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									PIP timetable

The timetable for the introduction of personal independence payment (PIP), the benefit set to
replace disability living allowance (DLA) has now been set out in detail in the DWP’s Frequently
Asked Questions document.

From April 2013 a few thousands new PIP claims will be taken from people aged 16-64 in
Merseyside, North West England, Cumbria, Cheshire and North East England.  All other new
claimants will continue to make claims for DLA. From

June 2013 all new claims from people aged 16-64 will be for PIP rather than DLA.

From October 2013 the DWP will begin reassessing all existing DLA claimants aged between
16-64.  However, between October and December 2013 they intend to reassess just 30,000
existing DLA claimants to check that the systems work.

Full scale national reassessment will begin in January 2014.

The DWP say that all existing DLA claimants “will have been contacted about reassessment by
March 2016
”, suggesting that by that stage everyone will have received a letter warning them that they are
to be reassessed but that not everyone will have completed the reassessment process.


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