for a certain audience Writing with a purpose or to persuade 5 paragraph essay

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Writing Across Disciplines
Why is CAPT Important
   Needed to GRADUATE high school
    Demonstrates your critical reading skills
   Must take again if not takenan argument
    Ability to make and defend seriously
     Don’t reach proficient in 10th retake
    Understand multiple points ;of viewin 11th
     Don’t is a in skill: ability in 12th
    Writing pass life11th; take DPAto communicate
   On persuade
    andyour college transcripts:
       even trade schools
   Gives you confidence on SAT and other
    required tests
What is CAPT Interdisciplinary
   Reading with awareness of the
    perspective, or bias, of the author
   Making a well informed opinion
   Organizing your thoughts
   Communicating opinions appropriately for
    a certain audience
   Writing with a purpose or to persuade
   5 paragraph essay
Making an Argument
   An argument: is having a point of view or
    an opinion that you can defend.
   An opposing view: is a point of view that is
    different from yours
   Your audience is the person or group you
    are trying to bring to your point of view
Scoring: Scale

   5 or 6 = advanced
   4 = goal
   3 = proficient
   1 or 2 = Basic level

As a school we want as many 4’s as possible
Scoring Rubric – Advanced Level
   Takes a clear, thoughtful,and persuasive
    position; keen awareness of the audience is
   Position is richly supported with information from
    both sources
   Supporting ideas are very well developed;
    information is accurate and relevant
   Response is unified and focused and contains
    one or more controlling ideas; good organization
   Ideas are clear and well developed; writing is
    fluent with effective transitions.
Scoring Rubric - 3 vs 4
   Takes a position; some        Takes a position;
    awareness of audience          demonstrates awareness
                                   of audience
   Limited support; may not
    use both sources              Better support, may not
                                   use both sources
   Few supporting ideas;         Has supporting ideas;
    inaccurate or irrelevant       not thoroughly developed
   Poorly organized              Better organized
   Unclear expression;           Most ideas are clear and
    lacking fluency and            understandable, lacking
    transitions                    fluency or transitions
What you need to do to pass
   Take a position
   Use both sources
   Support with relevant information from
    both sources
   Organization: use a logical order
   Clarity: ideas and vocabulary, and
    language fluency
Final Words:
   You want to make your writing easy to read
   Stick to the topic/issue
   Stay focused on taking a stand and arguing a
    position on the assigned issue
   Avoid confusing and unrelated information
   Do more than restate what you read
   Copying or paraphrasing too much will lower
    your score.
Tips: remember
   State the issue
   Show both sides (present arguments)
   Be the expert
   Take a stand
   Urge support

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