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									                              Group Permission Form
Dear NDA Parent,

Your child, ___________________________________________, has been referred to
the guidance department to participate in a small group. The group is
intended to help students develop skills essential to their success and practice
them in a caring environment. Groups will meet for 6-8 sessions on a weekly
basis. This will be done during a time period least disruptive to the learning

Your child has been selected to join:
----Friendship group (new to school, difficulty making, maintaining
---- Social Skills Group (practice interacting with peers, making
appropriate behavior choices)
---- Study Skills Group (learning organizational tips and study habits)
_____ Family Group (family changes, new baby, sibling at college)
_____ Grief (experienced death of a family member or friend)
_____ Self-Esteem/ Feelings (difficulty expressing feelings, improving self-
If you have any questions regarding your child’s participation in a group,
please feel free to contact me at 978-649-7611 x338 or by email at

________ I give my child permission to join a group at NDA
________I do NOT give my child permission to join a group at NDA

Parent/Guardian Signature

Thank You,

Sherry Houle, MEd.
Elementary/Middle School Guidance Counselor

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