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                                                        Finance Internet Resources for Lesson Plans:

 Organization                                               Overview                  Web-Link
                                             The lessons contained at this web site                     have come from links to Business
                                             Education teachers, lesson plans
                                             designed by graduate students at
                                             Hofstra University, and contributions
                                             from business educators from around
                                             the country
                                             Classroom-tested, internet-based,
                                             economic lesson materials for K-12
                                             teachers and students. Centered on
                                             curriculum standards and the essential
                                             principles of economics.

 Horizons Electronic                         Including the areas of: Accounting
 Lesson Plan Resource                        & Finance, Business Management,
 System                                      Computer Information Systems,
                                             Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

                                             Classroom, Inc. has launched a new
                                             Literacy Program for sixth to ninth      html
                                             grade. Created around select
                                             simulations, the curriculum features
                                             literacy-focused lesson plans, student
                                             workbooks, assessments, and
                                             customized professional development
                                             Here are some great online economics
                                             lessons--all levels and content areas.

Jhuff, Career Pathway #4, Human Services – Education & Training, 9/14/2012

                                             Stock Market and Investing Lessons,
                                             Worksheets, Lesson Plans

                                             Planning, services for financial and
                                             investment planning, banking,
                                             insurance, and business financial
                                             The NEFE High School Financial 
                                             Planning Program® was initiated in
                                             1984 as a public service to increase
                                             the financial literacy of America's
                                             youth. The six-unit program provides
                                             teens with a greater understanding of
                                             and ability to manage their personal
                                             finances in the areas of goal setting,
                                             budgeting, and saving. The entire
                                             program is free including teacher and
                                             student workbooks. The contact
                                             information is provided on this

Jhuff, Career Pathway #2 Hospitality & Tourism, 9/14/2012

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