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									A Man for All Seasons Reading guide

Pacing guide for quizzes

By Friday (8/31) have read pages 3 – 62, there will be an 8
question quiz on those pages.

For Wednesday (9/5) read pages 63 – 122, there will be an 8
question quiz on those pages.

For Friday (9/7) read pages 123 – 163, there will be a four question
quiz on those pages.

The total score from those three quizzes will count for 50 points of
a major test grade.

An essay will be written in class on Tuesday (9/11) and will
account for the other 50 points of the major test grade. Students
should prepare ahead of time and think about what they will write.
The following are the four choices of essay topics for that day.
(Students can bring books to class)

Essay topics for A Man for All Seasons

1) What is the significance of the title of the play?

2) In "A Man for All Seasons" Rich claims that "Every man has
his price." Using one of the characters from the play, support or
disprove his theory.

3) To what extent do differing conceptions of the law held by
More and Cromwell account for the two men's actions?

4) In the play, Thomas More stands up for his beliefs. What
values or lessons can you take from More’s example?

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