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                                INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN (for Lectures)
Term: - 08092
Course No.:- CSE321                     Course Title: - Automata Theory                 L: 4 T: 0 P: 0

  1. K.L.P. Mishra & N. Chandrasekran, Theory of Computer Science: Automata, languages & Computation, PHI

Additional References:
    2. Hopcroft, Motwani ,Ullman, “Introducation to Automata Theory, languages, & computation’, Pearson
    3. John C Martin, “Introduction to languages & the Theory of Computation” , TMG
    4. G. E. Reevsz, Introduction to Formal Languages, McGraw Hill 1983
    5. M. H. Harrison, Formal Language Theory Addison Wesley 1978.
    6. Wolfman Theory and Applications of Cellular Automata, World Scientists, Singapore,
Other readings:
S.No.    Journal articles as compulsory readings (Complete reference)
   8.< Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics >
Relevant websites:
S.No. Web address (Exact page address)                  Salient Features
   9. www-cs-                                           Automata Theory is an exciting, theoretical branch of           computer science. It established its roots during the 20th
       /soco/projects/2004-05/automata-                 Century, as mathematicians began developing ...
  10.                  Provides Automata Theory coursework research papers,
       omata_theory_essays_papers.html                  writing for Automata Theory school coursework essays,
                                                        term paper help, book reports, college term
  11.                                  Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics
Detailed Plan for Lectures:
Plan for 12×L lectures: 6×L for before the MTE, 6×L for after the MTE. Provide for at least 2×L spill-over lecture.
Lecture Topic                                 Chapters/      Assignment/      Pedagogical                  aid Date
No.                                           Sections of Task        to  be Demonstration/ case study/ Delivered2
                                              Textbook/      assigned      to images/ animations etc.5
                                              other          students
                                              reference1     3

  1      Automata: Introduction &           1,Ch. 3,               
         Definition                         Pg No. 71                        ursework/automata_the
 2-3     Description and transition 1,Ch. 3,                       
         mode.                      Pg                                       ursework/automata_the
                                    No.73,74                                 ory_essays_papers.html
 4-5     NFA and DFA,               1,Ch. 3,                TBA1   
                                    Pg No. 80                                ursework/automata_the
 6-7     Mealy and Moore machine            1,Ch. 3,               
                                            Pg No.                           ursework/automata_the
                                            84-87                            ory_essays_papers.html
 8-9    Minimization of Automata.      1,Ch. 3, 
                                       Pg No. 91          ursework/automata_the
10-11   Formal Languages:              1,Ch. 4, 
        Languages and their relation   Pg No.             ucation/lectures/DES/Bo
                                       123                ok/des_book_automata.
12-13   Chomsky classification of 1,Ch. 4,      < Journal of
        languages                 Pg No.           TBA2   Automata, Languages and
                                  120                         Combinatorics >
14-15   Linear Grammars and       1,Ch. 4,      
        regular Languages.        Pg No.                  ucation/lectures/DES/Bo
                                  107-110                 ok/des_book_automata.
16-17   Regular          Expressions, 1,Ch. 5,  < Journal of
        Context Sensitive Language. Pg                    Automata, Languages and
                                      No.136-                 Combinatorics >
18-19   Construction of Finite        1,Ch. 5,  
        Automata equivalent to        Pg No.       TBA3   ucation/lectures/DES/Bo
        Regular expression & vice     140-160             ok/des_book_automata.
        versa,                                                       pdf
20-22   Pumping Lemma for regular 1,Ch. 5,      < Journal of
        sets & its applications       Pg                  Automata, Languages and
                                      No.162-                 Combinatorics >
23-24   Context Free languages:       1,Ch. 6,  < Journal of
        Derivation trees,             Pg No.              Automata, Languages and
                                      180-181                 Combinatorics >
25-26   Ambiguity in Context free 1,Ch. 6,                        www-cs-
        grammars,                     Pg No.    
                                      188                 oberts/courses/soco/proj
27-28   Simplification of context      1,Ch. 6,                   www-cs-
        free grammars,                 Pg       
                                       No.190-            oberts/courses/soco/proj
                                       200         TBA4   ects/2004-05/automata-
 29     The Chomsky Normal             1,Ch. 6,                   www-cs-
        Forms                          Pg No.   
                                       201-205            oberts/courses/soco/proj
30-31   The Greibach Normal Forms 1, Ch. 6,                       www-cs-
                                  Pg No.        
                                  206-212                 oberts/courses/soco/proj
 32     The Kuroda Normal Form         1,Ch. 6  < Journal of
                                                          Automata, Languages and
                                                              Combinatorics >
 33     One sided Context Sensitive    1, Ch. 6 < Journal of
         Grammars.                                                          Automata, Languages and
         Unrestricted Languages:                                                Combinatorics >
34-35    Automata and their                                       < Journal of
         Languages: Finite                                                  Automata, Languages and
         Pushdown 2-push down                                                   Combinatorics >
36-37    Turing Machines                    1, Ch. 9,             < Journal of
                                            Pg No.                          Automata, Languages and
                                            278                                 Combinatorics >
  38     Syntax Analysis :                  1,Ch. 9                   
         Ambiguity and the formal
         power Series,                                   TBA5
39-40    Formal Properties of LL(k) 1,Ch. 8,                                        www-cs-
         and LR(k) Grammars         Pg No.                        
                                    267-272                                 oberts/courses/soco/proj
41-42    Derivation Languages;              Ref No.2              < Journal of
         Rewriting Systems,                                                 Automata, Languages and
                                                                                Combinatorics >
43-44    Algebraic         properties, Ref No.2                       
         Canonical Derivations,
45-46    Cellular Automata : Formal Ref No.6                      < Journal of
         Language aspects,                                                  Automata, Languages and
                                                                                Combinatorics >
47-48    Algebraic       Properties Ref No.6                          
         Universality & Complexity

Additional material for spill over (for at least 2XL lectures)

Notes: 1. Use S. No. Of the readings above
       2. To be filled in on the date of delivery of lecture by the instructor
       3. Put assignment number from Assignment Table (below) against the lecture in which planned to be assigned (by co-
       4. To be filled in on the date of assignment (by the instructor)
       5. Do not write Lecture, OHP, LCD projector etc.
Details of Assignments Planned:

Assign      Details                        Nature of    Expected outcome              Date of         Date of
ment                                       Assignment                                 Allocation      Submission
    1       Finite automata (DFA &                      To understand the power and   3rd Week        4th Week
            NDFA), Mealy & Moore                        limitations of FSM,
            Machine                                     Behaviour of different
                                                        machine by rigorous methods
    2       Formal       Language,                      Understand formal, linear     4th Week        5th Week
            Linear Language &                           &regular language
            Regular Language & its
            expression                       GROUP
    3       Construction of Finite                      Knowledge about regular      6th Week         7th Week
            Automata                                    expressions & Simplification
                                                        of regular sets
    4       Context Free Languages,                     Designing         knowledge, 9th Week         10th Week
            Normal           Forms,                     Machine       Behaviour    &
            Automata     &     their                    working knowledge
    5       Turing Machine, Syntax                      Challenging   problems & 11th Week            12th Week
            Analysis,     Derivation                    knowledge     about   latest
            Languages                                   problems

Prepared by (Course Coordinator)

Comments of HoD

                                                                                              Signature & Date

Comments of HoS

                                                                                              Signature & Date

Syllabus coverage by one week before MTE

                          Satisfactory/ lagging by ____ lectures.
                                                                                       Signature of HoD & Date
Syllabus coverage by two weeks before E TE

                          Satisfactory/ lagging by ____ lectures.
                                                                                       Signature of HoD & Date

**Attach detailed assignments and list of suggested topics for term-papers

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