Writing Rubric by 7G13Xd36


									                                                                                                       Two Out of Three                  Ball of Confusion
     Writing                     (I am) Superman                      Stairway to Heaven                                                 (That's What the World is          Highway to Hell
                                                                                                          Ain't Bad
     Rubric                            REM                               Led Zeppelin
                                                                                                                                                  Today)                        AC/DC

Critical                  Explores the complexity of the             Analysis of several sources;    More descriptive than             Limited understanding of          Inadequate or inaccurate
                          question; in-depth source analysis;        but lacking depth of            analytic; relies on summary       question; ineffective or          understanding of the
Thinking:                 confrontation and discussion of            understanding; accurately       instead of analysis; may not      inaccurate                        question; attempts at analysis
Analysis, synthesis       conflicting sources and information;       interprets readings and         discuss entire question;          analysis; misinterprets the       or insight are confused or
and evaluation of         outside knowledge is relevant to the       concisely synthesizes it with   makes errors in interpreting      readings or fails to synthesize   inappropriate; major errors in
sources; relevance of     argument; critical reading evident;        the question, thus thesis is    readings and/or ineffectively     them with the question;           understanding thus no thesis
outside information;      interprets readings in accurate and        consistent and controlled but   synthesizes the information       relies on opinion;                or an irrelevant one;
discussion of             insightful ways; thus, thesis and intro    may not be as focused as in     with the question; includes       forms limited conclusions
conflicting evidence;     are well-developed and clearly             top category;                   some facts as well as             based on limited examination
As a result, clear,       focused                                                                    opinion, thus thesis is limited   of information, thus thesis is
well-developed                                                                                       or partially developed and        confused, unsupported,
thesis; addresses                                                                                    only addresses the question       poorly developed
complexity of                                                                                        somewhat

Content                   Balanced and liberal use of historical     Considerable use of             Exhibits only sketchy or          Poor use of evidence-often        Almost no use of evidence;
                          and literary evidence; sophisticated       historical and literary         insufficient historical and/or    only a brief citation or          attempts are confused or
Mastery:                  understanding of details, nuances and      evidence; less discussion of    literary evidence; may have       paraphrase; often inaccurate;     inappropriate; major errors;
Accurate and              subtleties of the content                  relationships among sources     errors; some understanding        may contain major errors;         complete misunderstanding
insightful                                                           than top category; accurate     of details, nuances and           insufficient understanding of     or no effort to understand the
understanding of                                                     understanding of details,       subtleties of the content;        details, nuances and              details, nuances and
historical and literary                                              nuances and subtleties of the   most subject knowledge is         subtleties of the content         subtleties of the content
evidence; knowledge                                                  content                         literal
of subject (i.e.
details, nuances and

Presentation              Must be well-organized and well-           Clearly organized and           Acceptable organization and       Weak organization and             Disorganized and poorly
                          written; writes with impressive            written; not exceptional but    writing; writes with some         writing; writes without           written; no topic sentences,
of Work:                  clarity, technical polish and a sense of   logical; writes with clarity    clarity but with some notable     attention to detail or without    no or poorly used quotes, no
Organization; clarity;    purpose arising from sincere interest      and correctness; often meets    editing errors or occasional      adequate development of           analysis, no transitions
mechanical skill          in and use of language; clear and          requirements of the top         awkwardness; may have             ideas; weak but you might
                          strong topic sentence, quotes and          category but not as             topic sentences, but not          have made an attempt
                          excerpts are blended and effectively       consistently                    always; quotes generally not
                          analyzed, smooth transitions between                                       blended, analysis lacking
                          paragraphs                                                                 thoroughness; few, if any,

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