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									 The High School
Admissions Process
 How it Works: The Basics
 Types of High Schools
 Admissions Priorities and Program
 Admissions Methods
 How to File an Application
 Things to Consider When Making Your
 Calendar for 2011-2012
 Question & Answer
      The High School
     Admissions Process

Where Do I
      How It Works: The
•   The NYC High School Admissions process is a
    citywide choice process.
•    Any student can apply to any of our schools in
    all five boroughs.
•    You may list up to 12 choices on your
    application; list them in order of preference.
•    Schools and programs have different
    admissions methods to determine how
    candidates will be considered and admitted.
•    You are matched to your highest choice
    possible that has also listed you.
 Types of High Schools

• Specialized High Schools
• Audition and Performing/Visual Arts High Schools
• Career and Technical Education High Schools
• Small Schools
• International Schools
• Charter Schools
Specialized High Schools
•   Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School offers
    the following programs:
            *Instrumental Music
            *Technical Theatre
            *Visual Art
            *Vocal Music
•   There are also eight Specialized Testing High
    •   The Bronx High School of Science

    •   High School of American Studies at Lehman College

    •   Brooklyn Technical High School

    •   The Brooklyn Latin School

    •   Stuyvesant High School

    •   High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering
        at the City College

    •   Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

    •   Staten Island Technical High School
    Admissions Priorities
Questions to Consider During Your Search

•    Is/are the program(s) open to all NYC

•   How are priorities organized?

•   How do priorities affect your child’s chances
    of being accepted to the program of interest?

•   Does your child have a zoned program?
    Admissions Methods
• Audition (ex. Frank Sinatra, PPAS)
• Educational Option (Ed. Opt.) (Telecommunications & Murrow)
• Limited Unscreened (The Harbor School)
• Screened (Academic, Gender, Language) (Beacon, Midwood)
• Test (The specialized schools)
• Unscreened
• Zoned (James Madison, Fort Hamilton)
How to File an Application
Specialized High Schools
•   Fill out Mrs. Corvinelli’s High School Survey.

•   Discuss with your child the order of preference
    in which the eight specialized schools should
    be ranked on the answer sheet.

•   Get your test ticket from your guidance
    counselor and write school preferences on the
    ticket in rank order.

•    Make sure your child takes the completed test
    ticket to her or his test site.
Specialized High Schools (continued
If your child is applying to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School,
   you must do the following:

1.Get an audition ticket from your child’s guidance counselor.

2.Make sure your child shows up for her or his audition with
  the admissions ticket and a copy of the June 2011 report

3.Help your child become familiar with all audition procedures
  as described in the High School Directory and on the
  school website.

4.Bubble in all of the studios for which your child auditioned
  on the Application for Admission to HS.)
            The High School Application

•Rank up to 12 choices in
order of preference

•Only list schools on your
application that you would
actually attend

•Return your application by
the end of November
Consider the Following
• Location
• School Size
• Interest Area
• Curriculum and Courses
• Extracurricular Activities
• School Type
• Admissions Methods & Priorities
              Application Tips
•   Be aware of due dates
•   List your choices in the order of your

•   List only those programs and schools
    that you will accept if matched.
•   Discuss you application with your
    guidance counselor 
•   Keep a copy of your application
       Calendar of Key Dates and Events for the
          2011-2012 HS Admissions Process
•   September: Students fill out HS Info Form/Survey

•   September 20: Mrs. Corvinelli’s High School Meeting *

•   September 24 & 25: Citywide HS Fair

•   October 22 & 23: Borough High School Fairs

•   October 29 or 30: SHSAT

•   November 5: SHSAT for students who receive
    accommodations (IEP & 504).

•   November 20: Make Up Test – (with special permission

•   End of November: High School Applications due to Mrs.
               •   2011-2012 Directory of Public High Schools
               •   Specialized High Schools Student Handbook Publications

 Useful Websites
• Office of Student Enrollment website:
• Travel Time and Travel Directions:
• Accountability Information:
• Independent Guide to NYC Public Schools:

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