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        PERS 2710 Grading Rubric for Prior Learning Assessment Submissions

Objectives          Life Lessons                              Accepted              Points Awarded/Comments
1) Expose           a) There are a few keys to all            Essay
students to         success.                                  Oral Presentation
writings on         b) The two great potentials in life       PowerPoint
success. These      are the potential to grow and the         Other Documentation
writings occur in   potential to discover.
biographies,        c) The universe has no favorites.
research studies,   Your success and happiness depend
and the self-help   on natural law and principles—and
literature.         how you use them.

2) Get students     a) Our thoughts should always lean        Essay
to begin            towards action. In all situations, we     Oral Presentation
spending time       must figure out what we can do to         PowerPoint
daily on personal   move forward.                             Journal Entries
improvement         b) What you focus on expands…so           Daily Planner/Log
activities.         think about what you want.                Other Documentation

3) Get students     a) The best measure of maturity is        Essay
to begin setting    the extent to which we accept             Oral Presentation
explicit goals      responsibility for where we are and       PowerPoint
and then taking     what we do.                               Other Documentation
specific steps      b) Your mission in life is not to
needed to           change the world—your mission is
achieve these       to change yourself.

4) Get students     a) We are where we are in life            Essay
to begin to ask     because of the way we think.              Oral Presentation
what success        b) The rewards in life come from          Other Documentation
would mean to       finishing something, not starting it.

    Point Scale:    0 Unsatisfactory       1 Satisfactory         2 Above Standards

    Minimum Point Count to Satisfy Course Requirements: Each objective with the corresponding
    “life lesson” must be addressed receiving a minimum of 1 point credit for each life lesson with a
    minimum over-all total of 9 points.

    Student Name:__________________________                 Accumulated Point Total:_________

    Assessor Signature:___________________________________

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