e.g., Aircraft Engine Manufacturers):
Other CMOs are successfully using this team approach to closing contracts and have benefited by
resolving outstanding issues by assigning actions to the responsible organization and tracking
monthly status.

DCMA HQ POC (Name):                  POC Phone #:                    Date Review Completed:
Patriacia Janik                      (703) 428-0986                  Feb 20, 2004

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