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					                            Mary Kay Cosmetics
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                                                                                                Jan Smith
                                                                                        PH: 03 9727 5227
                                                                                         M: 0408 727 070


                             Congratulations on registering for ESRS
                                    (Essential Steps to Reach Success)

When you start something new, it is essential you take advantage of all the training provided to
ensure your success. ESRS will provide exactly that! This 1 day program is jammed packed
with all the information you need to move your Mary Kay business forward and to achieve the
success you desire.

To assist you with the smooth running of this program, please take note of the tips listed:

   The venue is Mary Kay Beauty Centre, Essendon Fields – 30 English St, Essendon Fields
    Matthews Avenue is on one side of the freeway; English Street directly on opposite side of the freeway.

   You will want to be dressed for success, so professional business attire is required (no pants
    or leggings).

   Arrive no later than 9.15am for 9.30am start on the day. The program concludes at 4.30pm.

   Your $15 fee is a fabulous investment in you and your business. Please bring this cash
    payment with you on the day. Don’t forget to also bring ESRS Handbook, Note pad, Pen,
    highlighters and your diary.

   You can order your lunch at the venue.

   Please make the necessary arrangements, as no children are allowed at this program.

To ensure your success, have your 10 Bookings Challenge completed before you commence
this program. I encourage you to book these appointments into the first 2 weeks immediately
after attending ESRS. This way you will achieve all the Smart Start bonuses available to you
and earning the extra income your desire.

Your teachers (Mary Kay Directors) are so excited to be spending this time with you.

Kind regards,

Jan Smith
Independent Senior Sales Director

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