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Job Family                   Construction and Maintenance Services


To undertake general construction duties of a general multi-skilled nature to achieve
established outputs using basic tools & equipment.

Role Accountability                          End Result

Work – planning

Plan and organise a range of activities to      Given activities complete on time
complete them during the working day.
                                                Own time used effectively

Work – completion

Carry out a range of construction duties        Method chosen correctly
to set standards using appropriate
methods, tools & equipment.                     Work done to set standards e.g.
                                                 quality, accuracy
                                                Appropriate tools used for task


Select, collect, transport and deliver          Required materials & plant delivered
materials & plant to sites, and remove           to correct locations, on time
surplus, as instructed.
                                                Site / work area left clean & tidy

Plant, tools & equipment

Check tools & equipment and make any            Tools & equipment in good order
operational adjustments needed to keep
them fit for use; carry out basic daily         Correct settings maintained
maintenance tasks.                              Faults / deficiencies reported

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Records & reports

Keep and submit records as required by          Personal records complete on time
Council procedure.
                                                Council procedures complied with

Service delivery

Make supervisor / line manager aware of         Site supervision aware of issue
any problems or incidents encountered.           promptly
                                                Breakdowns & deficiencies recorded
                                                 & reported


Be aware of & implement relevant H&S            H&S plan for site read & understood
practices & procedures assessing any
risks before doing work.                        Adherence to relevant safety
                                                Compliance with relevant regulations
                                                Safe working for self & colleagues,

Nature of contacts and relationship (who and the nature of the

Team – exchange information on work to be done, timing & method
Line management – receive instructions, clarify work tasks, refer problems
Customer – receive queries politely and pass on to line manager
Suppliers – information exchange & clarify requirements when collecting materials

Working Environment Context (disruption, physical, disagreeable, health and
safety aspects)

Both inside buildings & other premises, and outside in all weathers. Building site
environment with its associated hazards, such as scaffolding, stacked materials, and
openings, and working conditions including noise, dust, dirt, vibration (of equipment).
Working in excavations, ground level and at heights. Frequent manual work lifting &
moving heavy loads. Possibility of encountering dangerous items (e.g. sharp
objects). Driving vehicles on site and public highways with need to make any loads
safe and secure. May use chemicals occasionally such as brick cleaning acid.
Requirement to wear suitable protective clothing (PPE)

Procedural Context (creativity, discretion, impact)

Objectives are clearly defined to produce straightforward outcomes generally
following established procedures. Unusual or non-standard situations may be
resolved on site or referred to line management for advice & instruction.
May work with a degree of independence on given activities.
Driving roles must abide by relevant regulations, complete the logbook and record
any incidents or accidents.

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Planning requirement

Some planning requirement to get given activities complete within the working time

Key facts and figure ranges (include likely size of any team managed)


Knowledge and qualifications

Basic numeracy & literacy
Basic knowledge of working on a building site and the associated materials to be
used, together with an understanding of the specific trade supported.
Will have general knowledge of a range of general maintenance methods and how
they are used.
Ability to drive – relevant driving licence

Equipment operated & essential skills

Hand & power tools, in particular those of the trade supported – at a semi-skilled
Light vehicles up to 4.5T – normal driving capability
Able to carry out basic, daily, safety checks and maintenance regime on equipment
and tools

Post Specific Requirements

Post Specific Context

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