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					Please note: The schedule below was designed for English Composition I with Workshop, but the assignment
itself can be used in either English Composition I with Workshop or English Composition I.

Karen Gaffney
English Composition I
Spring 2011

                                             Essay #4 Assignment

Mon.,        Essay #3 due (make sure you include all the paperwork listed on the assignment)
Apr. 11      Meet in the library’s computer lab for introduction to research
             Bring Research Topic Sheet filled out
             Bring Essay #4 Assignment

Tues.,       Bring Research Topic Sheet (make changes from yesterday as needed)
Apr. 12      Bring any sources found so far
             In class, find a scholarly journal article relevant to your paper.

Wed.,      Bring your scholarly journal article
Apr. 13    You’re required to go through all of the Critical Reading steps for the various sources
           that you decide to use for Essay #4. However, I am only collecting summaries.
           Bring summary of the essay you are using from TSIS
           Bring summary of your scholarly article

Thurs.,    In-class Essay #4
Apr. 14    This in-class essay will focus on the scholarly journal article you are using (so make
           sure you bring it) and the essay from TSIS that you are using, so make sure you bring
           that as well.

Mon.,        Bring summaries of each of your other 3 required sources
Apr. 18      Bring working thesis for Essay #4

Tues.,     Bring revised working thesis for Essay #4 (bring electronic version)
Apr. 19    Bring working outline for your Essay #4 (bring electronic version)
           Bring all of your sources to class so you can start writing if you have not already

Wed.,        Bring one print out of the draft you have so far
Apr. 20
Thurs.,      Bring your draft in an electronic form
Apr. 21
Mon.,        Bring 3 printed copies of your draft of Essay #4 for peer workshop
Apr. 25
Tues.,     Bring your draft in an electronic form
Apr. 26    Bring your actual sources so we can do the Works Cited page together and discuss In-
           text Citation

Wed.,      Instead of meeting as a class, meet with me individually in my office to discuss your
Apr. 27    essay.
Thurs.,       Bring your draft in an electronic form
Apr. 28
Mon.,       Essay #4 due (make sure you include all the paperwork listed on the assignment)
May 2       Bring Self-Evaluation Portfolio with all completed self evaluations, and complete the
            final self-evaluation in class
            Optional revisions due
            Informal student presentations of Essay #4

Choose one essay from TSIS that we have read for class, and then choose one of the following options:
   1) Agree with the author but focus on a point or idea the author should have addressed but did not. Argue
       that the author should not have ignored the issue of ______ because ______.
   2) Agree with the author but focus on a point the author makes that you agree with but prove it in a way
       that is different from how the author proves it.
   3) Disagree with the author’s point. Create your own argument that opposes either a minor or major point
       the author makes.

   NOTE: Do NOT create an argument that just repeats what the author says. You should be focusing on an
   angle the author did not address or disagreeing with the author.
The more specific your argument, the stronger your argument will be. Make sure you have clear areas of

Source requirements:
    Not counting your TSIS, you must have a minimum of 4 sources.
    You must refer directly to each of these 4 sources at least once somewhere in your paper. I will be
    looking for a minimum of 1 in-text citation for each of your 4 required sources.
    One of your 4 sources must be a scholarly article from a scholarly journal. This source cannot be a book
    review, a short article (only a few pages), or an editorial from a scholarly journal. It must be a lengthy
    article with a clear description of the author as an expert in the field, and it must include citations,
    references, or sources. Your scholarly source must come from one of the databases in the RVCC library
    database. I can help you determine if the source you find can be considered scholarly.
    Only one of your 4 sources can come from a website. You must be able to demonstrate that the website
    is reliable. (This does not count the library’s databases of articles, even though they are online. The library's
    databases of articles are a collection of previously published articles, whereas articles you find online may
    not have been published anywhere else and can be much less reliable.)
    You may conduct one or more personal interviews and/or a survey. However, no matter how many you
    do, that will only count as one of your required sources.
    You may use books, but you are not required to. If you use books, they can come from any library. Our
    own library does have a good collection of relevant books, so please take advantage of these sources.
    A film, documentary, TV show, and other forms of multi-media can be used to count toward one of your
    4 sources.
    You may use a textbook from another class as a source.
    All 4 of your sources can be articles from the databases, and more than one can be scholarly.
    You may use more than one essay from TSIS, but it will not count toward your 4 required sources.

Requirements for organizing and supporting your argument:
    Your introduction must refer directly to the essay from TSIS, and your argument (specifically your
    thesis) must respond directly to some aspect of that essay.

    While your introduction should describe the essay from TSIS and explain your argument, you do not
    need to return to TSIS in the rest of your paper.
    Your thesis should clearly state your argument plus your areas of support. Three to four areas of support
    would be appropriate. You will need to devote several paragraphs to each area of support. Make sure you
    write clear topic sentences and develop smooth transitions.
    Your reader has NOT read TSIS or any of your sources.
    You must clearly introduce your 4 sources and help your reader understand why you find these sources
    reliable and useful.
    You may use “I” and incorporate personal experience if appropriate.

Essay format requirements:
    7-8 pages long, word-processed, with 1" margins, no extra spaces, 10-12 font size, academic font
    proof-read, spell-checked, with as few grammar errors as possible
    MLA in-text citation in the body of the paper. Every time you quote directly or paraphrase from a
    source, you must use in-text citation.
    MLA Works Cited page at the end of your paper (does not count toward page requirement). Your Works
    Cited page should have a minimum of your 4 required sources, plus the essay from TSIS.
    The final copy should be in a folder with rough drafts, materials from the peer workshop, and the rough
    draft I wrote on.
    You must also include your 4 sources with the final copy of the paper. For articles, include the
    whole thing, and highlight sections you quoted and/or paraphrased. If you're using any books, xerox
    the pages you quoted and/or paraphrased and include them. If you're using a website, print it out
    and include that. If you did any surveys, include them. If you did an interview, include your notes.
    You do not need to include any cds, dvds, etc.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment, failure of the course, and
possible disciplinary action.

Attached is a copy of the grading sheet I will use when I calculate your grade for this essay. This copy is for
your own use. I will attach another to your final copy.

Note: I will return graded essays at the final exam.

Karen Gaffney                                 Name ____________________________________
English I
                                  Grading Sheet for Essay 4/Research Essay

      Style/Form                                          Content

      Essay from TSIS cited at least once in the          Thesis: _______/15
      introduction: ______/5
                                                          Support: _______/ 13
      Scholarly source cited at least once:
      ______/5                                            Organization: _______/ 12

      Another source cited at least once: ______/5        Introduction: _______/ 5

      Another source cited at least once: ______/5        Conclusion: _______/ 5

      Another source cited at least once: ______/5

      Proper in-text citation (MLA style):

      Proper Works Cited page (MLA style):

      Folder (with final copy, peer workshop
      sheets, rough draft with my comments,
      copies of sources used): ______/5

      At least 7 pages long (with 1" margins, 10-
      12 font size, no extra spaces): ______/5

      Grammar/Mechanics: ______/5

                                                          Total: _______/50
      Total: _______/50

                                                          Total: _______/100

                                                          Attended and prepared for Peer Workshop
                                                          with rough draft ________

                                                          Final essay grade: ___________


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