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									                       Animal Farm Essay Test

Read the following essay options. Answer the questions thoroughly with
support from the text. In a well organized essay of roughly one page
(each) answer 2 questions total (so you will have TWO essays of at least
ONE page). You should include a bare minimum of four rich supporting
details to provide the answer, evidence and commentary.

Choose two (2) of the following.

   1. Explain how Animal Farm is an allegory and the message that
      Orwell is trying to convey. Cite specific characters and actions to
      support your answer.

   2. Compare and contrast Napoleon and Snowball. What propaganda
      techniques do the both use in their struggle for power?

   3. Discuss Boxer. What role does he play on the farm? Why does
      Napoleon seemed threatened by him? In what ways in the betrayal
      of Boxer seen as an alternative climax to the novel (if we consider
      Napoleon chasing off Snowball as the climax)

   4. Orwell felt that revolutions fail in that they result only in a change
      of tyrants. Use specific examples to trace Napoleon’s rise to power
      and show how he is an example of Orwell’s philosophy.

   5. Consider the beginning and the ending of Animal Farm; describe
      the process of how the pigs become more human-like and discuss
      what Orwell believes about human nature.

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Scoring Guides on the back.

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However, I will not be responding to emails sent on January 2. If you
want feedback, please send drafts before December 30. 
                                                        Scoring Rubric

                      1                   2                      3                        4                          5
Introduction   No attempt at       Thesis is           Has thesis and           Has thesis, lacks        Has a clear thesis and
               an introduction     implied but not     purpose, but could       clarity, clear           purpose with an element
               or “I am going      on the              be clearer. Generic;     purpose, lacks           of sophistication and high
               to tell you…like    papers…..Has        restates the prompt      stylistic                level thinking
               it is first grade   thesis, but no                               sophistication
               show and tell       purpose                                                                                         15
               6                                   9   11                                           13
Body           No attempt at       Reasons are         Offers reasons, may      Clear reasoning,         Clear reasoning, valid
Paragraphs/    constructing a      not tied in with    loosely be related to    some valid support,      support, including quotes
Textual        well-developed      thesis, little      text, with some          some textual             and direct, specific
Support        essay               support,            textual references.      references, attempt      references; quotes are
                                                       Proves reading but       quote integration        integrated into the
                                                       doesn’t prove            Leaves gaps in essay     paragraphs includes
                                                       understanding.           leaving the reader       sophistication and high
                                                       Commentary is            with questions.          level thinking Evidence
                                                       weak, generic/may        Evidence has some        has commentary
                             38                   40   not fit the evidence     commentary, but
                                                       provided                 leaves the reader                                  55
                                                                                questioning the
                                                                          42                        50
Conclusion     No attempt at a     “In Conclusion”     Generic summary          Ties ideas together      Ties ideas together in an
               conclusion          “The end”           offering no              and loosely relates      effective manner that
                                   Summarizing         reflection or            to thesis but could      relates with the thesis
                                   essay               evaluation of essay.     use a bit more polish    includes sophistication
                                                       A restatement if                                  and high level thinking
                                                       ideas that essential
                                                       becomes a waste of
                                                       time for the reader
                                                       because you are
                              2                   4    just repeating                               8                              10
Fluency        No attempt at       Generic             Generic transitions,     Well-written, some       Well-written, effective
               writing a fluent    transitions,        some errors make it      errors, generic          transitions with few
               paper               many errors         confusing to the         transitions. Errors do   errors. Sophisticated
                                   confusing to        reader. Audience is      not interfere with       tone, eloquence
                                   the reader          not appropriate for      understanding. Some      awareness of audience
                              6                        the type of writing,     sophisticated tone
                                                       writing has little       and audience
                                   13                  sophistication           awareness but lacks                                20
                                                       15                                           17
Sample: Pre-writing, mapping out if ideas sample.

Prompt: In Animal Farm, who is the “good guy” and who is the “bad guy”? Choose two
characters and explain how their actions, desires and values define them as good or bad.
Describe how each character has an impact on the outcome of the story.

*Obviously when I write my paper, I will develop more sophisticated language (Boxer is
good is not a high school thesis) and my evidence will be thoroughly supported. This is
a just a graphic organizer to layout my ideas.

Answer                         Boxer is good*                 Mollie is bad*
Evidence 1 + Commentary        He works hard building and Mollie is selfish. After the
                               rebuilding the windmill. He first Rebellion, Mollie was
                               gets up earlier and when       very concerned about
                               prompted by Napoleon vow whether or not or why she
                               to work harder!                couldn’t wear hair ribbons
                               Boxers vow to work             and have treats.
                               harder also encouraged         Mollie liked the clothes
                               the other animals to work      and the “badges of
                               harder. Their respect for      slavery” set up by the
                               him made him a good            humans and Mr. Jones.
                               character and an asset to      She felt no need to change
                               the farm.                      the farm.
Evidence 2 + commentary        Boxer may question             While all the other animals
                               authority, but is loyal to the were at work, Mollie would
                               cause because he knows         sleep late. During the
                               that Comrade Napoleon is       battle of the Cowshed, she
                               always right! When             hid, instead of fighting.
                               Napoleon’s dogs tried to       Mollie running away did
                               attack him, he was strong      not impact the spirit or the
                               enough to withstand their      work on the farm, but the
                               attack, but not without        animals never talking
                               questioning some of the        about her again, speaks
                               judgments made.                that the animals were
                               Boxer knows that things        comrades to those who
                               might not be great on          supported the rebellion.
                               Animal Farm, but he know
                               they are better than when
                               Mr. Jones was in charge.
                               Boxer is loyal to the cause
                               even when the pigs
                               wronged the animals.
Outcome: the actions of Boxer and Mollie are both needed to convey Orwell’s message.
Boxer’s goodness illustrates the many loyal animals devoted to the cause despite the
tyranny of their leader. While Mollie displays those who were unaffected, happy and
contented living under the leadership of the humans. Although there are other good
and bad animals in the novel, these two provide a juxtaposition in their actions and
their role in rebellion.

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